Thursday, February 11, 2016

US begs #Russia to spare "moderates" in #Syria but can't name any (b/c they're Al Qaeda)

US begs #Russia to spare "moderates" in #Syria but can't name any (b/c they're Al Qaeda)

By: Anthony Cartalucci

It's absolutely amazing to watch the West so passionately defend these "moderate rebels" but categorically fail in DOZENS of articles a day to name a single faction or a single leader among them!

Why can't they name any of them? Because they all start with "Al..." and can be found easily on the list of Al Qaeda-ISIS affiliates, allies, or guilty of an equivalent ideology and of using equivalent methods.

Here's a weepy story complaining about Russia's operations in Syria published in the Guardian... not a single "moderate rebel" faction is named. Or does it say "Moderate Rebels" on their black banners?…/russia-offers-1-march-ceasefir…

All the article mentions is Saudi Arabia as their main backer - a nation we know with absolute certainty is backing Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups - while serving as the very source code for their atrocities and ideology.

The future of humanity cannot afford to give in on Syria and let these people again prevail - to again hide behind and abuse the principles of humanitarianism to support and prop up terrorism and mass murder - not another inch.

Syria and Russia must continue until this scourge is eradicated from the Levant.

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