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The Goblin decided to dispel the myths about corruption in the U.S.

The Goblin decided to dispel the myths about corruption in the U.S.

He translated the documentary "Black house" on Russian language
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The Russians need to see the film "Black house" on corruption in the U.S., said "Russian news service" journalist, translator under the pseudonym "Goblin" Puchkov Dmitry. He translated the ribbon for the Russian language.

"In the US, horror of horrors, there is corruption. Officials in the U.S., using his official position, making money, and stealing. For many this discovery. For many of our U.S. citizens is a projection of heaven on earth, where everything is arranged according to the brightest ideals. But actually the USA is the same country as everyone else, there live the same people as in other countries, with the same vices and shortcomings", — said Puchkov.

In his view, to see the film and abroad, including in the United States. "Because "Bi-bi-si", releasing some films with "revelations" Putin appeals to a huge audience, releasing a deliberately propagandistic, deceitful films, in anti-state propaganda. These things should be answered. Why do we have such videos do not, is a mystery to me," added the translator.

He noted that the video was sent him by one of the users of its portal "Goblin Alley". In this case who is the author, translator unknown. "He who speaks, speaks with a pronounced correct pronunciation. This suggests that he taught it, he's not really American. But America is a country of immigrants, and there anybody is. If you look at the leading TV channels — there are a lot of people with a variety of accents that have no impact on the quality of the information nor upon the way," said Puchkov.

Earlier in the Internet appeared the video "Black house: a film about corruption, is prohibited in the United States." First it has published on its portal Dmitry Puchkov. In the Russian segment of Youtube video got over 90 thousand views.

According to research conducted in the fall of 2015 poll, 75% of Americans living in Washington, believe that corruption is widespread in government.

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