Speaking about the role of Russia in the course of the investigation, Churkin said: "I repeat once again - Russia will do everything to ensure a fair international investigation into the collapse of the MH17». Word permanent representative of the Russian Federation leads correspondent RT Aleksey Yaroshevskii on Twitter.
As said Vitaly Churkin, the tribunal will be created by the crash, it will be transferred to all the results of the investigation. "Such a scenario will harm many countries, as I repeat, no one knows what is in it and how it is wealthy," - the diplomat noted.

The West is using Boeing #MH17 as a geopolitical "Flying Dutchman" to attack Russia

July 17 - anniversary of the tragedy, when the Donbass crashed «Boeing» MH-17. Over the past year, even approximate circumstances of the tragedy are still in the fog, but the leading Western countries are trying to turn the "Boeing" in the modern equivalent of "The Flying Dutchman", to be used as a tool for information war against Russia.
The only true version
As the case of a catastrophe, "Boeing" at the outset is an international and political, of course, that all participants of the Ukrainian crisis, seeking to use the tragedy as an excuse to promote their interests. This means that the objectivity of the investigation initially came under attack. Therefore, we should prepare in advance to ensure that we never hear even approximate the truth from the American, European, Russian and / or Ukrainian officials and politicians. For example, the US and its allies have used the tragedy to strike the information on the positions of Russia. And the countries of the West as a whole use this catastrophe as an excuse for the personal and economic sanctions against Russia.

And today, when a year has passed since the tragedy, both key players in the Ukrainian crisis continues to play heroes tales of two lambs on the bridge.

Ukrainian authorities are working on the vocals in the United States, directly accusing Russia in the destruction of the airliner. 
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko already July 17, 2015, the day recorded video message, saying that "today, the war came from Ukraine." Then Poroshenko said that this is the third such incident in recent days, after the Russian territory were shot down by Ukrainian military aircraft AN-26 and Su-25, as well as clearly blamed the tragedy forces DNI, citing the fact that "one of rebel leaders in a conversation with his Russian foreign curator ... boasted downed airliner. "
Russian officials accused the ruling administration of the tragedy in Ukraine. They are echoed by military experts - for example, employees of the Russian company "Almaz-Antey" in June 2015 released its own report claiming that the plane was hit by anti-aircraft missile complex "Buk-M1" from the vicinity of the village Zaroschenskoe are under the control of the Ukrainian army. 

