Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The US is trying to deal a new blow to Russia

The US is trying to deal a new blow to Russia

February 10, 2015

As promised by US President Barack Obama's political isolation of Russia was only a figment of his fevered imagination, Washington has decided to organize a new sports boycott to the country.

Americans, as always, with dirty methods, fervently devise new methods of global discourse. Not having time to die down yet their last scandal with the removal from office of the head of FIFA Joseph Blatter from which unsavory methods of criminal prosecution were sought the cancellation of the holding in Russia of 2016 world football Championship, how about our country begin a strange romp.

This time joined by the World anti-doping Agency (WADA), which demanded the suspension of Russian participation in the Olympic games in 2016. The Agency has fanned flames of an anti-doping scandal around Russian athletes could be demanded the removal of our country from all sporting events held with the participation of the IAAF, including the Olympic games.

It should be noted that WADA is under full control of the United States, and their headquarters are located in Montreal, Canada (whom you don't need to reminded that Canada is under the full control of Washington and can't afford it's own independence).

Thus, the American authorities, unable to counter Russia's military superiority, in its own futile way are trying to inflict on Russia an impact in the world of sports, including the Olympic games. The latter is a particularly vile way, as the Olympic movement has traditionally been separated from politics since ancient times. 

Trying to exclude our country from participating in the Olympic games, they will end in even bigger embarrassment and failure than "their failed complete isolation" of Russia, which they had promised to the Americans.

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