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America’s Fake War on ISIS Grinds On / By: Tony Cartalucci

America’s Fake War on ISIS Grinds On

Author: Tony Cartalucci

A recent US Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) hearing considering the nominations of General Joseph Votel and Lieutenant General Raymond Thomas for command of US Central Command and US Special Operations Command respectively, exposed the absurdity of America’s war on the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS).

While the Syrian Arab Army backed by Russian airpower successfully cuts off entire armies of terrorists from their supplies abroad, while encircling and eradicating them within Syrian territory, the US appears instead to be attempting to stretch out ISIS’ existence while maintaining the illusion of fighting the terrorist organization for as long as possible.

During the hearing, several times US senators including US Senator John McCain (R-AZ) would credit US operations for the recent setbacks faced by ISIS, including pressure recently placed directly on Al Raqqa – the defacto capital of ISIS in eastern Syria.

In reality, all of these setbacks are instead a result of Syrian and Russian efforts to interdict supplies flowing into Syria primarily from NATO-member Turkey, US-ally Jordan, and back and forth from Iraq. Beyond allegedly high-profile targeted killings, little to nothing has been done by the US to actually degrade ISIS’ fighting capacity.

Russian warplanes have in particular, mercilessly bombed ISIS and Al Qaeda logistical networks to the point of drawing out from the geopolitical shadows their foreign sponsors, including Turkey which went as far as downing a Russian jet as it operated along the Syrian-Turkish border.

As Syrian and Russian forces choke off supplies crossing Syria’s borders bound for ISIS and Al Qaeda positions, the West and its regional partners have become increasingly desperate and transparent in their efforts to reverse what is the inevitable end of the conflict.

Senators and Generals Show No Interest in Stopping ISIS

The SASC hearing was particularly telling, because while ISIS was regularly brought up, it was clear from listening to the senators and the two generals providing testimony, that the real goal was still overthrowing the Syrian government and rolling back the influence of Russia and Iran in order to maintain American hegemony in the region and around the world. ISIS is merely an excuse to remain in the region to continue pursuing these goals.

Despite US participation in the recent Syrian ceasefire and upcoming peace talks, both the senators and the generals talked about removing Syrian President Bashar al Assad, as well as the next iteration of America’s train and equip program for fighters being sent into Syria to perpetuate the violence.

And even as the entire committee plotted the overthrow of the Syrian government, they continuously acknowledged not only ISIS’ presence in the country, but its expansion into other nations, including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya – three nations the US has destroyed – with Libya being the latest and regarded several times during the hearing as “ungovernable.”

Libya’s “ungovernable” present state was cited as the primary reason for ISIS’ “sudden” appearance in the North African nation. None of the senators nor the two generals, however, mentioned just how Libya became ungovernable in the first place – not even Senator McCain who literally walked, hand-in-hand, with the future rank and file of ISIS in Libya as they took over the country after the overthrow of the government in Tripoli.

The failure of the US military for 16 months to target and destroy ISIS’ oil infrastructure in Syria was also mentioned, though the rest of their logistical network in Syria or beyond, or their foreign sponsors, were never brought up.

What the hearing illustrated once again was that it is the US plowing the fields – turning nations into failed-states – and then sowing the seeds of perpetual chaos with heavily armed, well-funded, and well backed mercenary forces to transform entire regions of the world into divided, weak, and perpetually fighting, perpetually shifting conflict zones from which the West’s enemies can be removed, and regimes more to their liking can be installed.

In the one hour plus hearing, nothing resembling a tangible strategy for confronting and defeating ISIS was discussed.

Generals who have spent their lives in the military, from military families talked about the impotence of airstrikes alone in Syria to degrade ISIS’ fighting capacity – never once mentioning the fact that they have standing armies both in Turkey and Jordan more than capable of strangling completely ISIS’ logistical lifelines and preventing the torrent of foreign fighters repeatedly referenced during the hearing from reinforcing ISIS positions in Syria.

Instead of holding accountable US’ allies who are clearly underwriting ISIS’ continued and formidable fighting capacity as well as its expansion beyond Syria’s borders, several times the committee agreed to work even closer with these allies in what is clearly a disingenuous war on ISIS.

It is unlikely General Votel or Lieutenant General Thomas do not know how to identify the source of an enemy’s fighting capacity or how to effectively cut it off. Indeed, they know precisely how to defeat ISIS, but anyone can still watch the hearing – archived online on the US government’s own website for all to see – and understand that the goal is not to fight and defeat ISIS – it is to reorder the region in such a manner as to maintain US influence and protect US “interests” across it.