The US State Department is not against the version of the missile, but blames the tragedy DNR (and Russia for supporting the self-proclaimed republic). 3 June 2015 State Department spokesman Marie Harf , commenting on the report of the employees of the concern "Almaz-Antey", read out the thesis that the US position remains unchanged: the airliner "was hit by a missile fired from the territory in the east of Ukraine, controlled by militias."
In general, the key players in the face of the United States and Russia still converge in only one plane was shot down by a missile of class "surface-to-air." To date, the United States and Russia are like card players secreted aces up his sleeve, and waiting for the right moment. Suppose that since the tragedy took place a year, but until now no US government nor Russia have provided private data about what happened to the airliner, "Malaysian airlines."
So, still remain secret for the following information:
 - Satellite images of the area where he fell "Boeing» MH17, made by US satellites. But June 3 during a press briefing Marie Harf said the United States is not going to publish the results of the satellite survey. According to her, US authorities have handed over to investigators all the information considered relevant;
 - Records of negotiations Ukrainian air traffic controllers with a crew airliner. Ukrainian authorities own audio recordings of talks, but permission for publication should give the Security Council of the Netherlands, leading the investigation;
 - Radar surveillance data at the disposal of NATO air (ie, in fact, US Air Force) and Russia.
"The US and Russia have the capacity for monitoring airspace in the area of tension in Ukraine", - emphasizes the editor in chief of the military information portal melkon. lv and author of "Wing with Red Star" Yuri Melkonov (Riga). - "We also know that on July 17 2014 in the air were two AWACS (American AWACS aircraft E-3A AWACS, - approx. Aut.) - One in the area of Poland and the second in the area of Romania. It is reported that at the time of the area was an American satellite. There is no doubt that NATO will have all the information on the traffic situation in the area on July 17, 2015. Russians also imposes satellite imagery District accidents. " "That is, it turns out that everyone knows everything, but the investigation is coded in the Netherlands and none of this would not violate the ban," - says the author of "wing with a red star."
Therefore, the most popular versions catastrophe "Boeing" - the defeat of the anti-aircraft missile complex "Buk". Unless the US authorities claim that a rocket fired from positions controlled by the armed forces, "DNR" and Russian speakers accused the Ukrainian military. Note that in the first hours after the crash, when nothing was really known, no one has announced an alternate version. For example, international terrorists during the XX century, repeatedly hid a bomb in the luggage compartment of an aircraft, and then blown into the air by means of a radio-controlled device. But from the beginning of foreign players began to use "Boeing» MH-17 as an instrument of information warfare, so the media not to broadcast to an audience other options.
Military expert Yuri Melkonov argues that the main evidence of the application of a missile on the aircraft are fragments from the missile."The photos that spread Dutch, have rods from the warhead aircraft missile R-60 and I-have pieces of the missile" BUK ". However, the remains dubious. And there are pictures of damage the cockpit, which are characteristic for the firing of aviapushek. It turns out that Boeing used all kinds of missiles. That is, we can assume a complex effect: first, Buck, then a plane with rockets and guns. Or vice versa, "- expressed the view editor in chief of the military information portal melkon.lv.
Who and why he could shoot at the "Boeing" of aerogun? Yuri Melkonov expresses his assumption: "In aviation, there is such a technique - shooting at the exchange rate of the intruder aircraft to show that you are under my eye, and if you do not follow my requirements, the next place you will. It is common practice to subject the aircraft. It can be assumed that the aircraft interceptor would send a signal to the aircraft intruder and shot on the course and hit the cockpit, killing the pilots , and so on. d. That is, it can be assumed that the loss of the aircraft was an accident ... "
Yuri Melkonov drew attention to several important aspects: "It is necessary to highlight another area of ​​investigation. Air corridor over the Donetsk fairly narrow - it is about 40 kilometers. If you decide to firmly someone to knock, you will be a little one, "beech", it is necessary to place some plants to reliably cover the entire corridor.After all, "BUK" is fixed and "Boeing" is always in motion and will be in the affected area for 2-3 minutes. " "It is known that" Boeing "rerouted by 18 miles in one side. That is, came out of the affected area of ​​the fixed "Buck"! Then somehow I came back. Who's in command of the air traffic? But the negotiations are secret members of the crew ", - adds the author of" wing with a red star. "
Court idle
As a "Boeing 777" in general turned over the war zone? In early July 2014 armed detachments appeared DNI weaponry capable of shooting down aircraft at high altitude. Then the leaders of the State Air Traffic Service Enterprise of Ukraine "UkSATSE" closed space over the territory of military clashes on 9000 800 meters in height. Companies such as British Airways and Air France have gone even further and changed the route to their ships circled the war zone in the Donbas. But the leaders of the "Malaysia Airlines" decided not to change their routes, nevertheless extra mileage when flying around - it is an additional cost. That is why the July 17, 2014, "Boeing-777» MH-17 appeared in the sky over the Donetsk region - and after negotiations with managers of Dnepropetrovsk lowered height of 10 thousand 050 meters.
Last significant newsworthy in "Boeing" - an initiative of the Malaysian delegation to the UN Security Council to establish an international tribunal to try guilty of the crash "Boeing. Formally the authors of the draft resolution were members of the Malaysian delegation, although in late June, agency Reuters, the citing confidential sources, attributes the idea of the government of the Netherlands. Well, and, of course, exactly the anniversary of the tragedy knocked news with an eye for a sensation. First and foremost, we are an Australian video length of 17 minutes with the image of the militia at the crash site. And judging by the negotiation of these witnesses, in fact there are two downed aircraft.
