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So who has lost touch with reality? Review of European conspiracy theories

So who has lost touch with reality? Review of European conspiracy theories

The question "are You a supporter of conspiracy theories?" in the Western media means right and "Uncle Peter, are you stupid?" and "Pavel Andreitch, are you a spy?".
In the Studio, the German unit of "marginal" Russia Today give an interview to the German writer and journalist, he wrote a book about that in the political system of Germany, in the media and in business full of American agents, however, he claims that talks with Russian security forces, and from the West, traveling the world, visited all the "hot spots" and tries to be objective in their publications. In General, it is the ideal of European journalism, judging by how you write about it in textbooks.
"In crisis regions, the agents of the American secret services are deeply integrated into the political system. They are deeply integrated into the political system of Germany and influence the decisions. I'm so confident about this claim because I had a lot of meetings with the participants of this system in Germany," he says. "You understand that what you said, you can find conspiracy theory?" — interrupts him the journalist.
So who has lost touch with reality? Review of European conspiracy theories
Respectability the German newspaper Deutsche Welle interviews the writer who wrote the book that the Kremlin has created in Germany a deep conspiratorial network of sports clubs and clubs for the arts, where native Germans and Russian-speaking Germans learn to fight on the streets.
"If you call a spade a spade, we are talking about 250-300 saboteurs, saboteurs who are waiting in the wings. Did I understand you correctly?" — asks the journalist of Deutsche Welle.
"Yes, exactly," says the writer. — I myself, when first heard about it when I saw the documents of the security services, was somewhat stunned and didn't really believe it until I checked other sources. And when you seriously took up this subject, I found out that there is nothing new that the same thing was done in the GDR. And then they go back to Germany, live here quietly, waiting for the command from Moscow. Some of them even work in law enforcement bodies of Germany, in the power Department, as they say in Russia, the police serve in the Bundeswehr..."
And here, all waiting and waiting for the question "Uncle Peter, are you stupid?". Waiting in vain, it will not.
The end of the Golden age of GermanyThe end of the Golden age of Germany
"Just because I speak positively about Russia, I have to guess that they're watching me," says the first writer. But the second, although armed and trained agents of Putin he is everywhere, why something for nothing is not afraid.
The label "conspiracy theory" instantly destroys the credibility of the speaker and excludes it. Well, it would seem, what's the problem, so that's their reaction, their country is their business.
The problem is that until recently, expert conspiracy theorist just fell into the "stop-lists" of major Western media, but now there began to be put in prison. In the Polish prison awaiting trial supported the return of the Crimea and the Donbass resistance politician and political scientist Mateusz Piskorski. The Polish authorities consider him an "agent of Putin."