Fighting ISIS is but a pretext to remain involved in Syria, Iraq, and now Libya and Afghanistan. Both the senators of the committee and the two generals present all agreed that Nigeria, Somalia, and perhaps nations beyond would also see ISIS gaining footholds within their borders giving the US a free hand to pursue them in what they called “transregional” operations.

While nations like Russia and China are building economic relationships with the nations of the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), giving them footholds and influence throughout it, the US seems to be predicating their continued presence in MENA upon addressing perpetual chaos.

However, it is becoming increasingly clear that this chaos they are “addressing,” is chaos of their own intentional creation. It is difficult to imagine that this sort of foreign policy is sustainable, and in a way, the committee acknowledged that too. When asked by the committee if they also believed that it looked like Russia was going to achieve its goals in Syria, both generals without hesitation agreed.

Tony Cartalucci, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazineNew Eastern Outlook”.

Kurdish Genocide in Turkey Must Be Stopped

Kurdish Genocide in Turkey Must Be Stopped

Author: Martin Berger

While the Turkish army, following the orders of their commander in chief, carries out armed aggression against Iraq and Syria, in Turkey itself authorities have launched an all-out offensive against the civil population of its Kurdish regions. It won’t be an exaggeration to state that Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is systematically exterminating Kurds throughout Turkey which constitutes an act of genocide. All across the major cities Kurdish activists are being routinely arrested and more than two hundred offices of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party have been burned to the ground.

The Turkish authorities have decided to suppress the Kurdish drive toward independence with military power, which has already led to countless victims among the civilian population. But it doesn’t seem to stop there since the Turkish media is reporting that the government is buying tens of thousands of pieces of special equipment designed to facilitate fighting in urban areas, including sniper rifles, microwave radars to identify people behind walls, machine guns that allow the gunner to shoot around corners and 22,000 sets of helmets and body armor that provide enhanced protection for melee engagements. What this basically means is that Kurdish towns are going to be transformed into warzones.

President Erdogan has decided to turn a blind eye on the fact that raids in urban areas usually result in a large number of those unable to protect themselves being decimated, including women, children, and elders. If reports from the Kurdish populated areas are to be believed – whole towns are on the brink of a humanitarian disaster.

But it seems that Erdogan couldn’t care less, since Kurdish settlements that are now being transformed into warzones, sealed off from any politicians, journalists, or human rights defenders. Experts say that the total number of internally displaced persons has already exceeded one hundred thousand people.

If Sirnak Kurdish activists are “only” getting arrested and beaten in broad daylight, a massive extermination of the civil Kurdish population has been reported in the town of Cizre located some 20 kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border. This name may sound familiar to observers since back in June 2015 85% of its population voted for the Peoples’ Democratic Party. Yet, Turkish officials are convinced that they are “only conducting a “special operation.”

Recently Kurdish MP Feleknas Uca accused the government of the brutal murder of 150 Kurdish civilians. She told journalists that in the area of Cizre families were burned alive in their homes only due to the fact that they were Kurds.

Additionally, she reported that due to the aggressive actions of Turkish troops in the province of Diyarbakir, 200 civilians were trapped in their basements. But regular forces didn’t allow anyone to come rescue them, since that province is also inhabited by Kurds. Another string of tragic events unfolded in the Kurdish town of Yüksekova.

Deputy Feleknas Uca said in an interview with the German edition of Süddeutsche Zeitung, that the EU representatives must come to the south-east of Turkey, to see for themselves how genocidal Erdogan’s policies are.

Numerous video posted on social networks are showing that large caliber guns are being used to level whole districts of the cities of Cizre, Diyarbakır and many others to the ground under the pretext that “Kurdish separatists” have allegedly been hiding there. However, these videos demonstrate that Turkish authorities are deliberately massacring civilians, including old men.

It’s impossible to tell the exact death toll in Cizre Yüksekova, Diyarbakır and other Kurdish cities due to extremely limited information that journalists are able to obtain. However, there is no doubt that among those killed there’s droves of civilians

In response to the inhuman actions of the so-called elected authorities, a wave of protests swept across Turkey. People have been demanding the end of the so-called “military operation” in Kurdish regions. The biggest protest occurred in Diyarbakir that has de facto become the unofficial Kurdish capital of Turkey. Peaceful demonstrations were rigidly suppressed by police units that employed water cannons and tear gas to disperse protesters. Similar clashes in south-eastern Turkey have been going on for over six months. People are leaving their homes in a hurry, streets are filled with tanks and armored vehicles. The clashes between the police and Kurdish resistance units never seem to stop.

