Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The refugees (ONLINE) Sent Pictures: As they stormed the border with Hungary

The refugees (ONLINE) Sent Pictures: As they stormed the border with Hungary

At the moment the refugees tried to storm the border with Hungary. First groups of migrants tried to break through the border, but they did not work, because the path was blocked by a Hungarian special forces. Then the Hungarian refugees started throwing stones and sticks the police, who responded with tear gas and water cannons. Learn more about what caused this situation, I wrote in this post. This post will be updated continuously.

20:55 In addition, there is information about the first person to be punished for illegally crossing the border. We know that it is an Iraqi, and that to get to Hungary, he tried yesterday. Today, apparently, no one was detained. 
20:53 media write that today zavarushka on the border began after the Hungarian authorities denied the group of Syrian refugees in the shelter, allegedly without examining their cases individually. 
20:08 Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban meanwhile promised build a fence along the border, and more with Croatia. 
20:03 Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said he does not understand why Hungary does not open the border, because the refugees still not going to stay in the country and want to go further, to Germany and Scandinavia. According to him, Croatia will grant to refugees to freely pass through the country to the destination. Slovenia, in turn, said that no "corridor" for refugees will not settle. 
20:00 Migrants give here such a memo with a delicate hint of what they seek to Hungary should not - say, just let go to Croatia and Slovenia. Austria, meanwhile, said it introduces control of the border with Slovenia, so that the refugees will have to choose other ways to migrate.
19:58 The confrontation between the workers and the Hungarian special forces continues, but without the use of force. Now they are lined up "wall to wall" along the border. 
19:13 Migrants continue to move restlessly on the border crossings. It seems that not everyone understands what they should do next.
19:04 Details of the correspondent Nigina Beroeva when the gates opened at the border, he rushed to the crowd of refugees, almost crossed the coveted EU border, but after some time, ran back. Why it happened is not completely clear. Hungarian security forces to reassure workers, a loud siren included in the special equipment. On the border still remains a lot of refugees. 
19:02 Serbian fire extinguisher came, they saw that everything that could have burned, turned around and left. Some pregnant girl started to give birth. Other accidents have not yet been observed. 
19:00 By the way, before the border was opened, the refugees took the maneuver in the Palestinian style - led to the fence all the women and children to protect themselves from the smoke bombs and water cannons. 
18:57 Now it is known that part of the Refugees (something around 400 people) has taken into its territory of Croatia. But they may have to wade to other EU countries through the minefields left over from the time of the fighting in Yugoslavia. 
18:52 Just an hour ago in Budapest said that the Serbian-Hungarian border will remain closed for at least another 30 days. But Serbia has expressed a strong protest in connection with the use of special equipment Hungarian security forces on the border. And the gate opened ... 
18:51 hotHungary opened its border! Let's see what will happen next. 
18:08 Serbian police that migrants met with applause. 
18:05 Refugees or are tired of fighting, or taking distraction: all came to the fence, they just tried to break down, and try to chat amiably with riot police, cheering and they all pretend to love and appreciate the non-violent resistance. 
18:04 Now Serbian police quietly standing in the middle of refugees and watches, like those attacking the fence and attack the Hungarians. 
18:01 Hungarian MFA urged the Serbian authorities to "act" on migrants storming the Hungarian border. Let's see how the Serbs will react. 
17:59 Among the victims of the gas have children. Photo: Carlo Angerer 
17:56Slovenia urgently introduce control over the border with Hungary! 
17:55 Here on the border there are some abandoned buildings (old and duty free More any), which is used as a refugee shelter. 
17:53Affected by tear gas being taken away by the arm refugees away from the border. 
17:49 scheme works like this: first, the refugees run to the border and fill up the Hungarian riot police with stones and sticks.Once the shells have come to an end, they are flying smoke bombs and water cannons hit, and migrants depart. 
17:47 Video start collision. The numerical superiority is clearly on the side of the workers.

17:46 Here he is, a true symbol of protest! Everything was shrouded in black smoke. 

17:43 Migrants began to burn tires! 

17:41 Above the battlefield helicopter circling. 

17:39 Volunteers save each other from the effects of tear gas. 

17:35 Migrants collect fresh batch of stones, throw them to the police. 

17: 32 On the Hungarian side to migrants flying bombs with tear gas. When refugees see them, they run away, but then again suited to the line. 

17:30 Continue to work water cannons. Under them fall indiscriminately, including volunteers and journalists.

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