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Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report on Ukraine's shellings of the Donbass civil infrastructure

Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 12.08.16

Friday, August 12, 2016 - 18:34
Good day! Today, I am,  once again, going to sum up this past week.

I would like to turn your attention to the fact of the AFU well-directed shellings of the civil infrastructure objects, to the fact that the Ukrainian military and political leadership is creating  flash points in the Gorlovka and Donetsk directions, that the special-operations forces activities activation and to the fact of the Ukrainian leadership continuing policy on holding the information provocative actions  and to the fact of massively concealing non-battle AFU losses information.  
In the period from August 6 till August 12, in the DPR People’s Militia units  the main efforts to the military training were focused on exercising with artillery units during motorized infantry battalions position defense holding and on the tank squadrons team training in advance of preparing for armor sections competition.  
This past week the Ukrainian military kept daily shelling the Republican territory. Altogether the Ukrainian punishers shelled the DPR localities 3106 times, including with heavy arms 2814 times.
The localities along the whole defense line were under intensive Ukrainian shellings.  
As a result of the Ukrainian punishers’ shellings of the Republican localities there died three and got wounded seven civilians. Among the DPR People’s Militia servicemen there died one and three got wounded.  
This past week there were destroyed and damaged 54 house-buildings by the Ukrainian artillery fire in the locality of Zaitsevo, Gorlovka, Yasinovataya, Vesyoloye, Spartak, Aleksandrovka, Donetsk, Dokuchayevsk, Staromikhailovka, Mineralnoye, Kominternovo and Sakhanka.  
The same military criminals Gorbatyuk, Vodolazsky, Zabolotny, Zubanich, Panchenko and Goraz are guilty of civilians’ ruin and Republican localities’ destruction. These military criminals openly annihilating their own nation, feeling behind the Kiev bloodthirsty regime support.

Our intelligence keeps registering the facts of the AFU military equipment prohibited by the Minsk Agreements redeployment near the defense line.  
Thus, there was registered the presence of:
In the Gorlovka direction there was registered the presence of MRLS “Grad” platoon, of “Giatsint-B” of 152mm caliber platoon, howitzers “Akatsiya” of 152mm caliber batteries, howitzers “Gvozdika” of 122mm caliber platoon, howitzers D-30 of 120mm caliber up to a battery, up to a tank platoon, up to platoons of mortars of 120mm caliber, up to a platoon of mortars of 82mm caliber, up to a platoon of the self-moving mortars “Nona-C” and up to a platoon of  surface-to-air missile systems “OSA”;
In the Donetsk direction there was registered the presence of up to a platoon of howitzer “Gvozdika” of 122mm caliber, up to a battery of mortars of 120mm caliber, up to a battery of mortars of 82mm caliber and up to a platoon of tanks;  
In the Mariupol direction there was registered the presence of up to a platoon of MRLS “Grad”, up to batteries of self-propelled artillery platforms “Akatsiya” of 152mm caliber, up to a battery of howitzers D-30 of 122mm caliber, up to a battery of mortars of 120mm caliber and up to a platoon of anti-tank cannons “Rapira”.  
The Monitoring Mission OSCE also is confirming the absence of the AFU military equipment at the take-off points in their daily reports and publishing the facts of violating the Minsk Agreements on withdrawing the heavy armament by the Ukrainian side.  
Thus, at the take-off points there was registered the absence of the AFU military equipment by the Mission OSCE representatives this week:
Howitzers D-20 of 152mm caliber - 23 units;
Howitzers “Akatsiya” of 152mm caliber - 22 units;
Howitzers “Gvozdika” of 122mm caliber - 5 units;
Tanks - 37 units;
surface-to-air missile system “Stryela-10” - one unit;
Anti-tank cannons MT-12 “Rapira” of 100mm caliber - six units;  
Anti-tank cannons D-48 - six units;
Infantry fighting vehicles and armored vehicles - 47 units.  
The reports are also saying that in recent times the Armed Forces of Ukraine have become using artillery systems of old design. For example, howitzer D-20 of 152mm caliber that was developed in the 1940s. I can presuppose that the facts associated with massive embezzlement and more modern military equipment and ammunition sale by the Ukrainian military command.  
The confirmation of this can be the situation that is in the 58th separate infantry brigade units where during the military training with the young arrived input, the command does not use ammunition due to their absence at warehouses that is written off and sold out.  
At the same time, artillery systems and ammunition of old design use leads to non-battle losses among the AFU military personnel, due to the fact that such weapons margin ran out long ago and nobody can guaranties a shooting accuracy. Thus, in the area of the Avdeyevka locality as a result of artillery shell hit on the positions of the 16th separate infantry battalion of the 58th brigade there died and got wounded about ten servicemen from the security platoon battalion.  
The regular data on the number of the injured people taken to the hospital of Kharkov were published by the Ukrainian mass media. The number amounts to 50 servicemen this past week. This number,  funnily enough, coincides with the data published by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry official representatives. However, it is referred to only one hospital. Therefore, the logical question appears why the sanitary losses from tens of other military hospitals located both in the “ATO” zone and in the rear area are concealed from the community?  
Last week was characterized with information provocative actions row in relation to the DPR People’s Republic. Thus it becomes known that in the AFU 58th and 36th separate infantry brigades units  there were actively spread rumors about our forces offensive blow prepared. Due to the servicemen unwillingness not to conduct war and as consequence, the military discipline absence in the units, the brigades’ command uses any methods to keep the Ukrainian servicemen in constant strain. However, as practice shows, such primitive actions command brings effect only in a short-term period of time. What brigade commanders will invent next time when the DPR People’s Militia offensive blow does not take place. We have to only guess. I would like to turn your attention to the shelling of Dzerzhynsk taking place on the night from August 6 till August 7, as a result of which there were destroyed private houses and injured civilians. According to the days’ results  in the situation reports from the “ATO” press office headquarters, the town was not among towns shelled due to this we can conclude that the JCCC from the Ukrainian side did not register an engagement from our units positions in the direction. However, the national police press office in the Donetsk region, under the control of which there acts radical nationalist units row, hastened to allocate responsibilities for the shellings to the DPR People’s Militia units. Our intelligence managed to clear up that the provocative act had organized by the Ukrainian radical nationalists from the OUN battalion allotted to the 122 separate  helicopter-borne brigade aimed at blaming the People’s Militia for not implementing the Minsk Agreements and aggravating the situation in the conflict zone. We are noting that it is not a single case of spreading the misinformation by the national police in the Donetsk region. Thus, according to its Head, on August 10 as a result of the hit with a light anti-tank weapon into the residential house in the Maryinka locality there got wounded two children that is nonsense because in the area of the direct battle contact there are no residential houses and  light anti-tank weapon military characteristics do not allow to carry out sight shooting at longer distance. 
We have got to know as well that in the area of the Avdeyevka locality controlled by the AFU there massively arrive shooting teams of the Ukrainian top mass media known by their false air and publications such TV Channels as 1+1, STB, 112, ICTV and  «Ukraina». There is no doubts that in the locality area, the AFU are going to carry out a regular provocative act so that it can blame the DPR People’s Militia for all the sins in the future.