Kurdish communities across the globe have urged the leading players to put an end to the genocide perpetrated by Turkey’s officials. Several hundreds of Kurdish activists gathered outside the UN office building in Iraqi Irbil demanding the international community to stop the ongoing destruction of the units of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, considered “a terrorist organization” in Turkey.

Turkish parliamentarians of Kurdish origin have made a formal appeal to the international community and the EU parliamentarians demanding an end be put to the oppression of their population.

Italian member of the European Parliament, Laura Ferrara, has been enraged by the fact that the EU is providing Turkey 3 billion euros in aid, while it’s committing atrocities against Kurds and she has stated her position loud and clear.

However, it seems that the EU is so concerned with the recent migrant crisis, that it pays little to no attention to outrageous examples of human rights violations in Turkey. The Telegraph notes that Angela Merkel is so dependent on Turkey’s ability to prevent refugees from coming to Europe that she doesn’t have the stomach to say a word against the genocidal policies of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

However, a senior official of the European Parliament – the President of the GUE / NGL Gabi Zimmer urged the EU to condemn the ongoing genocide of Kurdish population in Turkey and punish those responsible for it. It’s curious that his position is shared by a number of other European MPs.

Erdogan’s position is getting weaker by the day. In addition, the Kurdish conflict is being exploited by the West as well. However, the lack of any form of condemnation – that’s what is truly disturbing about this situation. The silence of the West and its satellite states in the Persian Gulf is clear – they would never accuse an ally that they rely on in the Syrian conflict of massive offenses against the Kurds… And nobody cares that that by killing Kurds in droves Turkey is mimicking the crimes of its predecessors who committed such acts against Armenians.

However, any crime leads to punishment and the international community seems to be determined to bring it upon Erdogan’s head.

Martin Berger is a Czech-based freelance journalist and analyst, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

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The truth is The American Dream has been deemed "too controversial" by major networks

The truth is The American Dream has been deemed "too controversial" by major networks

The year 2030 television ad about the U.S. national debt produced by Citizens Against Government Waste

Originally Uploaded on Nov 2, 2010

A new television ad about the U.S. national debt produced by Citizens Against Government Waste has been deemed "too controversial" by major networks including ABC, A&E and The History Channel and will not be shown on those channels. The commercial is a homage to a 1986 ad that was entitled "The Deficit Trials" that was also banned by the major networks. Apparently telling the truth about the national debt is a little too "hot" for the major networks to handle. But perhaps it is time to tell the American people the truth. In 1986, the U.S. national debt was around 2 trillion dollars. Today, it is rapidly approaching 14 trillion dollars. The American Dream is being ripped apart right in front of our eyes, but apparently some of the major networks don't want the American people to really understand what is going on.

The truth is that the ad does not even have anything in it that should be offensive. The commercial is set in the year 2030, and the main character is a Chinese professor that is seen lecturing his students on the fall of great empires. As images of the United States are shown on a screen behind him, the Chinese professor tells his students the following about the behavior of great empires: "They all make the same mistakes. Turning their backs on the principles that made them great. America tried to spend and tax itself out of a great recession. Enormous so-called "stimulus" spending, massive changes to health care, government takeover of private industries, and crushing debt."

Perhaps it is what the Chinese Professor says next that is alarming the big television networks: "Of course, we owned most of their debt, so now they work for us".

And someone thinks he has a solution:

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Larry Silverstein Says Planning For A New WTC Building 7 Started Before September 11 Attacks

Larry Silverstein Says Planning For A New WTC Building 7 Started Before September 11 Attacks

The video of an old speech from World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein has revealed a key piece of information relating to whether the real estate tycoon had foreknowledge of the September 11 attacks.
In April 2000, over a year before the September 11 attacks, Larry Silverstein held a meeting to discuss plans to replace World Trade Center Building 7. This meeting was revealed during a 2014 speech which Silverstein gave to a pro-Israel group which has not been widely circulated.
We got the designs. And the first design meeting was in April of 2000. And construction began shortly thereafter, in 2002.
The old World Trade Center 7 was a 47-story building that was part of the original WTC complex. The building collapsed on the afternoon of September 11, 2001 after the the Twin Towers, WTC 1 and 2 fell that morning.
wtc7standingsmoke-fbThe mysterious collapse of WTC 7 was explained away by computer-simulated model as part of the US government reports on the 9/11 attacks. It is claimed that falling debris from the Twin Towers penetrated the building, starting a fire which burned out of control. Numerous problems can be found by examining the WTC 7 report against other known facts about the September 11 attacks. The building has become a punch line for jokes about the obvious inconsistencies in the American government’s story about what happened that day.

