Friday, July 10, 2015

Warriors of the junta found a legal way to leave the combat zone

Warriors of the junta found a legal way to leave the combat zone. Oddly enough, this is only necessary to expand the illegal activities in the area of so called "ATO" a "Chernihiv" in full force returned home. At this time, quietly, without ceremonial meetings and flowers. Division immediately taken out of the area ATO because of the scandal with the "protection racket" contraband. Spetsbatalona commander Vitaly Kostyuchenko said that this was done to avoid conflict situations. 

As previously reported, on the night June 16 reconnaissance battalion named Kulchytsky detained at a checkpoint near the village of Kondrashovka Luhansk region a convoy of six trucks carrying contraband (food and drink). She was accompanied by militant spetsbatalona "Chernihiv", who was arrested. In turn, the commander "Chernigov" calls the accusations in this regard and planned provocation staged.

According to Vitaly Kostyuchenko, this place "Golden Lions" as Chernigov soldiers prevented them from engaging in looting. The video, which appeared on the network, the insurgent spetsbatalona, ​​with bruises on his face, an admission of guilt. However, the commander denied, said the foreman simply stolen. "My soldier was severely beaten, he was beaten from 4am to 10am. Then, almost on a day set in the scorching sun. When he tried to sit down, he began to beat again," - said Kostyuchenko reporters. Now gunman on a medical examination and will be hospitalized. However, the service check battalion continues. Meanwhile, the "honest militants" from other parts of the junta continues to kill civilians in Donbass. 


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