Thursday, July 16, 2015

War Crimes by Ukraine need an International Tribunal

War Crimes by Ukraine need an International Tribunal 

Poroshenko loses power, Ukraine is becoming unmanageable. "Right Sector" presents an ultimatum, in several cities and the shooting victim. What did not work in Sevastopol, the US is doing in Odessa - a base for the US 6th Fleet. Under the naval base Saakashvili gives people burnt House of Trade Unions.
Ostentatious fight against corruption in Kyiv, and many Americans are buying up Ukrainian officials in Kyiv. The words "Russia" and "Russia" in Kiev want to ban. Volyn Massacre - the anniversary. Why Poles can not forget the atrocities of the Bandera?

Sakhalin Island: that the priority at the head of the region.How to change the look of the Kuril Islands, and what is the meaning of ritual magic of the Incas? How public organizations "shake" the money the Americans? And until now the technology has worked for subversion color revolutions.

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