Thursday, September 3, 2015

Minsk Ends as Ukrainian constitution does not provide for a special status for the Donbass

Currently, the three Western leaders any open disagreement over how to proceed with regard to Ukraine: Barack Obama opposes Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel.
On Friday, August 29, the split became public. The question is, should remain in force Minsk agreement, concluded with the aim of ending the civil war in Ukraine. Obama supported the view of Peter Poroshenko, intending to break the agreement and thereby put an end to. However, on the same day Hollande and Merkel agreed with Vladimir Putin on the fact that an agreement must be implemented in full.
Recall Minsk talks were held without the participation of the president of the United States, because that is what the Obama administration brought to power anti-Russian government in Ukraine as a result of last year's February revolution. As a result, Ukraine broke away from the two regions in which the vast majority of the population voted for Obama ousted Viktor Yanukovich. Firstly, it is Crimea, where Yanukovych has scored more than 75 percent of the vote. Second, Donbass, where for Yanukovych voted more than 90 percent.
Victoria Nuland (Obama's agent, controlling the coup), elected as the new Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who became prime minister after the coup (known as "the most blatant in history").Then, on May 25, 2014, in the remaining regions, a part of Ukraine was elected the new president of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko. By the way, more February 25, 2014 Poroshenko said EU experts that Yanukovych was ousted in a coup, not a revolution (as that claimed the Obama administration). In an effort to protect themselves from the possibility of participating predecessor, Poroshenko has filed a lawsuit to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on the official recognition of the fact that Yanukovych was illegally removed from office (although a decision on this case is still pending).
As to the current schism, he regards compliance with the Minsk Agreement, requiring the government to provide the Ukrainian Donbass special status in the new federal system of Ukraine, in which local leaders will be elected by residents of the region, rather than appointed by the central Ukrainian authorities in Kiev. It was supposed to be back in the Donbass in Ukraine, and the war is officially over. However, on August 29 made a statement Poroshenko that the Ukrainian constitution does not provide for a special status for the Donbass, as, according to the Ukrainian president, it will lead to a "parade of sovereignties".
Just a few hours later, it was reported that during a telephone conversation Merkel and Hollande, Putin said in his commitment to the Minsk Agreement. Let us explain: Putin is not seeking to include Donbas to Russia, but he also does not want to continue the invasion of the region Ukrainian armed forces - particularly because it has led to the exodus of nearly a million people in Russia from the Donbass. Therefore, Putin had to find out who was behind the statement of Poroshenko - European leaders or just Obama.
I must say, it is a continuation of the current situation at the international level in the most controversy over the Obama administration has repeatedly voiced threats Poroshenko re-invade and forcibly return Donbass contrary to the Minsk Agreement. At first, Kerry argued that the United States would not support such actions of the Ukrainian authorities. However, Victoria Nuland, are nominally subordinate Kerry issued a contradictory statements, with the side Nuland stood and President Obama himself. Consequently, it objected to Kerry according to the received instructions.
We can only guess why Poroshenko is now talked about how he does not intend to carry out 11 points of Minsk agreements regarding the "special administrative status" Donbass. Recall this point agreements implies "the constitutional reform with the entry into force before the end of 2015 a new constitution, a key part of which is decentralization (taking into account the distinctive characteristics of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, consistent with their representatives, as well as the adoption of a special law on their special status) ".
Yes, Putin does not want accession of Russia to the Donbass, but now Poroshenko refuses to provide the region even "special administrative status" within Ukraine. The only way, in terms of Poroshenko - a return to power of Donbass. So, on April 30, Poroshenko said: "The war will end when Ukraine will return Donbass and Crimea." In mid-May, he said that the Ukrainian forces, "undoubtedly freed Donetsk Airport [in the Donetsk region], because this is our land."
August 27 military official Donetsk People's Republic Eduard Eduard Basurin reported a sharp deterioration of the situation and massive shelling, saying that "the Nazis involved heavy artillery, banned by the Minsk Agreement, against residential areas and Marinka Alexandrovka; He came under fire outskirts of Donetsk. " Thus, when a couple of days later Poroshenko announced that he does not intend to adhere to the Minsk Agreement, Putin immediately entered into direct contact with Hollande and Merkel to clarify their position.
The result was now an open rift between the United States and Europe over Ukraine - the differences between Nuland and Kerry exchanged at the international level.
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