Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Message from the military analyst Boris Rozhina ("colonelcassad") a failed item Minsk Agreement

22.07.15. Message from the military analyst Boris Rozhina ("colonelcassad"). 
"Brief on the topic next Minsk seizures. 
1. On the front is now about the same as yesterday and the day before. In spite of all the declarations about the "bends" and "termination" of fire, both the parties continue to each other, "please." The military as earlier positions on what answer - the day before our night at Avdeevka from "Grad" practiced. The junta has indeed owe just left, digging of tanks and heavy mortars. In general, , as the Chronicle going hostilities, these little gestures Minsk on what could affect the front and "all is still." 
2. Regarding the allegations Poroshenko on the buffer zone. In fact, it is a return to the already known point about the divorce of heavy weapons on 30 km from the front line, which was "agreed" in September 2014 and formally confirmed in February 2015. It will soon be a year, and this point has not been made. I just remind you a map to get a better understanding of what Poroshenko said. Since then, the front line has seriously changed only with the cutting Debaltsevskogo pocket. During this period, neither one nor the other way on the line of withdrawal of heavy weapons are not moved, although both sides declared "commitment to the Minsk Agreement" and even tried to show on camera that supposedly all withdrawn. In view of the fact that in spite of the statements and public demonstrations, the parties continue to hammer away at each other, we can pretty confidently say that no one seriously is not performed, and apparently is not going to. As it starts to get dark, beginning to "take" each other. In general, I believe that both sides as before will be engaged in imitation flurry of activity, as there are no prerequisites for the implementation of the Minsk Agreement no. 
3.To better understand the cyclical was insanity, I just remind you that it was in February and March. And so delee, just google "removal of weapons" in February-March 2015. So for nearly half a year and is withdrawn withdrawn, all in any way can not take. Baku. In fact, in the Minsk state media as a "kind of agreement," but as it turned out, "nothing is signed." The following meetings were announced already in August. We agreed to negotiate further. But the item on the challenge of arms was one of the few that had been on that desire, the two sides could carry out in March, along with unfulfilled and point the full exchange of prisoners of war and ceasefire. In fact, all this fuss going on around one and a failed item Minsk Agreement. It may be noted that in addition to Poroshenko, statements about the buffer zone, the same Poroshenko said that the continuing concentration of troops in the area of Mariupol.
4. For political and at all points of the deaf - the junta continues to insist on its version of the Constitution, which the DNI and LC are forested. DNR and LC in response to prepare a referendum "under Ukrainian law" without Ukraine. Full deadlock. What kind of success is possible to speak of the Minsk process, if not carried out any one item of these agreements? 
5. Yesterday also spread stuffing, allegedly arrested the widow of the late commandant Pervomaisk Yevgeny Ishchenko. Itself Olga Ishchenko it is denied. Actually, this story clearly shows that the junta seized on the recognition of the authorities in the murder of Alexander LC Bednova and the killing will continue to be used for the information campaign in the LC, as Carpenter and Co. are in any case the first suspect, irrespective of whether the authorities had the attitude to Lugansk or another or had no episode. The organizers of the murder and Bednova propagandonam which is justified hello, "work" for the good of the Republic, even ukry would not have been able to. But this story shows, the junta several palitsya when trying to force the rumors in this regard. 
6. Regarding the two prisoners volunteer for happiness, the Russian Defense Ministry once again publicly disown them. So they will be as predicted bartering through LC as well as other Russian citizens to fight as volunteers traveled to the Donbass. "

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