Speakers of the Russian Federation accepted the idea strongly opposed and tried "to land" at the start of the initiative. In fact, the international tribunal - is a separate public and legal platform for the case of a catastrophe "Boeing". Most importantly, the Russian side will not be able to influence the work of this Tribunal, and hence its verdict. In the plane of the international fight deal "Boeing" used by the United States and some Western countries as a pretext for accusing the Russian leadership in supporting the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass. Hence, the international tribunal operating under the control of the West, will serve the same purpose. Finally, if we analyze the initiative as part of the plan step by step, it turns out that something like "Nuland popered to hell" the Dutch authorities have not yet been released the final version of the results of the investigation, and Malaysia already offers judged guilty, even though de jure no defendants or suspects or accomplices or organizers.
However, judging by everything, this initiative will remain a theory: July 15, representatives of China in the Security Council voted against the creation of an international tribunal. If there is a minimum of two votes "against" on the part of Russia and China, with the idea that it is already possible to begin to say goodbye.
The defendant - Ukraine
In addition to geopolitics, the story of "Boeing" is also a legal dimension. To be precise, the most international law. Relatives of the dead passengers of the flight MH17 filed lawsuits against Ukraine to the European Court of Human Rights. The first lawsuit was filed in November 2014 a citizen of Germany. His mother died in the accident 23-year-old girl from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has accused the Ukrainian authorities that they did not close the airspace over the area of ​​fighting for civil aviation, the plaintiff seeks compensation in the amount of one million US dollars. Then the lawyers representing the victims' relatives, booked another 3 foreigners action against Ukraine.
"The European Court of Human Rights considers disputes only within the Rome Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 1950. In this case, it can only be Article 2 of the "right to life". That is, the plaintiff sues the actions (inaction) of the authorities of Ukraine, which did not close its airspace over the area of the fighting, and thus led to the collapse of civil aircraft and the massive loss of life, "- says the teacher a question of law and the European Court of Human Rights, an expert in the field of human rights Elena Leshenko .
"The ECHR accepts the complaint for consideration under Article 35 Rome Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 1950," - says Elena Leshenko. - "Article 35 requires applicants to use all domestic remedies. That is, the plaintiff must go through all the courts in the respondent State - in this case, Ukraine. "
"However, the rules are often exceptions ... So, in Article 35 there is also a stipulation that the ECHR may examine a complaint if respect for human rights guaranteed by the Convention. That is, it all depends on the circumstances of a particular case. In addition, the applicants (or rather, their lawyers) might refer to article 13 of the Convention, and to prove that in this case the national (ie, Ukrainian) remedies are ineffective. Thus, if we talk about these claims, all these issues are left to the discretion of the ECHR, "- specifies a lawyer.
"Also, Article 36 of the Convention provides that the State of origin of the applicants can participate in the process to the ECHR as a third party. That is, in this case, as a third party in this lawsuit in Germany may participate as a State Party to the Convention ", - predicts Elena Leshenko.
Summarizing, we can say that from the first minutes after the tragedy, the ruling elites of the participating countries of the Ukrainian crisis turned "Boeing" in the international political "Flying Dutchman", considering primarily and exclusively as a tool in the struggle for influence in international politics. For example, Yuri Melkonov notes that the tragedy with "Boeing" was the reason for the ruling elites of the NATO countries to increase military spending, "All NATO member countries, and not just members of the Alliance, increased military budget - billions of dollars for the military orders industrial complex, and so on. d. Money raised huge. No threats and negotiations that could be done, but here again ... ". It is therefore logical that the key players in the face of the United States, Russia, France and Germany from the start turned "Boeing» MH-17 hostage political situation. But with this approach, we will never know the true causes of the tragedy, or learn many years later when real results for real policy will already be harmless and irrelevant.
Chronology of events
July 17, 2015
"Boeing 777" airline Malaysia Airlines, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed near Donetsk on 17 July 2014. Killed 298 people - 15 crew members and 283 passengers:
 - 192 citizens of the Netherlands, including one passenger with dual citizenship Netherlands-USA;
 - 44 citizens of Malaysia, including 15 crew members;
 - 27 citizens of Australia;
 - 12 citizens of Indonesia;
 - 10 UK nationals, including persons with dual citizenship of South Africa, United Kingdom;
 - 4 citizen of Germany;
 - 4 subjects Belgium;
 - 3 citizen of the Philippines;
 - A Canadian citizen and a citizen of New Zealand.
September 2014
The Commission of Inquiry issued a preliminary report stating that the cause of the crash was the external influence of flow "of high-energy facilities."
June 2, 2015
The Security Council of the Netherlands completed the investigation into the collapse of the "Boeing» MH-17 and sent a draft report on the causes of the disaster in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and all the countries participating in the proceedings of the incident (Australia, UK, Malaysia, Russia, the USA and Ukraine).
June 22, 2015
International experts investigating the collapse of the "Boeing» MH17, completed the work in the Donbass. The team of investigators under the guidance of the Security Council composed of representatives of the Netherlands, Ukraine, Malaysia, Australia, Russia, the US and the UK.
June 24, 2015
The agency Reuters citing confidential sources reported that the Dutch government is in talks with the allied countries to establish an international tribunal to try those guilty of the crash "Boeing".
July 9, 2015
The Malaysian delegation to the UN Security Council circulated a draft resolution calling to form an international tribunal under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter on action in relation to threats to the peace, breaches of the peace and acts of aggression "with a single purpose - to bring to justice those responsible for the crimes that led to the fall of MH17 17 July 2014 ".
The first half of October 2015
The Security Council of the Netherlands promises to publish the final report after all the member countries of the investigation will examine the document and will submit comments.
Sergei Sokolov - columnist EADaily Ukraine.

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