Monday, November 2, 2015

Either you are with Putin against the terrorists or you're one of them...

Either you are with Putin against the terrorists or you're one of them

"And look: the US don't know what to do with Putin in Syria. He there turned the whole game. It is very difficult to find a policy against it. Here he invites us to be his ally in the fight against terrorism. We say: no, no, no, he bombed not what you need. And suddenly the next day he takes the bomb and what you need.
And no one really knows what to do with Putin, in Syria, neither we nor the States... Need to have a coordinated response. Putin has a huge army. And we have, for example, in Europe it is not." - interview with former Minister of foreign Affairs of France B. Kouchner, "Novaya Gazeta".

What language is the Shine! And the tone, what a great tone. And where did the bravado, NATO threats and accusations? The European elite is literally directly signs that she has the guts to oppose the forces of the Russian President and standing behind him 90% of the Russian people. Here is direct and says the 10% "disagree" that there is nothing they can do about it. And Obama. 
And as especially funny to look after this recognition of the European burgher words of our propatriotic about Russia's weakness, the stupidity of Moscow and Putin personally errors. Hey you, yeah, what you have achieved and can someone say about you that you would like to eat you, but you are too strong? Not to mention the fact that said of Russia, which you so want to steer.
Eduard Birov

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