Everyday Carry Gear – 11 Items You Should Always Have on You (Ad)

It is common knowledge for many interested in the truth about the September 11 attacks that Building 7 was reported to have collapsed before it actually did on that day by multiple news channels. England’s BBC News reported that WTC 7 had collapsed due to fire about 20 minutes before it actually happened. The building can be seen still standing in the background of the live broadcast as the reporter and anchor discuss the collapse which they say has already happened.
Visit our 9/11 Truth archive for more information about the September 11 attacks.

No Peace in Ukraine Because Kiev Can’t Reign In Its Neo Nazi Coup

No Peace in Ukraine Because Kiev Can’t Reign In Its Neo Nazi Coup

“Make one move to accommodate the (peace) accord and we will bring you down” 
We call the shots here
This is one of a series of excerpts from a longer article which originally appeared in Salon under the byline Patrick L. Smith.
The author is a longtime correspondent abroad, chiefly for the International Herald Tribune and The New Yorker. He is also an essayist, critic and editor.
His most recent book is “Time No Longer: Americans After the American Century” (Yale, 2013)

None of the visitors (Joe Biden) to Ukraine of late appear to give a hoot that the Poroshenko government has done nothing to fulfill its obligations on the Minsk II peace accords.
As of Monday 22nd, February we have two exceptions, however. Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Jean-Marc Ayrault, the German and French foreign ministers, have just finished talks in Kiev en route to Russia to negotiate the forward motion of Minsk II’s provisions after months of stagnation.
At the outset, as one of my European sources said, they were “completement exacerbés.”
And they were exacerbés, understandably, because it is lately clear that the Poroshenko government is incapable of moving on Minsk II. It is, in effect, the hostage of the right-wing militias that were long said to exist only in the imaginations of Russian propagandists.
Azov and the other militias, the Svoboda party and Right Sektor, a Svoboda offspring, have made their position clear since Germany, France and Christine Lagarde forced Poroshenko to sign Minsk II last year: Make one move to accommodate the accord and we will bring you down. At this point the barely competent maker of chocolates is squeezed into a corner so tight it is not clear he will be able to breathe much longer.
On one hand the exacerbés Europeans want Minsk II implemented; it was supposed to be by the end of last year. They want tensions on their border with Russia to ease, they are impatient with Washington’s sanctions regime and it is as plain as day now that Ash Carter’s Pentagon and General Breedlove’s NATO will run all the miles they can so long as Ukraine gives them an excuse to do so. This pair loves Ukraine to bits—and may literally do so, depending on how things go.
As Stephen Cohen, the noted Russianist, writes in a comment published in The Nation this week, with Defense Secretary Carter’s recent announcement that the Pentagon will quadruple spending on U.S. and NATO forces in Europe, “Western military power has never been positioned so close to Russia.”
This kind of Russian roulette, as Cohen terms it, is not a game Europeans like playing. Although “the Europeans have no foreign policy of their own,” as Vladimir Putin astutely observed in a video recording released last week, they have at least recognized that Russia is more logically a partner, however attenuated the partnership, than an adversary.
That is the one hand. On the other, Poroshenko is fighting for his political life in Kiev. Last week he called for the universally unpopular Yatsenyuk—bearer of the neoliberal banner, whose approval rating is below 5 percent—to resign. But it shapes up as too little and too late.
Over the weekend and into this week, sections of the ultra-right, calling themselves Revolutionary Right Forces, gathered in Maidan to mark the second anniversary of the revolution. Having bombed three Russian banks while the police stood by without intervening, they effectively called for another revolt by way of a hefty list of demands. They want Poroshenko’s head, too. They want mass resignations of the generals, the bureaucrats, and the politicians. They demand the government repudiate Minsk II en bloc and impose martial law in the eastern regions and Crimea.
Berlin, Paris and Moscow may continue to make common cause and more or less impose Minsk II on Kiev. It is quite possible. In this case the American failure will also be evident, if more subtly. Washington will claim the success, if it stays true to form.Or the war in the eastern regions will escalate and grow very dangerous well beyond Ukraine. This is all too possible at the moment. It is probably the favored way forward in Washington and Kiev, but it will turn out to be merely failure of another, more brutal kind.

