Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How Western Media Has Destroyed Cognitive Thought

How Western Media Has Destroyed Cognitive Thought 

Navigating An Ever-Evolving U.S./Russia Relationship

Can we prevent a new Cold War and engage Russia in ways that promote global peace and security? 
Much of the American foreign policy establishment views Russia as either an aggressive adversary or a declining power stirring up conflict to compensate for its growing irrelevance. According to a Gallup poll, half of all Americans thought the U.S. was heading into another Cold War with Russia during the height of the conflict between Russian and the Ukraine in March of 2014.
This video conversation will fundamentally rethink America’s relationship with Russia and explore the benefits and challenges of engaging them in a new détente. We will discuss how the real extent of Russia’s power

Inarguably speaking, how one most assuredly must see that the people who offer a sensible understanding of serious world policies, have far too few an audience, if real change for good
is ever to be expected.

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