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Russia's ability to conduct electronic warfare draws incredible US reaction

Russia's ability to conduct electronic warfare draws incredible US reaction

Russia's ability to conduct electronic war has made the U.S. army sobering effect. Faced in Syria and Ukraine with complexes electronic warfare "Krasuha-4" suppress radar and aviation system, U.S. military officials were forced to admit that they are unable to catch up with Russia. This writes known for its impartial analysis of the world arms market Foreign Policy.

The publication quoted the commander of the military group of the USA in Europe General Ben Hodges, who said that "Russia's ability to conduct electronic warfare unbelievable." In turn the Deputy chief of cyber command U.S. army Ronald Pontius acknowledged that "the US advance in this matter does not meet the existing threats."

Since beginning operations in Crimea, the Ukrainian military has said that their radios and phones could not function for several hours, writes. A special monitoring mission of the OSCE reported that their UAVs were faced with GPS jamming, in connection with which the UAV had to put.

Russia has entire military units that are engaged in electronic war, says the head of electronic warfare the US army Jeffrey Church. According to him, these units have special equipment, have special reporting lines for electronic warfare. While in the U.S. army these tasks are usually performed by two soldiers from the battalion, ensuring round the clock functioning. Only the US army has more than 1,000 such positions, but realistically there is only 813, says military.

The Church recognizes that a significant portion of the American army of equipment purchased in the last 10 years, been funded from additional funds, in connection with which it mainly lies on the shelves and in need of repair and renovation. "Without regular funding, it becomes obsolete," says the specialist.

The U.S. military is developing several programs to upgrade and improve the integration of electronic warfare, but none of them will be implemented in the near future, writes Foreign Policy.

New car "Krasuha-4" — a formidable weapon against almost any air targets of the enemy. She only wins them powerful missiles, rapid-fire guns or anti-aircraft heavy machine gun. "Krasuha" literally makes the planes and missile blind and deaf. Reports about a new unique complex electronic warfare prepared by the TV channel "Russia-24".

Yesterday about this car it was impossible to speak not only in media, but outside of defense plants and specially protected units. It was something to hide. "Krasuha-4" — the newest and one of the most high-tech developments of Russian military-industrial complex.

"The system creates such conditions that hit enemies in our aircraft and shoot down one or the other plane is very difficult in the complex "Krasuha-4". 99% that it is impossible", — said CEO of KRET, Nikolay Kolesov.
Such intelligent machines is worth its weight in gold. Their task is to act in strategically important areas. Where particularly active reconnaissance aircraft and even spy satellites and space enemy groups. Tactical and technical characteristics "Krasuhi-4" — a military secret. However, it is known from open sources that its radius of action exceeds 300 km To the question about the height of the developers with a smile answer: "enough, will not find it".

Using a unique hardware "Krasuha-4" can work on almost any air targets equally effectively. Impossible but true: neither the speed nor the height of the air battle the foe on the quality of the complex is not affected.
According to Theodore Dmitruk, Director General of the Bryansk Electromechanical plant, the tool allows you to find the aircraft, produce seizure-support and, if necessary, to put an obstacle.

The fourth model of the complex electronic warfare — enhanced version. Instead of analog to digital, instead of three machines — two. The product "Krasuha-4" is located on two chassis, which is a notable advantage. Preduzima model were located in three cars.

Each such Board for "Krasuhi" is made at least two weeks. But replaces several bulky cabinets with equipment and miles of wires. Unique machines themselves pojut chips. Employees only have to control the process.
The new parts allow the antenna to rotate not just 360 degrees, and in absolutely all directions. Unusual and manufacturing technique of the antenna. The shape of the plates placed in a hydraulic press. 400 liters of water and the pressure was 12 atmospheres provide the ideal silhouette of receiving and transmitting devices.

Ustoroystvo the first antenna provides a reception signal, second transmission. The plate is fastened to the frame and is mounted on a wheelbase — a four-axle KAMAZ-terrain vehicle. So to work mobile complex can and in the Arctic, and the Arabian desert. Reliability is guaranteed at temperatures from minus to plus fifty degrees.

"Krasuha-4" passed state tests. Released and given to troops today 10 complexes. This is a major help for our strategic aviation, fighter aviation," — said Nikolay Kolesov.

Became aware of the arrival in Syria of the newest complexes electronic warfare "Krasuha-4" of the Russian armed forces.

So, the latest and one of the most high-tech developments of Russian military-industrial complex, the complex "Krasuha-4" was deployed to the location of the Russian military base near the village of Latakia in Syria.

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