Monday, November 2, 2015

The West was shocked by the power and possibilities of Russian troops

The West was shocked by the power and possibilities of Russian troops

Western analysts did not expect the Russian army to such power and combat capabilities that were demonstrated last month, says News 9. Russia's armed forces, its Navy and air force were much stronger than the experts thought, the article notes. 

Russia has demonstrated in Syria, its military force, and, according to 9 news, seen the potential and power of the Russian army forced Western analysts to be shocked. 

As Vladimir Putin ramps up strikes on Islamic state*, "it becomes apparent where the true power possessed by the Russian President", the article says the Australian edition. 

As one example, the author cites the launch from the ships of the Caspian flotilla of cruise missiles that flew a distance of 1,500 kilometers. According to an analyst at the Brookings Garrett Campbell, previously this was considered impossible, since the Russian ships, which was produced with the start, even less than their American counterparts - class ships Freedom and Independence - although the last such cruise missiles are not fitted. 

A year ago believed that the Russian Navy lacks power and that the Russian ships is more like "rust" than an efficient one, but recent operations have given the West food for thought.

Russian air force also "play muscles" over Syria. In the last few weeks they spent up to 96 sorties per day. And, as reported, Russia's President announced plans to increase this number to 300 a day, says News 9. 

According to Garrett Campbell, if Russia can maintain its military campaign at this level, it will be "an impressive achievement". 

* The Islamic state is a terrorist organization whose activity in Russia is prohibited.

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