Monday, November 2, 2015

American journalist Marvin Kalb, "PUTIN WON HIS WAR IN UKRAINE".


I don't think it's a responsibility for us in the West, to feed the naive dreams of the Ukrainians

The famous American journalist Marvin Kalb, a researcher at the Brookings Institution and senior Advisor to the Pulitzer Center presented his new book "Imperial risky game Putin: Russia, Ukraine and the new cold war". In the Haute presentation, he made some extravagant statements about them below. First, it is worth noting that...

Opinion Marvin Kalba is very authoritative and important to many Americans. And he himself as the representative of certain elite groups forms their attitude to the situation not in isolation from them. Therefore, it would be extremely interesting to read his new book, as well as the reaction of American critics to it. Also Marvin Kalb in the title of the book mentions "cold war" that still refuse to believe some representatives of the Russian elite. And now some quotes and statements made at the presentation of Marvin Kalb.

"This man is very modern despot, the author of the book. – He's very capable because he's very intelligent and incredibly confident. He can sit down with a reporter, such as Friedman, and despite how difficult The questions put in the interview, Putin sits and meets 2-3 hours without notes on any question. He believes that Russians love and admire a strong leader. He goes sometimes too far, sitting on a horse, shirtless, with his sculpted muscles, doing a variety of exercises. It is very unusual, intelligent, confident man who believes he can do what not allowed to others."

"His main goal in Ukraine was just to stop, to put a blockade on the movement of Ukrainian life in the West, emphasizes Kalb. – For him the Ukrainian nation, associated with the West, EU or NATO, is simply unacceptable. Now he is stopped. And in this regard he won his war in Ukraine".

"To believe that, having a few billion more, we will be able to change the situation, is naive. I don't think it's a responsibility for us in the West, to feed the naive dreams of the Ukrainians. Because they must live with the real perception of where they are. And that reality is that they border Russia, which has its own ideas about what she wants," said Kalb at the presentation.

He believes that Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians – brotherly nation of the triune, and Ukraine was part of Russia and never before 1991 was not an independent state. Kalb also expresses the opinion that Ukraine will never be able to build a viable economy and democracy. Russia, he said, has a right to Crimea because it was in its composition since the time of Catherine the great, reports Politnavigator.

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