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Supporters of the DPR win the election in the Ukrainian troops occupied parts of Donbass

Supporters of the DPR win the election in the Ukrainian troops occupied parts of Donbass

Local elections in Ukraine-controlled parts of Donbass will result in the victory of the supporters of DND. About this on air of the talk show "Right on Vlad" said fled from Donetsk Ukrainian journalist Denis Kazansky.

According to him, those areas, which last year was controlled by DNR, and then were taken by the Ukrainian army, still full of supporters of the republics, and the government there has not been lustration.

"And no Amnesty and the courts have already forgiven all the terrorists and bandits, which only could have been forgiven, and now they go for local elections. We have the mayor of Druzhkivka performed at rallies under the flags of DPR and now he goes to the polls and probably will win them, in dobropillia stands the organizer of a local referendum last year from DNR, Aksenov, in Rubizhne is also running for people who participated in blocking the Ukrainian army. And how many of these people running for local councils, deputies of all sorts, it didn't count. No one is judged," laments Kazan.

Russia's ability to conduct electronic warfare draws incredible US reaction

Russia's ability to conduct electronic warfare draws incredible US reaction

Russia's ability to conduct electronic war has made the U.S. army sobering effect. Faced in Syria and Ukraine with complexes electronic warfare "Krasuha-4" suppress radar and aviation system, U.S. military officials were forced to admit that they are unable to catch up with Russia. This writes known for its impartial analysis of the world arms market Foreign Policy.

The publication quoted the commander of the military group of the USA in Europe General Ben Hodges, who said that "Russia's ability to conduct electronic warfare unbelievable." In turn the Deputy chief of cyber command U.S. army Ronald Pontius acknowledged that "the US advance in this matter does not meet the existing threats."

Since beginning operations in Crimea, the Ukrainian military has said that their radios and phones could not function for several hours, writes. A special monitoring mission of the OSCE reported that their UAVs were faced with GPS jamming, in connection with which the UAV had to put.

Russia has entire military units that are engaged in electronic war, says the head of electronic warfare the US army Jeffrey Church. According to him, these units have special equipment, have special reporting lines for electronic warfare. While in the U.S. army these tasks are usually performed by two soldiers from the battalion, ensuring round the clock functioning. Only the US army has more than 1,000 such positions, but realistically there is only 813, says military.

The Church recognizes that a significant portion of the American army of equipment purchased in the last 10 years, been funded from additional funds, in connection with which it mainly lies on the shelves and in need of repair and renovation. "Without regular funding, it becomes obsolete," says the specialist.

The U.S. military is developing several programs to upgrade and improve the integration of electronic warfare, but none of them will be implemented in the near future, writes Foreign Policy.

New car "Krasuha-4" — a formidable weapon against almost any air targets of the enemy. She only wins them powerful missiles, rapid-fire guns or anti-aircraft heavy machine gun. "Krasuha" literally makes the planes and missile blind and deaf. Reports about a new unique complex electronic warfare prepared by the TV channel "Russia-24".

Yesterday about this car it was impossible to speak not only in media, but outside of defense plants and specially protected units. It was something to hide. "Krasuha-4" — the newest and one of the most high-tech developments of Russian military-industrial complex.

"The system creates such conditions that hit enemies in our aircraft and shoot down one or the other plane is very difficult in the complex "Krasuha-4". 99% that it is impossible", — said CEO of KRET, Nikolay Kolesov.
Such intelligent machines is worth its weight in gold. Their task is to act in strategically important areas. Where particularly active reconnaissance aircraft and even spy satellites and space enemy groups. Tactical and technical characteristics "Krasuhi-4" — a military secret. However, it is known from open sources that its radius of action exceeds 300 km To the question about the height of the developers with a smile answer: "enough, will not find it".

Using a unique hardware "Krasuha-4" can work on almost any air targets equally effectively. Impossible but true: neither the speed nor the height of the air battle the foe on the quality of the complex is not affected.
According to Theodore Dmitruk, Director General of the Bryansk Electromechanical plant, the tool allows you to find the aircraft, produce seizure-support and, if necessary, to put an obstacle.