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Israel continues to steal Palestinian territory that it calls its own in the West Bank

The Debate - Palestine Plight 

Israel continues to try to expand territory that it wants to call its own. And in the first two months of this year alone 97 Palestinian homes and 86 other Palestinian facilities have been razed. Hundreds of people have been made homeless. This is all taking place in a region called Area C in the West Bank where many residents believe that Tel Aviv just wants to grab more land to construct more settlements. And Since October of last year the start of the latest intifada, 40 kids alone have been killed by the Israeli regime. Israel does not seem to be backing down and this time around it appears, nor are the Palestinian youth.

Watch Live:

The Goblin decided to dispel the myths about corruption in the U.S.

The Goblin decided to dispel the myths about corruption in the U.S.

He translated the documentary "Black house" on Russian language
Today 18:06 2255 13 22.88

The Russians need to see the film "Black house" on corruption in the U.S., said "Russian news service" journalist, translator under the pseudonym "Goblin" Puchkov Dmitry. He translated the ribbon for the Russian language.

"In the US, horror of horrors, there is corruption. Officials in the U.S., using his official position, making money, and stealing. For many this discovery. For many of our U.S. citizens is a projection of heaven on earth, where everything is arranged according to the brightest ideals. But actually the USA is the same country as everyone else, there live the same people as in other countries, with the same vices and shortcomings", — said Puchkov.

In his view, to see the film and abroad, including in the United States. "Because "Bi-bi-si", releasing some films with "revelations" Putin appeals to a huge audience, releasing a deliberately propagandistic, deceitful films, in anti-state propaganda. These things should be answered. Why do we have such videos do not, is a mystery to me," added the translator.

He noted that the video was sent him by one of the users of its portal "Goblin Alley". In this case who is the author, translator unknown. "He who speaks, speaks with a pronounced correct pronunciation. This suggests that he taught it, he's not really American. But America is a country of immigrants, and there anybody is. If you look at the leading TV channels — there are a lot of people with a variety of accents that have no impact on the quality of the information nor upon the way," said Puchkov.

Earlier in the Internet appeared the video "Black house: a film about corruption, is prohibited in the United States." First it has published on its portal Dmitry Puchkov. In the Russian segment of Youtube video got over 90 thousand views.

According to research conducted in the fall of 2015 poll, 75% of Americans living in Washington, believe that corruption is widespread in government.

The original article

If the politicians were characters of classic paintings #Humor

If the politicians were characters of classic paintings
K. T. I.

Today 13:00 1668 15 5.00

Designers from around the world working with crowdsourcing platform DesignCrowd, "write" images of famous politicians from around the world in the subjects of classical painting. From the Mona Lisa to post-impressionism, from Hillary Clinton to Vladimir Putin - the scope of the imagination of the workers of the design is simply amazing!

"American Gothic" - Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin in the form of Vincent van Gogh

David Cameron in the form of Bacchus

Donald trump in the form of a boy in pink

"American Gothic" - Dilma Rousseff and Barack Obama

Angela Merkel in the form of a girl with a pearl earring

Francois Hollande or Napoleon Bonaparte?

Hillary Clinton in the form of the Mona Lisa

A portrait of Narendra modi Rembrandt

"Son of man" opened the face and became Kim Jong-UN

Vladimir Putin in the role of Napoleon, passing through the Alps

Dilma Rousseff in the form of Pauline de Broly

The situation in Syrian Kurdistan remains difficult - despite the beginning of the truce in Syria


The ceasefire in Syria continues to disrupt the militants of the so-called "Islamic state". Also, the atmosphere is glowing and Turkey (member of NATO). Do not stop shelling the positions of the Kurds who are in Syria.The militants of the terrorist organization "Islamic state" (DOES Arab.), fired from the territory of Syria border town of Kilis in southeastern Turkey one person was killed. In response, the Turks opened fire with artillery. No, not on the position of DAYS, the positions of the Kurds.