In connection with the losses in the AFU, coordination and cooperation absence among the units while waging the military actions, AFU servicemen moral and psychological condition low level, the Ukrainian military command made a decision on activating the  special-operations forces activities under the command of the “bloody subverter” - the general Lunyev.   
Their main task is to carry out sabotage and intelligence operations on the Republican territory concerning the vital infrastructure and civilians. Thus, on the night from August 7 till August 8 there was disconnected the hydraulic power pack “Maiorskaya” that is the reserve source of power supply of the localities near Gorlovka. Because of damages on the gas pipe lines and power line, the Petrovsky district of Donetsk City part remained without gas and electricity.  
These, so-called “experts”, activated their activities at the checkpoints areas. Artificially creating a line at a checkpoint, they carried out shotgun sniper fire aimed at spreading panic among civilians, creating a trouble situation and blaming, in consequence, the DPR People’s Militia for provocative acts on the checkpoints. This past week, the DPR checkpoint “Aleksandrovka” and “Maiorsk” were shelled in such a way. These actions are promoting prosperity of the civilians’ exaction on the part of the AFU servicemen on the checkpoints. 
After the European observers officially stated that they took a vacation for three weeks, the Ukrainian side perceived it as a chance to solve its problems in Donbass as soon as possible and activated the bloody provocative acts on the contact line, shelling the DPR army positions and Republican localities positions with weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreements. Trying to pass over the Minsk Agreements on a ban on using the heavy armament  and, in so doing, to avoid taking on responsibility, the Ukrainian military experts primitively modernize the weapons not prohibited to increase the destruction characteristics while shelling the Republican localities. The ammunition fragments are presented to your attention:  light anti-tank weapons-7 was found in the Petrovsky region of Donetsk City on the scene where two men had died and  a blind mortar shell of 120mm caliber was found in the same district near the scene where the 16 years old girl had been wounded.
We are offering the Donetsk region residents to muse and recollect other bloody crimes aimed against own citizens in which the Ukrainian fascists took part. The events of recent years show that these unpeople only kill innocent people, rob and carry out terrorist attacks.   
In advance of the state holiday “the Independent Day”, the Ukrainian military and political leadership activated its terrorist activities against civilians and the Republics’ leaderships in Donbass. The success absence in the puppet authorities in Ukraine in the economics and in social policy forces the Ukrainian punishers to undertake desperate chances concerning the preparation and realization of full-fledged provocative acts with using the AFU on  the independent territories, with civilians’ ruin, with key civilian objects destruction and with making  life support systems inoperative. Actually, the Ukrainian leadership is carrying out the open terror against once own nation. There are choosing the meanest and  most refined methods, using the AFU special-operations forces having an aim at undermining the situation in the region, at spreading panic and blowing horror at the Donbass residents having made a stand against the Kiev leadership having illegally taken power in Ukraine.  
Such steps of the illegal and terrorist Ukrainian regime force us to be ready to adequately answer to challenges and provocative acts of the defense and law enforcement agencies controlled by them. The permanent actions of the criminal Ukrainian authorities aimed at disrupting the Minsk-2 force us to be resolute. We are ready for counteractions. The military killers and criminals must not sleep easily!  
In contrast to the Ukrainian side, we inviolately implement the Minsk Agreements. However, in case the provocative acts against our Republic keep going on, we are ready to give a worthy battle to the Ukrainian punishers!  
Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry operative command Denis Sinenkov during his briefing, official translation by DONi News Agency

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