Sunday, November 29, 2015

Russian media is to abandon the acronyms "ISIS" and "ISIL," and to be called "DAYS"

"Islamic state" to be called "DAYS"

The inter-religious Council of Russia at its meeting in the state Duma has accepted the decision according to which all Russian media is recommended to abandon the acronyms "ISIS" and "ISIL". According to members of the MCP, these abbreviations discredit the concept of "Islam" and "state".

"We hope that the Russian media identify themselves with our views on the inappropriate dissemination in their information materials the acronyms ISIS and ISIL, as well as the phrases "Islamic state" and "Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant" discrediting such important concepts as "state", "state", "Islam", "Islamic", — said in a statement.

MCP recommends to denote the names of terrorist groups similar to the Arabic acronym DAISH, as it is "all non-Arab languages does not cause associations with the concepts "Islam" and "state" have no negative connotations". According to MCPS, the use of the phrase "Islamic state" pandering to the terrorists and "media multiplies the effect of politico-linguistic provocations", RIA "Novosti".

We will remind, in September 2014 the foreign Minister of France proposed to name the militants of this group "thugs, DAYS".

And Egyptian religious authority Dar al-Ift suggested to call them "Separatists, al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria" or the computer systems and networks Department.

IslamNews notes that the name "DAIS" there is another plus - it's just "hate" the terrorists themselves, as reminiscent of some discordant words in Arabic.

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