Friday, April 29, 2016

French protested Yesterday

French protested Yesterday

Russia has achieved a small tactical victory when the French Parliament voted for the lifting of sanctions against Russia. The fruits of the work with the eurosceptics and the European right-wing parties give certain results. First, a referendum in the Netherlands, and now the French have noted. Another issue is that these successes are at this stage purely tactical, as the referendum in the Netherlands and the decision of the French Parliament have a recommendatory character and can be ignored. So actually happened in both cases. On the referendum in the Netherlands eventually decided not to pay attention to, and in the case of a decision of the French Parliament, stated that the decision on the extension of sanctions this summer, this move will not be affected. References to democracy and free expression here is certainly in favor of the poor, when required, in Europe democracy lay with the device.

On the other hand, these tactical successes in the Netherlands and France give Russia reason to hope that if not now, then in the future when the eurosceptics and right-wingers will get to power through elections, this internal European Fronda will actualize the issue of lifting the sanctions in a practical way. At this stage, in key EU countries the authorities are political groups tightly linked with the Euro-Atlantic structures and Russia's influence was mainly limited to intra-European opposition, which on the one hand is not enough to affect the General course of the European Union are following in the Wake of Washington, and on the other hand, shows the growing desire of the European establishment to weaken the American leash. In General, if what this story shows is the continuing confusion and vacillation within the EU, which essentially became a hostage to us-Russian conflict.

In the meantime, deputies staged representations in Parliament against the foreign policy of Hollande, in the streets of Paris, clashes continued Parisians with the police for reasons of internal discontent with the policies of Hollande. The reasons are the same - labor reform Hollande that is with high probability at the next elections the right will help to return to power. It is worth noting that in addition to the Paris protests continued in other cities in France - Nantes, Dijon, Grenoble, etc.

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