The fourth model of the complex electronic warfare — enhanced version. Instead of analog to digital, instead of three machines — two. The product "Krasuha-4" is located on two chassis, which is a notable advantage. Preduzima model were located in three cars.

Each such Board for "Krasuhi" is made at least two weeks. But replaces several bulky cabinets with equipment and miles of wires. Unique machines themselves pojut chips. Employees only have to control the process.
The new parts allow the antenna to rotate not just 360 degrees, and in absolutely all directions. Unusual and manufacturing technique of the antenna. The shape of the plates placed in a hydraulic press. 400 liters of water and the pressure was 12 atmospheres provide the ideal silhouette of receiving and transmitting devices.

Ustoroystvo the first antenna provides a reception signal, second transmission. The plate is fastened to the frame and is mounted on a wheelbase — a four-axle KAMAZ-terrain vehicle. So to work mobile complex can and in the Arctic, and the Arabian desert. Reliability is guaranteed at temperatures from minus to plus fifty degrees.

"Krasuha-4" passed state tests. Released and given to troops today 10 complexes. This is a major help for our strategic aviation, fighter aviation," — said Nikolay Kolesov.

Became aware of the arrival in Syria of the newest complexes electronic warfare "Krasuha-4" of the Russian armed forces.

So, the latest and one of the most high-tech developments of Russian military-industrial complex, the complex "Krasuha-4" was deployed to the location of the Russian military base near the village of Latakia in Syria.

#Elections in Ukraine: Yes tomorrow will begin "the hunger games"!

24.10 #Ukraine #USA - #EU - #Ukraine - #Fascism

#Elections in Ukraine: Yes tomorrow will begin "the hunger games"! 

Tomorrow will be the most interesting "concert" performed by the Square – tomorrow in the Ukraine elections. But if a quick flip through the history of sovereign Ukraine, we can understand that for this country the election is an event of universal scale, which necessarily smoothly into the festivities, with dances around burning tires. 

Will break if tomorrow the election of the vicious circle, filled with the "revolutionary" spirit? I don't think... Square, anyway, "sageset" and the question here is only in the scale of the upcoming "festivities." Well, yeah not going to rush anything, but rather pay attention to the friendly reminder from the American Ambassador in Ukraine Jeffrey Payette. Diplomat eloquently appealed to the Ukrainian people via Twitter, where father wished Ukraine to hold fair, democratic elections, turnout to be just outrageous, to all enemies to spite! 

"The revolution of dignity was for the sake of democracy, transparency and reform. Tomorrow is election day - a chance for Ukrainians to contribute to the achievement of all three objectives. There is no better answer to those who are waiting for the defeat of Ukraine than a high turnout and fair elections tomorrow. The world is watching Ukraine," Pyatt wrote. The US, as the diplomat further notes, all the past two years, "saying that Ukrainians themselves should decide their future. Tomorrow is the moment of decision." Not accept you, will accept you... And there is no point to go into details of the Ukrainian election campaign, because there are no candidates, not even one! Perhaps only Khodos in Kharkiv, but, as for me, I will stomp. And, by the way, sorry – you are right man... 

Yesterday right many wrote, quoting Zakharchenko: "we Cannot make a deal with a conscience when the choice puts you in the devil." Better not say... 

I think today would almost all have acceded to the wishes of the American Ambassador in a fair and democratic election, except that now information on violations so much that even now admit the elections invalid. "Observers of the CVU record massive violations of the current legislation in a "day of silence". 

In some regions of Ukraine the materials (billboards, citylights), containing signs of propaganda. Such materials are made in the style used by local organizations of parties and candidates, or distribute their electoral slogans," the message of the Committee of voters of Ukraine in these election watch publishes Politnavigator. And such messages are a great many – simply cannot be fair elections of those who yesterday was smeared on his elbows in blood...

