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Like a bad B-Movie Script, US-Turkey Cooperation Lead to another Democracy Disaster

US-Turkey cooperation in the war against LIH lead to disaster - media

The popular German magazine «FOCUS online» publishes an article by Linda Wurster called «Von wegen Top-Partner! USA und Türkei erzeugen im Anti-IS-Krieg ein "Desaster" ( "Main partners? Certainly not! US-Turkey cooperation in the war against LIH lead to disaster" ). Based on the findings of the German expert on Turkey W. Shtaynbaha, the author examines the problem of the "union" of the US and Turkey, pre-doomed to failure. Both of these countries, NATO members pursue their own selfish purposes in the war unleashed by them in Syria.Translation articles prepared for readers Federal News Agency .

Recently, Turkey and the United States had each other's main partners to combat LIH. For a long time Turkey systematically refused to counter the "Islamic state". After the Turks suddenly gave their airfields to American bombers, many took it as a turning point in the war against LIH.
Transit block: Latvia punish "jointly"Transit block: Latvia punish "jointly"
But just two weeks later, the situation has come to a standstill even greater than before. Hardly there are issues on which Turkey and the United States would agree with each other. As soon as one side will make any statement because the other immediately in a hurry to refute it.
They constantly contradict each other
"From today we have started our combat sorties manned aircraft with the Turkish Incirlik airbase. Air strikes are applied in full, "- he said on Wednesday the Minister of Defense. Turkish Foreign Minister refuted instantly: "Airplanes US Air Force, which yesterday took off from Incirlik airbase, in any transaction not participate." According to him, it was only a reconnaissance aircraft, to carry out their regular flights.
Ankara, in turn, claimed that she was able to negotiate with the United States to create a "buffer zone", where they could get back the Syrian refugees. The US government immediately denied these reports.
The underlying problem
The US and Turkey are faced with a serious problem: they try to become partners in a very complicated war in which they have common goals. "This is pure accident," - says an expert on Turkey Udo Steinbach, in an interview with «FOCUS online». Under the bilateral pact between the countries we are talking about the "extremely superficial and meaningless deal." The presence of obvious contradictions: the United States in the first place aim to curb "Islamic state", and a little blood as possible. Turkey is primarily intended to undermine the influence of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and other armed groups of Kurds, as well as the overthrow of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
"The relations are spoiled"
US expert on Turkey Steinbach described the relations between the US and Turkey as "corrupt", "The relationship has long been strained. Suddenly, both sides saw this partnership as an opportunity to get close, but in reality it was an illusion. "
Despite the fact that the NATO member countries have gone on "bilateral concessions on specific issues in the long term between the two is unlikely to be achieved by understanding." Examples of these concessions include, for example, the resolution of the Turkish government to use Incirlik airbase for sorties American bombers. The United States, in turn, reacted calmly to have been subjected to sharp criticism from European states Turkish Air Force air strikes on Kurdish positions and called them "legitimate self-defense", thus providing support for Erdogan in the ranks of NATO.
The first stumbling block: the Kurdish question
"Erdogan's immediate interest is that in their struggle against the Kurdistan Workers' Party to enlist the support of a strong friend, - says Steinbach. - He wants a victory in the upcoming elections and to this end consciously warms the mood of the Turkish society. " However, he deliberately blurs the lines between numbered among the terrorist organizations PKK and Turkish Kurds in general. Thus Erdogan has put the United States in an awkward position, since up to this point in the fight against LIH they hoped for Kurdish ground forces that were supposed to be supplied with US weapons and supported by the US Air Force with air.
The second stumbling block: the Assad regime
Another serious problem in Turkey - is 1.8 million Syrian refugees in the country. By forming a special "security zone" in the territory of Syria itself, which will be sent to the refugees, Turkey will be able to defuse the social tension in the country.
The reason why the US does not want to allow the establishment of "buffer zone", according Shtaynbahu, is: "To begin to clarify the nature of the relationship to Assad. Is this "buffer zone" have to "defend" and from his troops? If so, then the United States will face in this case directly with Assad's troops and war breaks out, the Americans are eager to unleash for several years. And for such a long-shuffling they obviously are not ready. " On the basis of the existence of two fundamental contradictions between the US and Turkey, the expert is convinced Steinbach, this forced union priniset not use any of the parties: "This tandem is going nowhere - it does not solve any of the Kurdish question or the problem of" Islamic state. "

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