Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The situation in Syrian Kurdistan remains difficult - despite the beginning of the truce in Syria


The ceasefire in Syria continues to disrupt the militants of the so-called "Islamic state". Also, the atmosphere is glowing and Turkey (member of NATO). Do not stop shelling the positions of the Kurds who are in Syria.The militants of the terrorist organization "Islamic state" (DOES Arab.), fired from the territory of Syria border town of Kilis in southeastern Turkey one person was killed. In response, the Turks opened fire with artillery. No, not on the position of DAYS, the positions of the Kurds.

The militia "of the Kurdistan workers party" (PKK) oppose DAYS, and for such groups as"dzhebhat EN-Nusra", "Jaish al Sunna", "Sultan Murad", "Ahrar al sham" and "Sukur al Jabal" (in Russia these groups are recognized as terrorist) nevertheless, Erdogan declared the PKK a terrorist group. Turkey blackmailing EU (Turkey wants to allocate on the content of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa $ 20 billion, otherwise Turkey will open "the door to the EU") has also recognized "the Kurdistan workers 'party a" terrorist. 

However, diplomats of the EU countries believe that the priority for Turkey is to resume cooperation and to start negotiations with Kurdish political representatives, those who Express their position peacefully through the relevant institutions to provide the Kurdish issue perspective not only on Syria but also in Turkey. Russia constantly raises the issue on the actions of Turkey against the Kurds on the international arena of the UN, but representatives of the EU, as usual, are showing their concern. In response, the Turkish foreign Ministry denies the involvement of the Turkish side to the attacks of positions of Kurds in Syria after the announcement of the truce, alleging that the fire is only on the order of DAYS.

The head of mission of the Syrian Kurdistan in Moscow Rodi Osman said:

"The situation in Syrian Kurdistan remains difficult - despite the beginning of the truce in Syria, the Islamist militants with the support of Turkey continue to attack Kurdish areas. The representatives of the Syrian Kurdistan has not received an official invitation to Syrian peace talks, which resumed today (9 March) in Geneva. In these circumstances, the Syrian Kurds don't see the point in holding on its territory of the Syrian elections, appointed by decree of Bashar al-Assad on April 13".

Not all participants of the meeting in Geneva like the presence of the Kurds in negotiations. Representatives of some opposition groups which are the subject of Turkey, just leave the negotiations and they will be ripped off.Turkey has a great impact on the situation in Syria. She has ties with fighting radical Islamist organizations. Therefore, without a Turkey to organize these talks impossible. It is no exaggeration to say that DAYS is the armed wing of Islamists and Erdogan - their political, diplomatic and legal wing.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan is already out of the inner circle of confidence of NATO allies. Turkey has become the Achilles heel of the Alliance, and good for Ankara is not going to end. But while the US and EU will take tough measures against the policy of Erdogan and he will not change his views in regard to the Kurds and Syria, the conflict is a long way from over and could escalate into a full-length script of the Sudan, where fighting continued for almost 30 years.


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