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Who in the hell Destroyed the Hospital in Aleppo ?

Aleppo, Syria: the attack on the hospital was, apparently, not a Mistake

Destroyed the hospital in AleppoFor A Large View
Who the hell Destroyed this hospital in Aleppo ?
At least 30 people have been killed in these air attacks on a hospital in Aleppo. The United States is asking if the Syrian army is responsible, and then demands for Russia, to punish the Regime if it is so.

Are we suppose to believe the ground residue of the explosive ordinance is completely untraceable? That sure looks like a missile casing in the picture above.

Are we to believe nobody has any satellite Data over an area known to be a war zone where the two largest militaries of the world are heavily entrenched? 

Then the useless UN calls for some more bullshit talks in Geneva. One view of the escalating fighting in Syria, is that a new peace initiative incited by U.S. President Barack Obama by sending 250 more troopers in is suspect, and then there's the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin who has claimed to have withdrawn troops. The current peace process is barely alive, said the Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura.

In the morning, in spite of the existing truce, dozens of people with air attacks on a hospital in Aleppo have been killed. Emergency workers at the scene reported at least 30 dead and 50 injured. Who is responsible for the bombings remains unclear.

The destruction of the hospital in Aleppo could hardly have been an error , said de Mistura. Only when the continuing attacks in Aleppo and other places stop receiving western weapons and support, is their any possibility of a date for the continuation of the Geneva Syrian Crisis talks. In a childish Protest, the representatives of the Opposition left the talks at the end of last week.

So The United States condemns the attacks on the hospital but bares no evidence of who or why the attacks were carried out.

Also, In light of the US presidential elections comming up, US Secretary of state John Kerry said he sees everything as a deliberate attack on the rebel held medical establishments. He repeated his call on Russia, to do anything it can to prevent the Syrian Regime on holding the ceasefire until after the election.

The dimwitted spokesman of the US state Department, John Kirby, stated that Washington should just make the Syrian government forces responsible for the attack. We condemn the bombing as a "reprehensible" and appeal once more to the government in Damascus to do everything to calm the Situation in the country, he said.

The Opposition spokesman accused the Regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and its ally Russia for the attack. And lastly, a representative of the Syrian military denied this according to their state news Agency Sana, however, the claim that the aircraft used was the Syrian governments, has been used in the bombing was never presented as fact. The defense Ministry in Moscow rejected the Agency Interfax, according to any participation.
The attacks on hospitals and health care facilities have developed according to analysts, to a tactic of war in Syria. In an attack in February on a minimum of five hospitals and two schools claimed almost 50 people came to UN-life.

TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov condemned the United States’ latest deployment of soldiers to the Northern part of Syria, stating that this is a clear violation of Syria’s sovereignty.
The top Russian diplomat stressed that recent deployment of the US forces to the Northern battlefields of the crisis-hit Syria is a big mistake and will deteriorate the situation.

Also, a Syrian foreign ministry official on Thursday called the entry of 150 US troops into Syrian territory as a flagrant instance of trespassing and completely illegal.

“We received with deep concern the reports that 150 US servicemen have arrived in Rmeilan area,” the Syrian Foreign Ministry official said.

The official expressed Syria’s strong condemnation of the move, rejecting it as a “blatant act of aggression that constitutes a dangerous intervention and a gross violation of the Syrian sovereignty.”
“This intervention is rejected and illegitimate as it has happened without the Syrian government’s approval,” the official said, reiterating that this move transgresses against the international laws and conventions as it amounts to a “direct attack” that violates the Syrian territory.

While stressing its total rejection of this act of aggression, Syria calls on the international community to take all necessary measures to stop it, the ministry official noted.

The statement by the Syrian Foreign ministry came as 150 US servicemen arrived Wednesday in Syrian Rmeilan airport that is under the control of the Kurdish forces.

Earlier this week, US President Barack Obama made public the plan to send an extra 250 special operations forces to Syria within weeks to support local militia in the fight against ISIL.

The Deployment has been amounted to a sharp increase in number of American troops in Syria, as since last October, the United Sates has had only 50 US troops deployed in Syria. Washington insists the military presence in Syria is to help local militia in fight against the ISIL.

ISIL is among terrorist groups listed by the UN, and vast but diminishing territories in Syria and neighboring Iraq have been occupied by the terrorist group.

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