Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ukraine's economy is finished. Vladimir Putin decides to waive the coup destroyed economy


Ukraine's economy is finished. Vladimir Putin decides to waive the coup destroyed economy

When Putin agrees to the postponement of the debt under the guarantees of the West he engaged in political banter"

Kyiv economist Andrey Golovachev I am sure that Vladimir Putin's decision to waive recovery of the debt from Ukraine this year caused by the desire publicly to show that in the recovery of the economy of Ukraine Western partners do not even believe it:

The situation with the Russian debt is as simple as a bar of soap, if you remember that from 12.6 billion. Ukraine gold reserves actually owned only 1.2 billion, the rest comes from the IMF. And everyone knows it. And Putin understands that Ukraine will never return the favor.

In other words, to give back to Russia to 3 billion us nothing. We simply don't have the money. Moreover, we won't have any currency at all soon.

According to the experts, even the courts in this situation will not be any help, because the Ukrainian economy is desperately sick.

Can take years to litigate, but the money still will not. Neither now nor a year, nor in ten. We have become a state that does not have its own currency, and it is forever.

There is no place to earn. And all that we will gain, it will be spent on imports, because they themselves produce nothing that is necessary for the person. Who understands - he understands.
Therefore, according to Golovacheva, startler Vladimir Putin is a "political banter" and not an act of pity for the coup destroyed the economy of Ukraine:

In Ukraine no one believes (just no!), so to give simply means to take your debt and pay it to Russia.

"Neither the U.S. nor the EU nor the IMF will not do. But, denying the safeguards, the West will show their real attitude to Ukraine and his real belief in its economy and its democratic prospects.

Actually, this is Putin's goal is simply to dominate over the West and put them as a miserable cynical in the eyes of his nuclear electorate. In essence, the West is just like that", - he finished his thought economist.

Golovacheva support and other experts.

"Generally speaking, the West first began to make fun of. It is the West insolently invited Russia to forgive Ukraine's debt in 3 billion dollars, despite the fact that Russia no debts to forgive, and sanctions are not going to cancel. In response, Vladimir Putin reasonably answers: "to Forgive debts?! Great! Only let's do it together!" It's a knockout, a public proof of the insolvency of Western policy towards Ukraine", - commented the political scientist Vladimir marakhovsky.

Recall, Russia agreed to restructure Ukraine's debt at $3 billion for three years and agreed in the near future to discuss the details of the proposal with partners. This was announced by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to journalists on Monday on the results of the G20 summit.

"We just agreed with the restructuring of the Ukrainian debt, we have offered the best conditions of this restructuring than we have been asked by the IMF. We were asked to move the payment for the next year. I said that we are ready to go deeper restructuring: ready to go to this year did not get any money and next year get a billion, in the 17th - and another billion in the 18th - billion", he said.

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