The militia "of the Kurdistan workers party" (PKK) oppose DAYS, and for such groups as"dzhebhat EN-Nusra", "Jaish al Sunna", "Sultan Murad", "Ahrar al sham" and "Sukur al Jabal" (in Russia these groups are recognized as terrorist) nevertheless, Erdogan declared the PKK a terrorist group. Turkey blackmailing EU (Turkey wants to allocate on the content of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa $ 20 billion, otherwise Turkey will open "the door to the EU") has also recognized "the Kurdistan workers 'party a" terrorist. 

However, diplomats of the EU countries believe that the priority for Turkey is to resume cooperation and to start negotiations with Kurdish political representatives, those who Express their position peacefully through the relevant institutions to provide the Kurdish issue perspective not only on Syria but also in Turkey. Russia constantly raises the issue on the actions of Turkey against the Kurds on the international arena of the UN, but representatives of the EU, as usual, are showing their concern. In response, the Turkish foreign Ministry denies the involvement of the Turkish side to the attacks of positions of Kurds in Syria after the announcement of the truce, alleging that the fire is only on the order of DAYS.

The head of mission of the Syrian Kurdistan in Moscow Rodi Osman said:

"The situation in Syrian Kurdistan remains difficult - despite the beginning of the truce in Syria, the Islamist militants with the support of Turkey continue to attack Kurdish areas. The representatives of the Syrian Kurdistan has not received an official invitation to Syrian peace talks, which resumed today (9 March) in Geneva. In these circumstances, the Syrian Kurds don't see the point in holding on its territory of the Syrian elections, appointed by decree of Bashar al-Assad on April 13".

Not all participants of the meeting in Geneva like the presence of the Kurds in negotiations. Representatives of some opposition groups which are the subject of Turkey, just leave the negotiations and they will be ripped off.Turkey has a great impact on the situation in Syria. She has ties with fighting radical Islamist organizations. Therefore, without a Turkey to organize these talks impossible. It is no exaggeration to say that DAYS is the armed wing of Islamists and Erdogan - their political, diplomatic and legal wing.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan is already out of the inner circle of confidence of NATO allies. Turkey has become the Achilles heel of the Alliance, and good for Ankara is not going to end. But while the US and EU will take tough measures against the policy of Erdogan and he will not change his views in regard to the Kurds and Syria, the conflict is a long way from over and could escalate into a full-length script of the Sudan, where fighting continued for almost 30 years.


West are already firmly stuck in the minds the fact goodbye, Yatsenyuk!

Goodbye, Yatsenyuk! To stay no longer working

Today 16:37 1858 9 11.00

Judging by how American politicians openly discuss the situation in Ukraine is becoming more and more obvious that the U.S. oversee everything that happens in the Square. A striking example of this statement by former Ambassador Steven Pifer, who spoke on Twitter about changing premiere Yatsenyuk to the Minister of Finance Yaresko.
Is this possible actually?
Quite, given the falling popularity of the government Yatsenyuk, the coalition's rift and dissatisfaction with work. Of course, the Prime Minister agreed to resign in the next week, however, it is noticeable that he tries to delay the inevitable.
Besides, Yury Lutsenko in the social network wrote that the Parliament has two weeks to form a new coalition and a new technocratic government. First, such information could not accidentally coincide with what the West thinks, and, secondly, all the conditions of coalition formation are observed strictly in accordance with the wishes Jaresko, what gives to understand in his interview.
It turns out that the plan of the West are already firmly stuck in the minds of politicians and is now in full swing preparing for implementation. However, Yatsenyuk is still trying to convince himself that he's a useless Minister. Here are just a X hour is approaching. The issue with retirement is likely to be resolved this week during an extraordinary session of Parliament.
It is obvious that the current Prime Minister no longer needs Western patrons, so in his place and going to plant Jaresko. And to do this means the West even despite the fact that many politicians are against the candidacy of the Minister of Finance, showing a sceptical attitude towards its activities. But who to ask? If the States need it, so the Ukrainians will be forced to take Jaresko to the post of Prime Minister.
Yatsenyuk same time to get out of, yet it's real, otherwise soon have to think not about high positions, but about how to save his life. West was merged, now he is for himself. However, alone the Prime Minister is unlikely that anything will be able to do, so we can safely tell him in track: goodbye, Yatsenyuk!