Baghdad Authorizes Russia to Strike #ISIS in Iraq Legally

Report: Baghdad Authorizes Russia to Strike ISIS in Iraq

Russia reportedly has the greenlight to hit ISIS convoys coming from Syria

No more free rides into Iraq
Originally appeared at Anadolu Agency

The Iraqi government authorized Russia to target Daesh convoys coming from Syria, a senior Iraqi official said.
The authorization for Russia to target Daesh inside Iraq comes amid security coordination between Iraq, Russia, Iran and Syria.

Hakem al-Zamli, chief of the Iraqi parliament’s security and defense committee, told Anadolu Agency on Friday that the measure contributed to weakening Daesh by cutting off its supply routes.
Russia, an ally of the Assad regime, began carrying out airstrikes in Syria on Sept. 30. According to the Kremlin, the strikes are aimed at weakening the Daesh militant group, an avowed enemy of the regime.
Turkey and several western countries, however, accuse Russia of targeting moderate groups in Syria opposed to Assad, many of which enjoy the support of Ankara and Washington.
Iraq has been gripped by a security vacuum since June 2014 when Daesh stormed the northern city of Mosul and declared a self-styled caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria.

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Banned in the US video of President Putin's speech at the Valdai Club

Banned in the US video of President Putin's speech at the Valdai Club

Russian President Vladimir Putin, before an international audience, exposed an international order capitalizing on the end of the Cold War to reshape the world according to its own interests, sidelining concepts such as basic international relations, international laws, systems of checks and balances, and even the very concept of national sovereignty itself. Amid President Putin’s speech, he would condemn the United States’ support for neo-fascists, terrorists, and its contempt for national sovereignty around the world.

The West’s Rebuttal 

Curious language accompanied the New York Times’ account of the Valdai International Club discussion in the Black Sea coastal region of Sochi, Russia in front of which President Putin spoke. In an article titled, “Putin Accuses U.S. of Backing ‘Neo-Fascists’ and ‘Islamic Radicals’,” the NYT attempts to portray President Putin’s statements about US support for neo-fascists and terrorists as merely baseless accusations.

The NYT claims, “instead of supporting democracy and sovereign states, Mr. Putin said during a three-hour appearance at the conference, the United States supports “dubious” groups ranging from “open neo-fascists to Islamic radicals.”” The NYT would also report, ““Why do they support such people,” he asked the annual gathering known as the Valdai Club, which met this year in the southern resort town of Sochi. “They do this because they decide to use them as instruments along the way in achieving their goals, but then burn their fingers and recoil.””

It is difficult to understand why the NYT attempts to portray this statement as particularly controversial, or as a “diatribe,” as the Times puts it, rather than a factual, timely, and necessary observation.

The NYT would also state, “Russia is often accused of provoking the crisis in Ukraine by annexing Crimea, and of prolonging the agony in Syria by helping to crush a popular uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, Moscow’s last major Arab ally. Some analysts have suggested that Mr. Putin seeks to restore the lost power and influence of the Soviet Union, or even the Russian Empire, in a bid to prolong his own rule.”

Technically speaking, Russia is regularly accused of all of this, though the NYT fails to fill in for readers how ridiculous each and every one of these accusations are.

To begin with, the Ukrainian crisis began when neo-fascists violently overthrew the elected government of Ukraine in late 2013, early 2014 with the United States’ full backing. The political order that seized power constituted overtly fascist political parties including Svoboda and the “Fatherland Party,” and was openly backed by flagrantly Neo-Nazi armed groups such as Right Sector. It was only then that eastern Ukrainians began to flee into the arms of Russia who in turn oversaw a referendum returning Crimea to Russian sovereignty.

Likewise regarding Syria, there is no question today that the conflict Damascus is fighting is not a “popular uprising against President Bashar al-Assad,” but rather a proxy war being fought against Damascus using sectarian extremists ranging from various Al Qaeda affiliates, to the newly christened “Islamic State,” all of which constitute terrorist fronts and in no way equate to a “popular uprising.”

