Friday, September 25, 2015

Financial Times: #Syria will become a grand diplomatic step of #Putin

Financial Times: Syria will become a grand diplomatic step of Putin

25 September 2015 20:12

Offered Russian help in the fight with a group of LIH, Russia, Putin returned to the world stage in the status of an influential player, writes Financial Times.

The obvious proof of the diplomatic success of Russia is the agreement of President Barack Obama to meet with the Russian president. The publication notes that despite the negative background in US-Russian relations, Putin became the figure that Washington can not ignore.

"When it comes to reach colleagues by surprise, the Syrian gambit Putin again showed that it is flexible tactics" - the author writes.

Russia poses a few problems in Syria. Moscow would support the government until the end of Bashar Assad, and in case of his resignation will try to prevent the anarchy that followed the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime and Gaddafi in Libya and Iraq, respectively.

In addition, Russia will strengthen its influence in the Middle East, as well as to protect its naval base in Tartus.

The head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter said that in Syria, the US and Russia may share common interests.

In an interview with the American CBS television network Putin, responding to a question about the purpose of leading Russia in Syria, Putin did not deny that Moscow is trying to save the Assad government

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