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Col. McGrеgor (USArmy), "If you face armored units of the United States and Russia, the Americans will be defeated"

Col. McGrеgor (USArmy), "If you face armored units of the United States and Russia, the Americans will be defeated" - a brigade of Russian tanks are moving to Lithuania. NATO split, controversy and doubt what to do, but take the initiative in the hands of Americans. Repeatedly say the words "don't doubt our willingness to defend your country" come true in Lithuania. It deployed 4 of 32 battle groups of the United States. Lithuania feels more secure, and she manages to mobilize the military 6000 – one brigade with additional units that protect Vilnius.
(On the right the emblem of the second cowpolka of the US army)
But there is something that was very difficult to imagine: the battle groups of the brigade of the United States Russian break in a few days. This is one of the scenarios that were presented to the Committee on military Affairs of Congress the hero of the war in Iraq, retired Colonel Douglas MacGregor. The document is 20 + pages laid on the table chiefs at the Pentagon 3 years ago. In 2015 it was discussed in Congress. Today it is only possible to note with satisfaction that under Obama the idea of the Colonel was buried, and weapons manufacturers in the United States. God willing, they and Trump will not reform the USArmy as proposed by McGregor. And it's this:
McGregor has attracted attention is not accidental. He is a veteran of the First Gulf war, commanded 2 cavalry squadron (regiment), which in 23 minutes broke bonebright Iraq. But the controversial ideas of this military cause some confusion in the US army, which is undergoing a period of great reforms. The number of troops is reduced from 600,000 to 450,000, or even 420,000, and that means closing bases, reducing units. This means that thousands of people lose their jobs.
The U.S. military leadership is in a hurry to emphasize that "smaller forces can do more" that the fighting capacity is not reduced, and the measures of the Baltic countries, such as dislocation of the mouth of American military Stryker armored vehicles – is adequate, but McGregor disagrees.
"The parade of vehicles Stryker anyone in Moscow will not disappoint. The little Russians are doing well, but they are very successful destabilisateur or conquer neighboring countries since the time of Peter the Great. And what is our response? A small part of the armoured trucks," said the Colonel.
According to him, the concept of the battle groups of the brigade of the United States ineffective, too bulky, she can't fight without serious logistical support. And when you consider that in Europe the us military was only 30 000 out of 300 000, it is difficult to expect that the Pentagon reduce spending by any means, allocate a huge help. MacGregor criticizes the obsolete armament of the U.S. army and its leaders, which supposedly is guided by narrow personal interests and squanders money. That is why in the report of 21 pages – both scenarios in which defending Lithuania against a Russian attack battle group brigade of the United States befalls a sad fate.
"Then, in February 1991, at the battle of 73 easting (Battle of 73 Easting, the battle along the vertical grid lines 73) we won. If braabracada Iraq was better trained and armed, such as Russian, it would have ended differently. If you face armored units of the US and Russia, the Americans will lose. No, "lose" is the wrong word. They will be defeated," said the American.
Lithuania can successfully protect new unit
McGregor is not only criticism of the reforms of the American army, during the eight years he created and presented the structure of the new unit – Reconnaissance-strike group. It should be more - total 5 500 soldiers, commanded by a General. But the new unit is characterized by greater mobility. Instead of three regular battalions of the brigade's four combat squadrons, squadron fire support, logistics, and small staff. It is assumed that headquarters is smaller officers, and the division is accountable only to senior management. In addition, the new unit does have other weapons.
If the standard battle group bonebright – only American arms – 87 Abrams tanks, 160 armored vehicles, Bradley, for a new division of McGregor offers a technique created in other countries. Partly because America is not the first year you cannot create a new bonemachine means of self-propelled artillery, although it spent one billion dollars. On the other hand, foreign technology sometimes already established, it's better and easily implemented.
First of all, it is proposed to refuse from consuming a lot of fuel tanks, and replace them with 350 tracked German Puma armored vehicles, some of which will be armed the same as the tanks with guns of 120 mm. the Rest will be with guns 30 mm – what is planned to equip the new armored vehicle of the Lithuanian army. According to McGregor, the German Puma armored car is one of the best in the world, the production line can be transferred to the United States, and the cost of fuel these machines will be much smaller.
In addition, Reconnaissance-strike group would be armed not currently used towed guns and mobile mortars AMOS and mobile missile systems of volley fire MLRS. Air support will have 12 Apache attack helicopters and two dozen TARES drones that can destroy targets at 200 km.
All this would enable the unit to instantly turn around in Lithuania in the area of 100 km and quick to respond to threats from all sides, and most importantly - Reconnaissance-strike group would operate independently and without additional logistics support from ten days to two weeks, or to cover the distance of 1800 km. Experts say that it is the speed when you try to save the territory is one of the most important elements in the defense of the Baltic States. American politicians and attracts the argument of McGregor that a new unit would cost US cheaper than the current one. According to McGregor, in the other two scenarios in which Lithuania protect the new Reconnaissance-strike group, one of them stopped the attack of Russia, and two others were able to defeat the attackers, the Russians, even when they had more troops and equipment.

Karo Baltijos regione scenarijai: naujosios Žvalgomosios smogiamosios grupės veiksmai © Organizatorių nuotr.

Had forgotten what a serious opponent
Of course, such radical methods of reforming the armed forces of the United States based on scenarios of attacks on the Baltic States are not only admiration, but also resentment. "McGregor intimidates the army. His suggestions in the future become more easy and quick with indignation. He seemed to come to the zoo and hit the gorilla in the face," said one representative of the U.S. army.
It is McGregor in 2001 proposed to conduct a military operation in Iraq at minimum cost and at lightning speed. And although the generals did not like this idea, it was partially implemented, as the USA defeated Iraq in a lightning attack, not a long military campaign. "He's a pain in the ass, but that doesn't mean he's wrong. Serious people take it seriously," said Brigadier General mark Kimmitt.
However, another well-known military man, Lieutenant-General G. R. McMaster, says that his former colleague McGregor did not appreciate the challenges of logistics. "Yes, a new unit will be able to fight without providing a week or two, but if you have to fight longer, what then? If the task is not only to win the battle, but to stay for a longer time? This will require and more and more soldiers," said McMaster. But McGregor said that this is one of the reasons of all troubles – the United States too much time and attention given to wars in which it was necessary to "rebuild the country" but have forgotten what it means to fight with the enemy with the same capacity.

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