As far as the NYT’s claims that President Putin seeks to “restore the lost power and influence of the Soviet Union, or even the Russian Empire,” readers may be left confused when considering that the Soviet Union and Russian Empire represent two diametrically opposed political orders, and still, neither aspired toward nor achieved the global hegemony Western military and economic expansion has reached.

The US is its Own Worst Enemy 

President Putin’s comments about the United States using various proxies as “instruments” toward achieving their goals, but with which they”burn their fingers and recoil” in the process could best be exemplified in the US’ arming of Al Qaeda and other militant groups in Afghanistan during the 1980’s. Al Qaeda would go on to become a global scourge the US claims it must now wage an equally global war to extinguish, of course with no apparent success.

Part of the United States’ growing problem upon the global stage, a problem where it is irredeemably losing respect and legitimacy it had once commanded, is its own mass media and its utter failure to hold accountable poor policy driven by corrupt, criminal special interests. Leaving it to Russian President Vladimir Putin to point out the sorry state of American foreign policy grants Russia the respect and legitimacy the US would have otherwise held onto were it capable of putting its own house in order. The inability of America’s media to serve public interests is in itself a symptom of America’s greater malaise.

Of course as with all nations, Russia does what is in Russia’s own best interests. Occasionally, however, these interests converge with public interests and in this case, global interests. The United States’ foreign policy has become a global menace to all, not just a menace to Russia. However, because US foreign policy is a menace to Russia as well, Russia by necessity must protest it at venues like the Valdai International Club.Because of this, President Putin’s words strike with a popular resonance.

From Afghanistan, to Iraq, to Syria, to Ukraine and now ironically back to Iraq again, the United States has left a trail of catastrophe behind all that it has done overseas. Nations so far spared such catastrophe are most likely considering what happens if they’re next. It is not the Kremlin’s ability to sway the minds of the world that has turned the tables on America causing it to slink away into irrelevancy and general disdain, but its own actions it refuses to address or reform.

When America’s Agenda Becomes the “World’s” Agenda…

President Putin would continue with comments stating, “it looks like the so-called ‘winners’ of the Cold War are determined to have it all and reshape the world into a place that could better serve their interests alone.” He would also state, “in a world dominated by one country and a group of its satellites, the process of ‘global decision-making’ often boils down to pushing through their own recipes under the guise of a universal proposal. This group has in fact become so ambitious that its solutions are now passed off as decisions made by the entire global community.”It is difficult to disagree. With the rise of the BRICS highlighting just how “global” America’s “recipes” are not, President Putin’s “diatribe” will soon become painfully obvious facts understood widely around the world and only further hinder the West as it tries to manufacturing legitimacy and authority out of thinner and thinner air. Indeed, as President Putin suggests, there is nothing truly “international” about what is often called “international consensus.” Instead, it is a collection of “satellites” around the United States, and often even states strong-armed into lending their “consensus.” When nations a billion strong refuse to sign onto the US’ agenda, or an entire continent rejects the authority of America’s so-called “international” institutions, can they truly be called “international?”

Such tactics however, resemble those of tyrannies, in fact, the very tyrannies the United States had once been thought of as the champion against. Ironic that it has become what it had once fought, from its inception to the pinnacle of its power, influence and respect. The tides will change when President Putin’s message becomes better understood and the true global consensus develops the power and resources to have its voice heard over the manufactured “consent” the US wields upon the world’s stage. While it is possible that the US might alternatively right itself before this happens, it is unlikely. As the NYT proves, those charged with holding the United States’ special interests accountable have clearly committed themselves to doing precisely the opposite. 

Ulson Gunnar, a New York-based geopolitical analyst and writer especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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The failed $500 million program to set up a US proxy army in Syria, Obama told ’60 Minutes

Obama says he was ‘skeptical’ of Syria rebel boondoggle from the start

The failed $500 million program to set up a proxy army in Syria was a test, US President Barack Obama told ’60 Minutes’, adding that he had doubts about the project from the start. He also ruled out sending US troops to Syria.
“I’ve been skeptical from the get-go about the notion that we were going to effectively create this proxy army inside of Syria,”Obama said in the interview. “My goal has been to try to test the proposition, can we be able to train and equip a moderate opposition that’s willing to fight ISIL?”
Broadcast Sunday night, Obama’s interview with CBS correspondent Steve Kroft was recorded last Tuesday, days before the administration announced it would stop attempting to train a force of ‘moderate’ militants in Syria.
After spending hundreds of millions of dollars, Washington had only “four or five”fighters to show for the effort. Most of the equipment ended up in jihadist hands as US-trained rebels were captured or deserted without ever facing Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS or ISIL) in battle.

