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"Implementation of the Minsk agreements should be accelerated, German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday

In Minsk, a contact group will meet in Ukraine as expected on August 26 subgroup safety contacts group will present two versions of the text of the document on the challenge from the line of contact arms caliber up to 100 mm MINSK, 
26 August. / TASS /. 

Minsk after a three-week break will reconvene the contact group and its four sub-working groups. All the summer months, the peace process was a slip. We have not been implemented, even those steps in the field of security, which the contact group would be able to negotiate kind. The document on the withdrawal of weapons caliber of less than 100 mm and has not been signed, and peace initiatives militias, in particular the demilitarization Shirokino were not picked up by the Ukrainian side. 

Representatives of the proclamation of the republic last few days stated strengthening of security forces shelling their territory, reported new casualties among civilians; citing intelligence data, stated on the preparation of the armed forces of Ukraine of a new offensive. No proclaimed the Ukraine constitutional reform, no matter the local elections have not become a subject of dialogue in Kiev with representatives affirmed the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republic (DNI and LC). 

Nevertheless, held in Berlin on the eve of a meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande with the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko gave some reason to hope for the resumption of the peace process. There was hope in Moscow Berlin meeting was seen as a kind of attempt to educational influence on the Ukrainian side. 

According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, is the opportunity to "provide further exposure to Kiev, to convince him that the agreements and commitments that have been taken in Minsk on February 12, you need to perform." At a following talks press conference participants reaffirmed their commitment to the Minsk Agreement and expressed the need to give new impetus to the peace process conduct the next summit in the "Norman format." 

The next day, Francois Hollande, said that a new meeting of the leaders of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine may soon take place in Paris. "Implementation of the Minsk agreements should be accelerated. We discussed this with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday ... We talked about organizing a new meeting in Norman format. It can take place in Paris ", - he said. On the preparation of the meeting of leaders of the four countries reported, citing its own sources and news agency DPA. 

"Behind the scenes, apparently, is already preparing for it" - said the DPA. According to the agency, the meeting may be held in New York "on the margins" of the 70th session of the General Assembly (GA) of the United Nations in late September. The agreement on the challenge: two versions are expected to August 26 in Minsk subgroup Safety will present the contact group two editions the text of the document on the challenge from the line of contact arms caliber up to 100 mm. 

At the previous meeting, August 3-4, Sub-Working Group on Security was unable to reach final agreement on this issue. As a result, the text has been prepared in two editions. One of them - with an indication of the differences on individual sections. The second - an option which insists Ukraine after she refused the previously agreed text. The original text of the phased withdrawal of tanks, armored personnel carriers and weapons caliber of less than 100 mm from the line of contact was agreed at a meeting of the contact group are 21 of July. 

Prior to that, the DNI and LC have already taken unilaterally by these weapons at a distance of 3 kilometers from the line of contact. Poroshenko also said that he had instructed his representatives in the Contact Group signed a 30-kilometer buffer zone in the Donbass, but in the end, as stressed in a joint DNI statement envoys and LC, Kiev sabotaged the initialling of the document. 

"Every time you reach agreement on a document called the representatives of Ukraine in Kiev, were refused, opening new and confusing the whole process ... Ukraine apparently wants to continue the war and breaks removal equipment!" - noted they are. However, German Chancellor after a meeting on Monday with the presidents of France and Ukraine in Berlin declared its readiness to take arms Poroshenko caliber of less than 100 mm. 

"It is important to do everything to respect for the ceasefire to become a reality - she said. - And Petro Poroshenko today reiterated that the Ukrainian side is ready for this. "Will there be elections? Of particular difficulty is the political part of the peace plan. Discussion questions about the local elections in the territory of the Republic and the granting of special status to the region virtually deadlocked. 

Minsk agreements require harmonization of these issues by the parties of the conflict and their implementation before the end of 2015. Nevertheless, the dialogue on them, in fact, have not emerged, despite the fact that the work of political subgroups, it was decided to carry out in the most frequent - weekly - mode. The law on local elections, which the Verkhovna Rada adopted July 14, according to representatives of the DNI and LC, "does not correspond to what is discussed in Minsk, and violates the agreements already reached" on a number of issues. 

Moreover, the law does not provide for a October 25 elections in areas beyond the control of Kiev Donbass. According to the chairman of the parliamentary committee on legal policy and justice Ruslan Kniazevych, representing the document in Parliament, this rule is laid down "in the final and transitional provisions" of the law. In this regard, the head of the republics declared their intention to comply with the signed in Minsk on a package of measures to resolve the conflict unilaterally declared an independent elections to the local authorities on 18 October DNR and 1 November - in LC. 

However, the President Poroshenko, speaking in Berlin after a meeting with the leaders of Germany and France, called the decision of the authorities proclaimed republics "threat to the Minsk process . "Stop the transport blockade on meeting humanitarian subgroup DNR plans to raise the issue of opening additional crossing points on the boundaryline." This is an important question, because the number of checkpoints in force today is negligible small, "- said recently the ombudsman DNI Daria Morozov. 

On January 21, 2015 began the transport blockade of Donbass. In order to enter the territory of the DNI and the LC and exit from the Republic of Ukraine authorities have introduced a special admission, which operates on a limited number of routes. In March, the State Border Service of Ukraine stopped flowing into the Donbass cars with food. The full transport blockade began on 18 June. On this day, we close all the way out of the NPT in the Kiev-controlled territory. June 26 blockade was relaxed, private cars were given the opportunity to cross the border, but only in Kharkov and Mariupol directions. 

However, later, August 17, the Council of National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine reiterated covered walkway near the village of Majorcan and Zaitsev " due to the danger to the lives of citizens. "Moscow: direct dialogue is necessary in Moscow do not leave hope that the next meeting in Minsk will help establish direct dialogue Kiev with DNI and LC." This is the essence of all the agreements that were signed in Minsk, without it, Of course, we will not move forward - said last week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. 

- Is the contact group, which created four subgroups in which and can be carried out all the work to overcome obstacles to the implementation of measures. But the Ukrainian side is trying from such a dialogue is constantly dodge. "" We are really concerned about how things are going - he stressed. - Concerned about the situation on the fronts. It is already possible to speak not of the line of contact, and unfortunately, in essence, on the front ... We are alarmed by the developments of the last days, which is very much like preparing for another military action. 

So it was in August last year, when the Ukrainian Army was ordered to attack, because it was in January this year, when there was another attempt by force to resolve the situation. "In this regard, the head of Russian diplomacy expressed hope that the planned series of meetings of the contact group and its subgroups all -taki failure to reverse the trend of Kiev from the direct dialogue with the Donetsk and Lugansk. "And we, together with our partners in Normandy format, together with American colleagues, who assured us that genuinely want to achieve full implementation of the" Minsk-2 ", this can help establish direct dialogue", - concluded Sergey Lavrov.

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