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Why the U.S. Govt. aided their Ukrainian Jewish allies to stage the Maidan Coup

Why the Ukrainian Jews supported the Maidan
February 25 was published and received wide publicity the leaders of the Jewish community of Ukraine to the citizens of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Here is the full text.
“Ukraine, together with the Jewish community of the country is one of the largest in Europe – is undergoing one of the most dramatic moments in its history. For the first time in hundreds of years of cohabitation on this land of many peoples the country gained the chance for the birth of the political nation. The chance this was the result of the victory of the civil society in which the Jews of Ukraine playing a significant role, over the authoritarian and corrupt government of ex-President Yanukovych.
Ukraine has one of the lowest in Europe levels of antisemitic incidents, the country is preparing to hold a memorial worthy of the event in the 75-th anniversary of the Babyn Yar tragedy, the lessons of the Holocaust are taught in many large and small cities of Ukraine. Restored during the years of independence Jewish community life, there are dozens of Jewish schools, synagogues, charitable organizations.
Together with Ukrainians, Russians, Armenians, Crimean Tatars on maidans across the country two years ago, were Jews, defending their European choice.

A choice that is based on the principles of democracy, tolerance, equality of all before the law and the respect for inalienable human rights. Many paid for this choice is the most expensive – their lives. The first victims on the Maidan was an Armenian Sergey Nigoyan, the second victim was a Belarusian Mikhail Zhiznevsky, among those who remained lying on the pavement of Kiev were Jews – Joseph Schilling from Drohobych, Oleksandr Shcherbanyuk and Chernivtsi and Evgeniy Kotlyar from Kharkov. There are Jews among those, who protects and builds the new, European Ukraine.
The dedication of all these people helped put Ukraine on the path who have passed all the European peoples – the formation of the political nation. Jews have lived in Ukraine for many centuries, and not always our relations with neighbors have been blessed – we have so much to tell about discrimination, the pale of settlement, harassment and persecution. Ratification of the Association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union brings a symbolic line under the past, gives hope to millions of Ukrainians of different nationalities and religions to build a fair society, honestly after the way that the Kingdom of the Netherlands has passed after Eighty years of war to gain independence from the Spanish crown.
It is not about joining the EU, but only on Association that will allow Ukraine to be firmly on the European path of development, finally freed from the dictates of Russia – the successor and the successor of the deceased in the Bose of the USSR.
We call on you 6 April to come to the referendum and to vote for Association of the EU with Ukraine, and thus to give a chance to young democracy inherited a high price – a chance for peace, stability and prosperity in our common European home.”
Andrey Adamovsky, co-President of the Association of Jewish organizations and communities of Ukraine
Rabbi Yakov Dov Bleich, Chief Rabbi of Kiev and Ukraine
Alexander Gaidar, Director of the Association of progressive Judaism communities of Ukraine
Victoria Godik, Chairman of the Ukrainian Union of Jewish students
Rabbi Alexander is the Spiritual Chief Rabbi of the Association of progressive Judaism communities of Ukraine
Boris Zabarko, Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of Jews – former prisoners of ghetto and Nazi concentration camps
Joseph Zissels, co-President of the Association of Jewish organizations and communities of Ukraine
Eugene Ziskindom, Executive Director of the Union of Jewish religious communities of Ukraine
Artem Kobzan, acting Chairman of the Zionist Federation of Ukraine
Arkady Monastyrsky, President of the Jewish forum of Ukraine
Petr Rashkovsky, President of the Association of Jewish communities of small towns of Ukraine
Anatoly Podolsky, Director Ukrainian centre for research of Holocaust history
Rav Meir Stambler, President of the Federation of Jewish communities of Ukraine
Rabbi Reuven Stamov, head of the Association of religious communities, traditional Judaism Ukraine
Alexander Suslensky, President of the Ukrainian Jewish Council
Alina Teplitsky, Director of the Federation of Jewish communities of Ukraine
Michael weaver, Director of the United Jewish community of Ukraine
Leonid Finberg, Director of the Center for studies of the history and culture of East European Jewry
Needless to say, the list is solid impressive. But, reading it and catch myself thinking that it lacks the signatures of the President of Ukraine Poroshenko-Walzman, speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Groysman, the Prime Minister Yatsenyuk of Buckeye, as well as major Ukrainian oligarchs Kolomoisky, Firtash, Pinchuk, Feldman and others.
