Friday, July 10, 2015

NATO gave it the name «Havoc» Russian attack helicopter Mi-28N "Night Hunter"

NATO gave him the name «Havoc» - the destroyer. Attack helicopter Mi-28N "Night Hunter" # development VSRF # # Aviation attack helicopter Mi-28N "Night Hunter" was praised by the experts of the American Corporation "Rand". Experts highlighted the security cabin and reduce the visibility of the combat vehicle in the infrared range, told Tass with reference to a report published by the corporation. This was reported in an article by Anton Valagina "US experts praised the Mi-28N" published July 9, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". 

The military aircraft devoted to the United States and other countries in the study, experts noted that the plane-parallel glass cockpit book Mi-28 can withstand getting caliber bullets 12.7 and 14.5 mm, 20-mm high-explosive shells, and the propeller blades is able to operate in contact with the 30-millimeter shells.Surrounding bronekapsuly crew is made ​​of 10 mm aluminum sheets, glued ceramic plates thickness of 16 millimeters. The pilot is separated from the operator 10 mm armor plate, which eliminates the loss of the projectile fragments at break in one of the cabins. In an emergency, the rotor blades are shot with the canopy, allowing the crew to leave the helicopter. "From the initial design to the Mi-28N laid enhanced survivability standards", - the report says. 

The most important units of the helicopter and wiring duplicated and separated into different sides. Important units covered less important. Through the installation of screens on the exhaust pipes visibility Mi-28N Infrared decreased 2.5 times in comparison with the Mi-24, experts said. For nighttime stealth helicopter in the infrared range is a key advantage. From guided missiles "Night Hunter" protects electronic warfare station, confusing seeker. "On-board defense system and avionics are not inferior to the American counterparts," - concluded the experts "Rand". 

NATO Mi-28 was named Havoc - destroyer. Onboard weapons corresponds to the name. At the four point suspension "Night Hunter" can carry unguided rockets caliber 80 and 122 mm controlled anti-tank missiles "Storm" and "Attack", anti-aircraft missiles "Igla". Bow 30-millimeter cannon pilot controls using helmet-mounted sight. 

According to American experts, such an arsenal allows striking targets in all types of modern combat. By the way, the gun Mi-28 is unified with the Russian BMP, which simplifies the preparation of technicians. Many self-lubricating parts of the machine are made, in the hub of the rotor used for the first time do not require lubrication, elastomeric joints, the complexity of the service "Night Hunter" in comparison with the Mi-24 is reduced three times. 


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