The crash Malaysian "Boeing" over Ukraine blame the militia - such conclusions, according to media reports, contained in the report of the Netherlands Commission. By a strange coincidence, the leak came just two days before the anniversary of the tragedy, as well as on the eve of a vote in the UN Security Council on a draft resolution on the tribunal on its perpetrators. In this respect, particularly interesting was the position of China on this issue.
On the eve of the anniversary of the tragedy with the Malaysian "Boeing" will be transported to the MH-17 and crashed in the sky over Ukraine, find the perpetrators of the tragedy has entered a new stage. UN Security Council will soon appoint a vote on a resolution prepared by Malaysia, and calls for the creation of the tribunal to investigate the crash, which killed 283 passengers and 13 crew members. Russia opposes the idea, because they do not consider it productive. Experts are confident that the tribunal will be politicized instrument of pressure. This position joined by China.
Meanwhile it became public some details of the report, which is prepared by the Netherlands. Television channel CNN has considered the report, which is a weighty document of several hundred pages. A group of researchers who studied the disaster concluded that the aircraft was shot down by the militias.
Who knocked?
Source referenced by CNN, argues that the report describes the exact type of missile, which was hit by "Boeing", as well as its trajectory. These and the coordinates of a missile launch. It is alleged that the zone on the day of the crash was under the control of militias. In this specific coordinates of the rocket launch TV channel does not, therefore, argue about a particular location in question, can not - as the fact whether it is a place controlled by the militia.
Sources CNN also reported that some of the blame for what happened rests with Malaysia Airlines, as other airlines avoid flying over the areas of armed conflict. Interestingly, the leak occurred July 15 - two days before the anniversary of the disaster, as well as on the eve of a vote in the UN Security Council on a draft resolution on the tribunal. The official Dutch version of the report is to be published in the autumn 2015.
The Dutch side has not confirmed nor denied the information published media. "We can not confirm anything.It is a confidential draft report. And we will be able to comment on anything, but when releasing the final report, "- reports the words of a representative of the Security Council of the Netherlands, Russia Today.
On the publication of CNN has already responded one of the parties directly conflict. "We did not control the area. There was a complete patchwork. To say that a party controlled one or another town, became possible only after three months after the tragedy, "- he said to" Interfax "the speaker of the People's Council DNI Andrew Purgin. A deputy commander of the militia headquarters DNI Edward Basurin told RIA "News" that at the time of the disaster militia has neither physical nor technically possible to bring down the ship. "We have often repeated and tired to do it. And say once again that the militias are not involved in a downed "Boeing", - he said.
RF IC confirmed that investigators have priority version of the tragedy - and it is very different both from what is stated in the above leak, and on the findings of a number of Russian experts. "We have evidence, including based on the results of examinations, that the plane was shot down by a rocket-type" air - air ". Moreover, experts believe that the missile type is set and that the missile is not produced in Russia, - said Tass spokesman Vladimir Markin UK. - All this confirms the testimony of important witnesses Eugene Agapov, military service in the air armament mechanic first squadron Brigade Combat Air Force of Ukraine ", - he added.
Note that not only the Commission under the leadership of the Netherlands is investigating the circumstances of the crash of Flight MH-17. The relevant report prepared recently experts of the Russian company "Almaz-Antey" - the leading enterprise for the production of air defense systems, including systems "Buk". The research team concluded that the aircraft was shot down by anti-aircraft missile complex "Buk-M1". Judging from the trajectory start has been made with the territory at the time controlled by the collapse of Kiev law enforcement officers.
Results of the "Almaz-Antey" passed the international commission of inquiry into the collapse of the "Boeing", however, the arguments of the Russian side have been taken in arms representatives of the United States."Our position has been clear from the outset: MH17 was hit by missiles" land - air "to the territory controlled by the separatists in the east of Ukraine", - said State Department spokesman Marie Harf. The United States, she said, believe that "no system of defense of Ukraine were not in the area of ​​the crash, and Ukrainian forces have not released any missiles" land - air "during the conflict."
Meanwhile, Russia's permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin said that Russian experts removed from the investigation. "We have always continued to advocate for international cooperation (in the investigation) to this catastrophe, - Churkin said on air" Russia-24 ". - It so happened that our experts are virtually excluded from this investigation took place itself. "
"The Dutch Commission rows are not there"
Honored Pilot of the USSR, repeatedly investigating the crash, Chairman of the Civil Aviation Board of Public Transport Supervision Oleg Smirnov in comments the newspaper LOOK noted the political nature of the report of the Netherlands.
