Friday, October 2, 2015

Seven countries have exposed themselves as supporters of ISIS ISIL terrorist groups

    Seven countries have exposed themselves as supporters of ISIS ISIL terrorist groups

    Seven countries have called on Russia to stop air operation in Syria.  aviation, war and armed conflict, Syria, Turkey.  NTV.Ru: news, videos, programs NTV

    Several countries, led by Turkey demanded that Russia stop air strikes on political opponents of Bashar al-Assad. 199802

    On the eve of the Russian Air Force to stop air strikes in Syria demanded that Saudi Arabia's permanent representative to the UN. Today, a similar appeal addressed the Turkish Foreign Ministry, issued a joint statement by the governments of France, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

    The above-mentioned countries are urging Moscow to stop bombing in Syria. It is reported that Russian planes allegedly committed the attack on the Syrian opposition. There have also been regular allegations put forward by the deaths of civilians, according to MIA "Russia Today".

    Turkish Foreign Minister: "We express our deep concern over the Russian military presence in Syria and in particular the Russian air force attacks in areas of Hama, Homs and Idlib yesterday, which led to casualties among the civilian population, instead of hitting the target of" Islamic state "."

    Lavrov called nonsense rumors about air strikes on Syrian opposition
    On the eve of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called delirium message that Russia delivered the first air strikes on positions not Islamic militants, as the positions of groups that oppose the current Syrian authorities. Russian Foreign Minister, talking to reporters, stressed that the coalition led by the US and Russia in Syria is one and the same goal - a terrorist group.

    The Kremlin responded to calls for Russia to stop air strikes in Syria
    Publications that as a result of the bombing of positions LIH in Syria supposedly there are victims among the civilian population, and commented on the eve of President Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader described it as an information attack. At the same time, Putin drew attention to the fact that other countries have already more than a year strikes at Syrian territory.

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    1. It must seem even to the casual observer that America is trying to play both ends against the middle. Duplicity is a recognisable trait openly visible whenever a growing number of Congress politicians speak publicly. What they say privately can only be imagined.

      Perhaps it is now time for the rest of the world to impose sanctions on America to reduce the influence these malpractices of corporate America is having on the rest of the world. If governments won't sanction, then let the individuals boycott.