Monday, July 6, 2015

"Germany - you miserable piece of shit," says the publication Neues Deutschland


Monday, July 6, 2015       Yuri A.

German Left: Europe must begin to teach Greek
German authorities have urged - "say yes!". You, the Greeks, they said, say "yes" to disability, economic destruction, say "yes" German diktat. Images from the ruling coalition in Germany would like to see Europe spoke German.
But I would like Europe to start to learn Greek, and said its "oohs" ("no" in Greek). "No," militarism, "no" to neoliberal destruction, there is no German demands for wage cuts - said in a statement the deputy faction of the Left in the German Bundestag Wolfgang Gerke .
"The Greek people, you have more friends in Germany than you are told the media!" - Continued the German politician.
According to the official statement of the Left faction of the German Bundestag, the Greek people said "yes" to Europe and unequivocal "no" to the murderous policy of Merkel. There is no doubt that Greece will remain in the Eurozone, the chairman of the German Left Riksinger. According to him, Europe should return immediately to the negotiating table and to respect the will of the Greek people. The talk about a Greek exit from the EU when it is irresponsible. Greece's ruling party Syriza has always stood for the fact that the people of Greece remained part of the European family, but without a European economic noose around his neck. "No," said the people of Greece - the best example of living democracy. Left faction of the German Bundestag expresses its full solidarity with the Greek party Syriza, ascertain the German Left .
Actions of solidarity with the Greek government were held in Athens but also in Germany, according to German newspaper Junge Welt. According to media reports, hundreds of people gathered near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, as well as near the office of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Stuttgart and other German cities under the slogan " Ohi (No) Policy economy, yes - democracy! ".
It is noteworthy that the German police manipulates data in the best traditions of the Ukrainian authorities - according to the Berlin police at a rally of solidarity with the Greek people on Friday in Berlin, only 300 people turned out. But according to the German press, the demonstrators were not less than 3000. And it is not a "slip of the pen", says the publication Neues Deutschland . According to this publication, the major German media also came to selectively covering a demonstration, for example, was not informed of the scandal with the police, who took one of the banners on which was written "Germany - you miserable piece of shit."


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