Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Head of NASA: "The greatest nation on Earth Must depend on Russia "

The head of NASA: The greatest nation on Earth Must depend on Russia "

In the matter of launching into space again, NASA will have to rely on Russia", - the website of CNN. The US space agency extends its contract with the Russian Space Agency to send its astronauts to the International Space Station. It is learned from the head of NASA, Charles Bolden. 

According to him, a contract with Russia for 490 million dollars was signed because of the fact that NASA's budget is shrinking. Prior to that, for several years the agency has worked with private developers of systems for sending a man into space. However, Congress has reduced this cost item from the budget of one billion dollars. 

NASA scaled back its space shuttle program in 2011, when the preference was given to a study of deep space, including a mission to Mars. As a result, the US has to use the services of the Russian Space Agency, each run is worth about $ 70 million per person. Usually NASA reservation six such missions a year.Independently run into space NASA could in two years, but it needs additional funding. 

"I beg leave behind previous differences and focus our collective efforts on supporting the American industry, namely Boeing Corporation and SpaceX, that they have completed the creation and certification of its manned spacecraft, and we could start sending our crews in Florida in 2017 "- called Charles Bolden. NASA has already invested about $ 1.4 billion in contracts and special agreements with private companies. 

The aim of this program was to "create a safe, reliable and not too expensive access to space." Bolden called on Congress to increase funding, because, in his words, "the greatest nation in the world should not be dependent on others in the issue of launching a man into space", quoted him as saying

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