Pressure from the Israeli security forces exposed the blogger Ravid Gor. The power structures of the countries do not hide the fact that people are persecuted for travel, interviews and articles. These are the new European values? Another problem in the fact that hysteria and delusional fantasies determine policy or, at least, how it all looks.
"The paranoia of the Kremlin leads to escalating spy war," writes the influential magazine the American Interest. Meanwhile, while "Kremlin paranoia" in Norway under the suspicion of the security forces "working for Putin" got everything (!) district doctors (!) in the Northern part of the country.
"Norwegian authorities fear that Russia may also use protected health information in order to blackmail key figures in a possible crisis or conflict situation," writes Norwegian media.
So who paranoid? One spy?
The political scientist, Professor at the University of Rennes, a specialist on Russia and the Soviet Union Cecile Vessey in his book "Networks of the Kremlin in France" goes further German colleagues, who are simply afraid of the athletes, trainers and machismo. Professor accused of intelligence work and funding from the Kremlin, without exception, all "Pro" speakers in the French media: left, right, radicals, journalists, deputies Evroparlamenta who have Russian wives.
As Russia is responsible for "the collapse of the West and the Hungarian betrayal"As Russia is responsible for "the collapse of the West and the Hungarian betrayal"
A simple Russian-speaking citizens of France — also at gunpoint. Excludes from the ranks of "Putin's agents" Professor only a few families of the representatives of the white emigration.
It is noteworthy that her back no one blames the commitment of the "conspiracy theory". As well as no claims to the Stefan Meister, an expert on Russia from Berlin analytical center DGAP. The specialist said that attacks on girls in Cologne provoked the "agents of the Kremlin" — immigrants from Russia and the Soviet Union. It is no coincidence that the scandal began with violence against the Russian-speaking girl Lisa. The ARD together with the "expert" took a whole film to "expose" the child as voluntary or involuntary agent of the Kremlin.
The case of Lisa, in his opinion, indicates the existence of a "policy pursued by the Russian side with the aim of enhancing Russian Germans and push them to organize demonstrations".
It is interesting that the same Maister page other respected publications Focus claims (as the only expert in the material) that Putin sends to Europe of refugees and migrants. It turns out, according to Mr. Meister, that the first "Putin's" refugees come to Europe, where they were waiting for "Pro-Putin" paid-for Russian-speaking Germans, who themselves are substituted by violence, then to start the riot that destabilisateur Germany.
What happens to the mind of Mr. Stefan Meister, none of the journalists are not interested in. No one complains about it, even doctors, not that COP. Still, unless he is a supporter of the conspiracy theory?
The new commander-in-chief of Sweden Mikael Boden, speaking to reporters, puts the main question — the threat to Gotland from Russia. All the participants, apparently, are sure that Russian sleep and see, as to deprive her of Sweden Gotland. The inhabitants of the island and is in a panic — they believe that Gotland important for Russian Crimea. The fact that the majority of Russians will not be able to find this place on the map, few of them comforting.
"What Russia is happy to bomb Gotland nuclear weapons? It is not specified, which is typical of our liberal agitators NATO. They turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of their arguments and go right to the mudslinging of political opponents: "it is not Surprising that the representatives of the Left party acting as "useful idiots" at the Beck and call of Putin. And that's totally dishonest to no end to insinuate that anyone who doesn't want to bless the country's accession to NATO — a secret agent of Russian dictator Putin", — complains the Swedish leftist journalist.
Meanwhile, neighbors of the Swedes — Finns — with the scandal found out that the Kremlin in the 80s "rewrite" their history books.
"Putinization world, judoist Putin strikes back on globalization"Putinization world, judoist Putin strikes back on globalization
"Actually, the Finnish school textbooks had to be approved in Moscow, and Moscow also affect what books we were supposed to use," writes in his Facebook Finnish author, Sofi Oksanen.
In fact, it appears that the compilers of the books of the 80s just did not criticize the USSR, but, on the other hand, did not criticize the United States, that generally fine, given the enormous popularity in the late '70s and' 80s, "new" left movement "non-aligned" in Scandinavia, the electoral victory of the Prime Minister of Sweden Olof Palme and many more. But society does not calm down and bubbling in a panic: "Suddenly we all zombie Tips? And suddenly we're all "Reds"?"
At the same time, the film independent German broadcaster of "the Committee to deceive" Reagan, where the members of the "Committee," the generals of the security services, diplomats, Admiral of the fleet (!) personally, bragging about how they duped the head of all of Scandinavia in the same 80: invented off the coast of Sweden the Soviet submarine, frightened by the occupation of Gotland, goes unnoticed. Just hack of fools, conspiracy theorists.
It is noteworthy that two years ago it all started with jokes about "understanding Putin" and "useful idiots", and now "useful idiots" are sitting in prisons, police and secret service questioned primary care physicians, coaches, sports clubs, victims of violence, speaking in Russian.
Paranoia grows stronger, and not weakened, and now, if you believe the Western media left in Russia fans of soccer and strong men, except for security personnel.
"You can't blame the English, because they almost completely got rid of the same disgusting behaviour," writes the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom about the riots on the Euro. Still, after all, according to British intelligence, English hooligans were opposed by the FSB, writes British Guardian:
"The British authorities suspect many of the fans who attacked the British, serving in the Russian power structures and act within the framework of Putin's "hybrid war".
Note that the review specifically did not use the material of the Baltic, Ukrainian and American media, which has never been famous for consistency. What can I say, if the Washington Post can appear in the material "Will Putin fight against the Antichrist?", another respected newspaper The Independent immediately after the failed coup attempt in Turkey has announced that it staged the Turkish leader, Ukrainian journalists boldly claim that brawling all the English fans were undercover FSB officers.
Also used cues and utterances of politicians and political bawlers. All given materials respectable European media, national TV channels, or individuals holding important positions and decision-making.
Now, having read the foreign press, often think about the American General who has jumped out the window screaming: "the Russians are coming!". But it is worth remembering an episode from the life of General Brusilov, when before the First world war, resting in the German resort of bad Kissingen, he witnessed how the Germans at the festival anthem of the Russian Empire burned the layout of the Kremlin.
The situation is developing so rapidly that soon there may be a whole human rights center for the protection of the rights of Russian speakers and "conspiracy theorists". Moreover, despite the absurdity of its own propaganda in Europe is working quite well, according to the German Marshall Fund, who have measured recently the dynamics of relations with Russia among the common Europeans are more those who have a poor attitude towards us.
Author: Ivan Zuev

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