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by benjamin
February 22, 2016
Zhou Xiaochuan
Last week Zhou Xiaochuan, the head of China’s central bank, announced, in a jargon filled technical interview, that China would no longer be pegging its currency to the US dollar. Instead, the Chinese yuan will be linked to a broad basket of currencies, Zhou said.
This seemingly arcane shift could trigger a collapse in the US dollar, which, as economist Peter Schiff put it “will be the single largest event in human history.”
The fact is that 84% of the US workforce is in the service sector (banking, government, retail etc.), meaning they do not actually make anything. In other words, the Americans do not make enough stuff to pay for the stuff they are getting from the rest of the world. The corporate propaganda media still cling to the lie that the US is the world’s biggest economy and China is number two. That is outright fiction. The Chinese, for example, produce 11 times more steel than the US and, in the last 3 years alone, have produced more concrete than the US used during the entire 20th century. The Chinese have decided enough is enough and demanded real payment for their goods, not so-called US dollars.
The significance of the shift has been underlined by the double digit collapse in world trade in January and the shutting of US ports. Chinese exports in January fell by 11.2% year on year while imports fell 18.8%. Most of this was related to the US. The message was clear, the US was not going to be allowed any more to pay for stuff with money printed out of thin air.
This Chinese move is what prompted US Corporate Government Presidential spokesperson Barack Obama to ask Chinese elders and the Rothschild family for permission to devalue the US dollar, which was, as reported here last week, denied.
The failure to get permission to devalue the US dollar prompted Obama’s handlers to call an unscheduled emergency summit meeting of ASEAN heads of state last week in California.
In fact, the real meeting that took place in California was between General Joseph Dunford, head of the US military and General Mulyono, chief of staff of the Indonesian armed forces. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss gold, lots of gold, according to US based Pentagon sources and Indonesian based CIA sources. As a result of this meeting, the US was given the right to finance itself by exporting gold to China from the gigantic Freeport McMoRan mine in Papua. According to the CIA source, the gold ore is turned into slurry and pumped straight into ships that take it to Hong Kong for refining. The amount is unknown but apparently enough to keep the US government functioning.
Furthermore, at this meeting the US military was given permission to develop a massive new platinum and gold deposit and set up bases on Indonesian islands near the South China Sea. The Indonesians will get a large piece of the action, plus protection, in exchange for their cooperation, the sources said.
The bigger story behind all of this is that the US military has been building a global military alliance to make sure we do not end up with a one China world.
On February 11th, before the meeting with the Indonesian army chief, General Dunford met with the heads of the Japanese and South Korean armed forces, ostensibly to discuss “North Korean missiles.”
The real point of the meeting was to ensure the Japanese and Korean armed forces aligned with the Russian, US and European military alliance that was sealed when the Pope met with the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kiril on February 12th, White Dragon Society sources say.
This alliance, in addition to keeping China in check, is aiming to straighten out the Middle East. On that front Obama was instructed to tell the world that Saudi Arabia has nuclear weapons. The message being sent, according to Pentagon sources, was that it would be OK for the Russians to use nuclear weapons to attack Saudi Arabia. There is also a secret understanding that NATO will not defend Turkey if Russia attacks, the sources say.
The Turks and the Saudis, along with their Nazi allies in the Ukraine, have assembled an army over a million strong with up to 3500 tanks, over 3000 high performance aircraft and advanced missile systems.
They also have at least 200 nuclear weapons supplied by Israel or stolen from NATO arsenals in Turkey. This army has been assembled to create an Islamic super state or caliphate. This state is intended to include Northern Africa, the Middle East and large parts of central Asia. The floods of Muslim refugees being poured into Europe are almost certainly being used as pressure to get European acquiescence to this plan.
However, the Turkish and Saudi military brass have told their US counterparts they will overthrow their political leaders if they try to order them to use this vast army in a suicidal move against the US/Russian military alliance.
Saudi Arabia and Turkey are also feeling a financial pinch respectively from drops in oil prices and drops in trade and tourism. This pinch forced Saudi Arabia to cancel $4 billion worth of military aid to Lebanon, Pentagon sources. The losers in this case were, the Pentagon sources said: “the Jewish mafia behind the French arms companies.” In addition, the Iranian aligned Hezbollah is being armed by Russia and, the sources say, “may act as a proxy for Russia to nuke Israel.”
Furthermore, the Italians have started probing Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s son Bilal for money laundering. The message being sent to the Turkish leadership is that they are not above the law. Some sort of Muslim federation will arise when the dust settles but it will arise through negotiations and plebiscites, not war, WDS sources say.
Meanwhile, the Pope’s airplane “was lasered by drug cartel operatives,” in Mexico last week to signal their displeasure at his efforts to cut off drug money.
There also appears to be some serious X-files type of stuff going on in relationship to all of this. Recall that the Vatican was hit by lighting during the deliberations that ended up in the selection of Pope Francis. Then, Mecca in Saudi Arabia, was hit by lightning leading to over 100 deaths last September.
Following that a Russian research vessel showed up in Jeddah, the Saudi port close to Mecca.
The Sorcha Faal news site run by US Naval intelligence wrote recently the vessel was there to transport some sort of secret weapon uncovered in Mecca and transport it to Antarctica.
This news site was described by British MI6 intelligence sources as being anywhere from 90% to 10% true with disinformation mixed in. However, what brings our attention to this article at this time is the fact Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kiril last week went to Antarctica to meet the Russian ship.
Pentagon sources say Kiril went to Antarctica “to extend Russian claims like papal bulls that gave Spain much of the new world.” However, there is almost certainly more to this than a simple claim on frozen land.
Aside from from the fiat monetary scam and blood-soaked petrodollar, another significant source of funds for the Nazionist Khazarian Mafia is the “healthcare” industry which registered a whopping $3.09 trillion in 2014, and is projected to soar to $3.57 trillion in 2017, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.
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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The World Now Openly Irritated by Ukraine Coup & US & EU Cover-Ups of Warcrimes

