Friday, October 2, 2015

American military analyst: After United States fails "it should hold its tongue" on the operation of RF FSI

American military analyst suggested the United States "to hold his tongue" about the operation of RF FSI

American military analyst suggested the United States "to hold his tongue" about the operation of VKS Russia | Russian Spring
US operation against terrorists IG failed completely, so Washington should hold his tongue and not to criticize the Russian operation in Syria, said defense analyst, retired Colonel Jack Jacobs.
"The operation against the Russian terrorist group" Islamic State "(IG) in Syria showed the world the failure of US policy," - he said on the air SNBC Jacobs, RIA "Novosti".
According to him, the myth that the US is struggling with the IG, appeared unmasked. "We do not do absolutely nothing, - he said. - We applied the air strikes, but have not made ​​any progress. IG  is still strong - or even stronger than before. "
"Any person with military experience knows that all of our actions (in the region) failed. We mess up, because we are obviously unfounded - we do not even have a strategy, "- said the analyst.
In this situation, in the interests of the United States, he said, it would be "above all, shut up," Jacobs convinced. He described as "outrageous" criticism from the head of the Pentagon, saying the "unprofessional", as Russia has notified the US of upcoming military action in Syria.
Such statements indicate that Washington has nothing at all to say, according to Jacobs.
On Thursday, an influential member of the US House of Representatives, Democrat of Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard chided Washington of hypocrisy because of the criticism strikes Russia's IG.Congressman pointed out that it seems absurd that Moscow criticized for strikes on militants in Syria, while "the United States remained silent and Turkey support by attacking the Kurds, which is the most reliable and effective ground force in the fight against the IG."
On Wednesday, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter suggested that blows videoconferencing Russia in Syria could be applied on areas where there is probably no point IG. Also, representatives of a number of countries have expressed doubt that strokes are precisely the positions of the IG.
Later, the head of the Pentagon did not confirm information about the attacks Russian positions, non-IG.
In addition, the Pentagon announced that Russia demanded the US to their planes avoid the Syrian airspace, but Washington refuses to comply with this requirement. The US itself continued to strike targets in Syria.
On Wednesday, the Ministry of Defense reported that Russian aircraft of air and space forces of Russia have already begun to conduct air operations with pinpoint strikes on the positions of the terrorist group "Islamic State" in Syria. Russian planes struck military equipment, communication centers, vehicles, depots of arms, ammunition and  fuel and lubricant materials belonging to terrorists of the IG.
The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed readiness to inform about the operation in Syria, anyone who is interested in it.

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