A speech in the address is, as you understand, about the upcoming in the Netherlands the referendum in which the Dutch will decide whether to support the ratification of the Association agreement of Ukraine with the EU or not. The text is shocking. It permeates the anti-Russian orientation, coupled with a blissful picture of contemporary Ukrainian Jewish life. Especially the colorful looks hint at the analogy of what is happening in Ukraine events with the struggle of gollandcev in the 16th century for independence from the Spanish crown. (Who are you, Russian Duke of Alba?). About blissful picture of the international peace generally silent, as if not in the Ukraine neo-Nazi manifestations, and anti-Semitic calls sounded from the stage of Maidan. Let's see how Ukraine is “worthy to hold a memorial event at the 75-th anniversary of the Babyn Yar tragedy” . This year, among other things. The wait is long.
If the Ukrainian government will celebrate the anniversary in a big way to the national level, it would be the height of cynicism for the authorities, professing neoandertals ideology, and is the spiritual successor to those who just did the atrocities at Babi Yar. The question seems already settled, and with Jewish communities agreed. I wonder who will be accused of the crime? That it was brought to life by Ukrainian policemen, of course, to remember will be, and even with righteous wrath will sweep away. It is likely that the responsibility in an undertone, so as not to irritate Frau Merkel, would lay on the Germans, and in full voice on the leadership of the red army, surrendered to the Germans Kiev as its incompetent leadership , and not organized a mass evacuation of Jews to the East. Don't want to be a prophet, but so be it.
Where such vernopoddanichestvo? At the time, I was struck by the procession of the Armenians of Moscow in support of Russian authorities and Putin. Usually Armenians against Azerbaijanis rally or Turkish genocide. But the Armenians sitting quietly, keep a low profile, large capital they have, and in the leadership of the country they have not seen.
Can not be said about the Ukrainian Jews. In today's Ukraine they occupy the highest positions in the state, and among the oligarchs for their 80%. It's understandable. Another is unclear. Why this ardent desire to euroasiatica in the European Union, where Ukraine, like almost all clearly, does not expect anything good. It can be even incomprehensible to Ukrainians, whose characteristic is uppermost, and they will repeat that white is black, even then, when it is clear that it is white, but the Jews, ancient and wise nation, in were not observed. Then what? Naive hope that the coming total collapse of Ukrainian industry on the Jewish capital, the negative impact will not have, and with the upcoming sale of the land, it is still a lot and gain? So it is with the spread of nationalism is a dangerous thing. History of Ukraine is full of simple examples, when Malorossia slaves became slaves of the pothouse, and then at the first opportunity they smashed and cut. Khmelnytsky little? Or historical memory connects only with the Khmelnytsky pogroms and Moscow?
And the emphatic dislike of Russia from the pale, or captured in 1917, Stalin took power and drove the most nimble from the trough? In Ukraine, the government in fact among the Jews, but where is the guarantee that he will not drive again, but still with the bloody excesses?
Or, is it restitution? And if evroassotsiatsiya will be irreversible, restitution can not be avoided, and the Jewish community can lay claim to now intractable accurate assessment of property in Western Ukraine. But it is not just important, it's huge. The whole of Western Ukraine belonged to poles and Jews. And the whole industry of the Soviet period destroyed as a result of natural, driven only by hatred of everything that came from Russia, of decommunization. The industry was decompensirovanny long before the monuments.
A definite answer to this question is no. - Behaviour of the Russian Jews. They split. Part, such as Vladimir Solovyov and Evgeny Satanovsky, sharp and uncompromising deobandism oppose the Kiev authorities, others, such as Gozman, Nadezhdin and the Sick, on the contrary, defend it. Why? Gozman constantly almost screams that leave Ukraine alone, and the last Solov'ev Saw on a talk show literally starts beating Kornilov, who had dared to remind about the Odessa events on may 2, 2014 and about the participation richelieuvska like-minded people. To them it is possible to add and Makarevich, an outspoken opponent of the return of the Crimea to Russia. With him, however, all became clear when information surfaced about his business interests in Crimea. Truly surfaced ancient Jewish wisdom “who would what did not say, says about the money”. And the rest what? I don't know the pedigree of the aforementioned friends, but it may even be that they have very specific selfish interest in restitution, which overshadows the tragic historical experience.
As was said at the funeral of Stalin, Lavrenty Beria, “who does not take lessons from history, will learn the hard way”. How will develop the events in Ukraine, and what will be the fate of the Ukrainian Jewish community, we clearly can not say. To foresee the future is not given to us. But history tells us unequivocally that at all from the Nazis and Ukrainian nationalists in particular, the Jews never lived. And no loyal treatment will not save them.

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