Ukrainian Ex-Lawmaker: Western Countries Now Openly Irritated by Ukraine

© Sputnik/ Stringer
Ukrainian Ex-Lawmaker: Western Countries Now Openly Irritated by Ukraine

In this posters opinion, Sputnik has lost sight of the real issues by even highlighting this information that's clearly whitewashing the Truth...

Andriy Parubiy, one of the key pro-Western politicians behind 
Ukraine's 2014 Maidan coup d'état, is complaining about the 'cooling' relationship between Kiev and Washington, Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform reports.
Speaking to the news agency, Parubiy, the vice speaker of Ukraine's parliament, and former head of the National Security and Defense Council, said that "the issue of political instability gives rise to great concern for the American side, and they talk about this openly."
Furthermore, "speaking frankly, it can be said that instability in Ukraine gives rise to a kind of cooling in relations," the politician noted.
Parubiy suggested that Washington is not hiding the fact that the current situation is making it increasingly difficult to talk about the implementation of programs ostensibly meant to aid Ukraine. "Many people here [in Washington] who are skeptically inclined, thus receive another proof that Ukraine is not capable of reforming, that it is repeating the mistakes of 2005."
Incidentally Parubiy, a former member of Svoboda, a radical ultranationalist party accused of chauvinism and neo-fascism, was also a key participant in the Orange Revolution, serving as commandant at the headquarters of Viktor Yushchenko, who eventually became president in 2004, before leaving office with a 5.45% support approval rating in 2010.
Ultimately, Parubiy said, one of the key issues interested in by the American side is how a way out of the political crisis may be found. "We're talking about whether it will be possible to maintain stability in Ukraine – whether it will be possible for Ukraine to get through this crisis period," the politician noted.
Commenting on Parubiy's remarks in an interview with Radio Sputnik, Igor Markov, an ex-lawmaker from the Party of Regions party, which was dismantled and banned following the Maidan coup, suggested that the politician's comments are just stating the obvious.
In fact, Markov said, "Ukraine is causing not only disappointment in the West, but open irritation. And not just from Washington, but from the Europeans as well. Pro-Western forces in Ukraine could not win an absolute victory, and now controlling the radicals is no longer possible."
The country's current leaders, Markov noted, have proven unable to reach the compromise necessary to end the civil war in the country's southeast. "And so long as those who are in power today remain in office, nothing constructive will be possible," the politician lamented.
Moreover, he warned, the situation only threatens to get worse.
"I think that [the present situation] will lead to a deepening of the political crisis, and the consequences will be highly unpredictable. We can see today that Ukraine is governed by 'the rules of Maidan' – that some groups take the responsibilities and functions of both law enforcement and the courts. The country is completely unbalanced, and faces chaos."
As a result, "the West today has a very big problem – they created this situation, but hoped for a different result, one which was not achieved."
Ultimately, Markov says, it is Europe, and not the United States, which desperately needs to think of a way to resolve the crisis.
"It's obvious that the US is not up to this; they created this situation in Ukraine, but they are far away. Europe, on the other hand, cannot afford not to react, because if the crisis is further aggravated, millions of Ukrainian refugees will be fleeing to Europe, and the continent will face an even greater migrant crisis than in the case with Syria today."