Monday, February 29, 2016

On the threshold of anarchy: Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk have lost control of the Nazi radicals

On the threshold of anarchy: Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk have lost control of the Nazi radicals

The Snow Morozowich

The report of the international Human rights organization Human Society may well claim the role of sentencing policy of official Kiev. In the document published on the eve of the experts of the independent monitoring group noted the inability of the Ukrainian authorities to monitor the social situation in the territory from Uzhgorod to Mariupol.
According to analysts, since the beginning of this year in the country were established about 30 (!) groups confessing xenophobia, nationalism and even Nazism. Most of these groups have rigid discipline, military training leaders and the presence of a whole Arsenal of weapons, got to the "mainland" of Donbass region. 
Local law enforcement already can't resist these "patriots": through "police reform" from patterns left by thousands of professionals and came to the place of "patrol officers" and "sheriffs" often do not risk to call to order uncontrolled "nationally conscious people", declaring all dissenters is hardly a "Holy war". The action of the radicals, including the pogroms of the Russian banks in Kyiv and Lviv, as well as beating Russian activists in Odessa and Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko traditionally calls a "provocation by Pro-Moscow forces", as Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk — "temporary misunderstandings". The correspondent of the Federal news Agency was convinced that the threat of anarchy and the new civil confrontation in Ukraine is as real as ever.
Old Ford of Kiev Anatoly Velichko has suffered at the hands of vandals. Unknown persons smashed the Windows and headlights of the car, dismantled the Bryansk car number and wrote on the hood of the mutilated "Death to Muscovites!". At the local police station the corresponding statement in Anatolia had accepted, but said to expect a speedy investigation of the case and punished the bullies obviously not: say, for the last day in different areas of Kiev have been similarly mutilated dozens of cars, all of which had the license plate of the Russian Federation. 
Later, the investigator explained Velichko: most likely responsible for the incidents may be members of a "New Maidan", which proclaimed as its goal "the elimination in the Ukrainian capital of all Russian". Rumor has it, the group plans large-scale protests on Khreshchatyk and the adjacent streets, but still not the city of Kiev, neither the interior Ministry nor the SBU even do not have concrete data about the intentions of the organization.
And, on the contrary, all of the above patterns are well informed about the intentions of other semi-legal paramilitary organizations like "Right sector" (banned in Russia), "Right brigade" and "the Torch of Stepan Bandera", effectively declaring an ultimatum, as the current government and ordinary citizens. 
So, the leaders of the "SS" has demanded from the President and the Premier to immediately enter a state of martial law, officially declare war on Russia and Deposit of the Ukrainian army not only at the expense of volunteers and contract servicemen, but of all without exception of military. Otherwise, the radical left has the right – no less – to raise "a new national rebellion" and form the so-called "protecting groups", whose task will be to "identify public and punishing evaders, and pacifists Russophiles". 
"Patriots" from the "Brigades" have gone further, proposing to introduce a General examination on knowledge of Ukrainian language and history, to withdraw from the libraries of the works of Russian classics and within 48 hours to expel from the territory of Ukraine of Russian diplomats. Otherwise, the attacks will undergo Ukrainian government buildings.
His contribution to "new life Ukraine" are trying to make and former members "anti-terrorist operation" in the Donbass. In particular, the soldiers of the battalions "Azov", "Dnepr" and "Carpathian Sich" issued a call for the forceful confiscation of agricultural lands, in due time the promised "ATO veterans" from the same Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk.
"Given all these circumstances, you can safely assume that banal violence over the cars with Russian registration point here is clearly not limited to, — has told in conversation with the correspondent of the FAN social psychologist, expert in the field of public conflict resolution Ekaterina Maximovich. — 
One thing is clear today: to face a new wave of unrest in Kiev is no longer able. We have all seen the daring capture of the mentioned radicals of the Kiev hotel "Kozatskiy" a week ago. We have all seen how, under the auspices of the "Third Maidan", the "patriots" threatened dissenters. And, finally, we all saw how instead of to fight back extremist sentiment, the Ukrainian government was engaged in solving their own problems".
"The Country (Ukraine. — Approx. FAN) is on the brink of anarchy — emphasizes human rights activist Alexander Mitz (the Netherlands). — To stop a possible destabilization of the situation can only hard centralised government. Now itself torn by internal contradictions Kiev can only dream about".
Leonid Androsov

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