US scraps $500mn Syrian rebel training program
Posted by RT Play on Saturday, October 10, 2015

Russian president said no agreements on any content of an alternative Minsk-3 is expected

Russian president said no agreements on any content of an alternative Minsk-3 is expected 

Ukraine will have to agree on resolving the crisis in the east of the country with those in the Donbass, which already exist and those conditions Minsk agreements that we have. This was during a round table in Moscow said political analyst Alexei Chesnakov. According to him, Minsk no new arrangements will be gone. "It all depends on what happens in the minds of Ukrainian politicians. 

If they are not going to talk to the Donbass, with those representatives who are now, they are unlikely to incorporate the territory on which whatever conditions. In any case, no Minsk-3 on the content of the agreements is not expected ", - said Chesnakov. His remarks added political analyst Oleg Bondarenko, who sees only one alternative to the existing arrangements:" When the Russian president said that there is no alternative to the Minsk Agreement, we understand that the statement of the President as well as a diplomat, he said that the Donbass - is part of Ukraine. 

The alternative, of course, there is. This is a major, major war, which, anyway, will be involved Europe, Russia, Ukraine. It does not need us or Donbass nor Europe. "==== Patriot? We like you;)

No one can stop Putin, Ukraine completely loses to Russia - says the leader of Ukrainian neo-Nazis

No one can stop Putin, Ukraine completely loses to Russia - says the leader of Ukrainian neo-Nazis 

No one can stop Putin, Ukraine completely loses Russia - the leader of Ukrainian neo-Nazis (VIDEO) |  Russian Spring
Ukraine loses cleaned Putin, who, despite the bravura statements by politicians can not stop neither she nor the West. It is recognized as the leader of neo-Nazi regiment "Azov", MP Andrew Biletsky.
"It is unlikely that the expansion of the conflict and strikes in Syria show the weakness of Putin.Rather, they suggest that he believes he can do anything ", - he said.
According to him, Russia has achieved all of its goals.
"Now the popular idea that Russia allegedly retreated under the influence of Western sanctions or fortress Ukrainian armed forces from their aims in the east, and that this step despair - what is she doing in Minsk. I think this is absolutely absurd, illogical statement. Russia has achieved all its goals - annexed the Crimea, Donbass lost (Ukraine - approx. Ed.) And held by separatists, the West puts pressure on us to be recognized as the legitimate authority in these areas. Russia has fulfilled all its objectives, it is now fulfilling its goals in Syria, "- said Biletsky.
"Only on the willingness or unwillingness of one man (Putin - approx. Ed.) Is now dependent on the continuation or non-continuation of the conflict in Ukraine. If it decides that neither the West nor our sluggish capitulation policy can not resist him. We have peace with the help of elementary capitulation and surrender of vast areas and millions of our citizens ", - he summed up the Ukrainian" Fuehrer. "

Racing thoughts of Obama and his friends on ISIS after Russia's strikes

Телеканал "Звезда"

Racing thoughts of Obama and his friends on ISIS after Russia's strikes

12 октября 2015, 17:30
TV Channel Zvezda is publishing a series of phrases by Western politicians before and after the Russian air operation against the ISIS jihadists started. It’s a good example to show how the rhetoric of Moscow’s counterparts in Washington, London and Paris changed after the Russian Air Force launched the punctual strikes against the extremists in Syria. ... Подробнее »

U.S. training helped mold top Islamic State military commander

SEPTEMBER 15, 2015

U.S. training helped mold top Islamic State military commander