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#Elections in Ukraine: Yes tomorrow will begin "the hunger games"!

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#Elections in Ukraine: Yes tomorrow will begin "the hunger games"! 

Tomorrow will be the most interesting "concert" performed by the Square – tomorrow in the Ukraine elections. But if a quick flip through the history of sovereign Ukraine, we can understand that for this country the election is an event of universal scale, which necessarily smoothly into the festivities, with dances around burning tires. 

Will break if tomorrow the election of the vicious circle, filled with the "revolutionary" spirit? I don't think... Square, anyway, "sageset" and the question here is only in the scale of the upcoming "festivities." Well, yeah not going to rush anything, but rather pay attention to the friendly reminder from the American Ambassador in Ukraine Jeffrey Payette. Diplomat eloquently appealed to the Ukrainian people via Twitter, where father wished Ukraine to hold fair, democratic elections, turnout to be just outrageous, to all enemies to spite! 

"The revolution of dignity was for the sake of democracy, transparency and reform. Tomorrow is election day - a chance for Ukrainians to contribute to the achievement of all three objectives. There is no better answer to those who are waiting for the defeat of Ukraine than a high turnout and fair elections tomorrow. The world is watching Ukraine," Pyatt wrote. The US, as the diplomat further notes, all the past two years, "saying that Ukrainians themselves should decide their future. Tomorrow is the moment of decision." Not accept you, will accept you... And there is no point to go into details of the Ukrainian election campaign, because there are no candidates, not even one! Perhaps only Khodos in Kharkiv, but, as for me, I will stomp. And, by the way, sorry – you are right man... 

Yesterday right many wrote, quoting Zakharchenko: "we Cannot make a deal with a conscience when the choice puts you in the devil." Better not say... 

I think today would almost all have acceded to the wishes of the American Ambassador in a fair and democratic election, except that now information on violations so much that even now admit the elections invalid. "Observers of the CVU record massive violations of the current legislation in a "day of silence". 

In some regions of Ukraine the materials (billboards, citylights), containing signs of propaganda. Such materials are made in the style used by local organizations of parties and candidates, or distribute their electoral slogans," the message of the Committee of voters of Ukraine in these election watch publishes Politnavigator. And such messages are a great many – simply cannot be fair elections of those who yesterday was smeared on his elbows in blood...

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