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Russell Tribunal acknowledged Poroshenko and Obama are found guilty of war crimes.

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Russell Tribunal acknowledged Poroshenko and Obama are found guilty of war crimes.

Poroshenko was instructed to withdraw the heavy artillery, and sign an agreement on the buffer zone in the Donbass. So President Poroshenko instructed his representatives of Ukraine in the Contact Group to sign a buffer zone in the territory of Donbas. Well that is what they claim anyway.

"I have instructed the Tripartite Liaison Group on Ukraine to sign immediately with the OSCE and with the Russian side, which is a party Tripartite Liaison Group, an agreement that would guarantee the establishment of a 30-km buffer zone along the line of collision, take artillery, which remained, to withdraw tanks and mortars to withdraw, making it impossible to constant attacks, "- said the head of state, introducing new management Lugansk region Severodonetsk in Wednesday. 

According to Poroshenko, you must do everything to Severodonetsk, Rubizhne, Lisichansk and Popasnaya sounded shots. "Yesterday in Minsk offer the Ukrainian side at the insistence of our diplomats and OSCE been taken" - the president said. He stressed that from that moment began "counting down the hours to which controlled the OSCE will be given all the heavy weapons." He expressed the hope that it will be "the real start of the real drain" of heavy equipment that will create conditions for further political and economic reintegration the territory and return them to Ukraine. 

As reported, on July 21 in Minsk hosted the trilateral meeting of the contact group to resolve the situation in the Donbass. As the OSCE Chairman Ivica Dacic, who took part in the meeting, the contact group agreed on the text of the document on the challenge of weapons of caliber less than 100 mm. "The agreement will specify exactly how they will be verified withdrawal of weapons, when and who will implement it. 

It will be described the whole procedure, "- he said. Later, the press secretary of the president of Ukraine Svyatoslav Tsegolko told "Interfax" that "on behalf of the representatives of the President of Ukraine in the Tripartite Liaison Group secured the adoption of an agreement on signing a supplement to the package of measures to implement the Minsk Agreement of February 12, 2015 in the part related to removal of tanks, artillery weapons and 100 mm caliber and mortar. " 

However, as it became known agency, the document was to be initialed on Tuesday night by Working Sub-Group on Security tripartite contact group. Ukrainian side in this subgroup is former Defense Minister Yevhen Marchuk. Later, the special representative of the OSCE Saydik Martin said that the contact group in Ukraine has not signed the agreement on withdrawal of weapons caliber of less than 100 mm, although agreed a phased withdrawal plan.

Russell Tribunal acknowledged Poroshenko and Obama are found guilty of war crimes

Russell Tribunal, held in Venice, declared Petro Poroshenko and Barack Obama found guilty of war crimes in eastern Ukraine. About this in his facebook wrote Albert Gardin, head of the organization "The Government of Veneto", advocating for the independence of the northern region of Veneto (Venice) from Italy.
Guilty of war crimes in eastern Ukraine were also recognized as the chairman of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso and Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen.
Earlier it was reported that the judge collected and head of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy, but the verdict is not in his name.
Informal Russell Tribunal was first held in 1967 to investigate crimes committed during the Vietnam War. It was initiated by the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre and Bertrand Russell, a British scientist.
It is a non-governmental initiative, the court has no legal force, and the prison terms to heads of state will not get any unfortunately.

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