Friday, July 10, 2015

Is The US, Required Cooperation with BRICS ?

Is The US, Required Cooperation with BRICS ?

In the US on the eve of the seventh summit of the BRICS distribute a petition calling on Washington to cooperate with the Association for the economic development in the world, signed the document put more than 2 thousand. People - representatives of the United States and the international community.Transatlantic system with financial centers on Wall Street and the City of London and konfroontatsiya with China and Russia should go into the past, considered the founder of the Schiller Institute (USA), Helga Zepp-LaRouche and economist, eight times run for president Lyndon LaRouche, RIA "Novosti ".

"The purpose of the petition 'Appeal to the US and Europe refuse to cooperate with the geopolitics and the BRICS' - tell people about alternatives to the current policy of confrontation with Russia and China. Today we are faced with two interrelated threats: the relatively imminent collapse of the transatlantic system and the danger that the current policy of NATO against Russia, as well as the growing friction with China will lead to a war that put an end to the human race.This geopolitical approach has already led to two wars in the XX century ", - said the initiator of the petition Zepp-LaRouche.She notes nominated leader Xi Jinping draft new "Silk Road" that would connect China with Europe and to strengthen cooperation with Asia and Africa. 

It is about creating a trade corridor for direct deliveries of goods from East to West on preferential terms. It also includes the construction of the transport network from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea, which would reduce barriers to trade and investment and expand the system of settlements in national currencies. Schiller Institute, which supports the idea, made a report on the "Silk Road", which Sepp-LaRouche appeared in China."The members of the BRICS represent a new model of international relations, based on the sovereignty and mutual cooperation for the benefit of others, that is the essence of the new world order. This model has proved attractive, as demonstrated by various economic agreements concluded between the members of the BRICS "- said LaRouche.

It recognizes that cooperation within BRICS is little known in the United States because of lack of objective reporting by the Western media. "We want to tell people about the existence of the BRICS, the idea to combine their work with the BRICS on the joint restructuring of the world economy in the interests of Western countries. The world needs to adjust to a completely new model of cooperation, which replaced the geopolitical confrontation, "- said LaRouche.

Representatives of the Institute of Schiller talk about the global economic projects, organizing lectures and arranging educational actions in the streets of New York. According to the project coordinator Lynn AIDS in electronic and paper form a petition signed more than two thousand people - economists, representatives of public organizations, professors, and politicians the US, Austria, Brazil, Germany, China, India, Mexico, France, Russia and other countries.BRICS - a group of five emerging countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The last block to join South Africa in 2011. According to Goldman Sachs, by 2050 the total economy of the countries of the size will exceed the total size of the economies of the richest countries in the world (the "Big Seven").

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