"The day after the disaster with Malaysian airliner, President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron and identified the culprit and the cause of the tragedy. Was not even set up a commission of inquiry, did not feel, figuratively speaking, the remains of the passengers have not studied the wreckage, but the first time in one hundred years of the civil aviation world have identified the culprit, "- said Oleg Smirnov.
Veteran civil aviation listed four reasons that show that the report of the Netherlands does not hold water."The Netherlands export the idea expressed in the second day after the tragedy in Ukraine. All aviation world, all professionals of Civil Aviation laugh about it. First, our radars and satellites strictly and accurately determine the point at which the rocket was fired. Second, this type of missiles in the Russian military is not operated for more than 10 years "- said the expert.
"Third:" Almaz-Antey "has conducted a study that deserves one hundred percent confidence. It makes for a long time. Professional These people have no one in the world. They did, and chemical and mathematical studies, and all docks with materials that are filed space. It was analyzed at the molecular level! This material was competent to make the commission a Dutch run to "Almaz-Antaeus" and ask for the material for his investigation. They pretended that this event was not. In short, the Dutch Commission rows are not there "- said Smirnov.
"Fourth: The rocket launch, in particular," Buka "- is not easy. Ordinary miners - illiterate people in military terms, and are not trained to do so. This system, which consists of several blocks: this radar, the missile itself, energy, sophisticated computers, interface, and so on. D. For the whole team and to start serious training like a rocket. And who is fighting on the side of the militias? Miners! What's the "Buk" what are you talking about? "- Said the expert.
China vs. Tribunal
Leakage from the report appeared at a time when actively discussing the idea of ​​creating Tribunal for the downed aircraft, launched Malaysia. Among the opponents of the relevant resolution added an important political player - China.
"The collapse of the passenger aircraft" Malaysian Airlines »MH-17 - a real tragedy. The Chinese side supports the idea that an independent, fair and objective investigation in accordance with resolution 2166 of the Security Council and bring to justice the perpetrators, "- said the press service of the Foreign Ministry of China.Beijing has also expressed the hope that "the UN Security Council will be able to maintain unity and ensure that the issue of MH17 was resolved properly," RIA "Novosti".
In Beijing, recalled that the UN Security Council has already taken action required of it by adopting a resolution last year, timed to coincide with the Malaysian airliner crash. It contains the requirement to cease all military activities in the area surrounding the site of the crash, the crash site to ensure the integrity and safety of the participants of the international investigation.
Thus, in China, we agreed with the official position of Russia on this issue. Recall, July 14, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that in the case of the sinking of a passenger ship must adhere to the resolution adopted by the UN Security Council earlier. "Reaffirmed the commitment by all parties adopted on Russia's initiative, the UN Security Council resolution 2166, which provides the need for a comprehensive, independent and thorough international investigation into the crash, software - based on it - the inevitability of punishment of perpetrators of this crime," - said in a statement the Russian Foreign Office.
Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry commissioner for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, Konstantin Dolgov accused the West of trying to "smuggle" a draft resolution through the UN Security Council."The idea catapulted fast enough to take a few days. So do not do it "- he explained. The initiators of the resolution virtually ignored calls Russia to work on resolution 2166, Dolgov said. "And now they want to" drag on the sly, "a very ambitious document, which if adopted, would be subjected to the broadest interpretations and interpretations", - he said on July 15.
In Moscow earlier stressed that they consider premature and counterproductive raise the issue of the international tribunal. "The investigation is still underway, no final conclusions have not been done. The Netherlands only provided an interim version of the report - like a week ago, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov. - They themselves admit that finally will be able to bring an investigation and submit a report towards the end of the year ", - he said. Gatilov also recalled the lack of precedent for the establishment of such courts in similar cases - such as in 2001 during the investigation of the crash of the Russian airline en route from Tel Aviv to Novosibirsk.
"In favor of Russia"
Senior researcher at the Institute for Far Eastern Studies, sinologist Vasily Kashin confident that China has taken a very serious step. "The initiator of the resolution is Malaysia. China has a fairly close relationship with this country: they are neighbors in the Asia-Pacific region. In principle, Beijing would simply sit on the sidelines, no one would have been against it. China's position has shown that they are not interested in the fact that Russia in the Ukrainian conflict, defeated and weakened its positions in the world "- said the newspaper VIEW Kashin.
The interviewee stressed that Beijing unprofitable weakening of Moscow, since it hit the bilateral relations between Russia and China. For this reason, the expert believes China is starting to more explicitly and clearly speak in favor of Russia. "Before they left from direct political statements, while never criticized Russia. Now the situation is changing. By the end of 2014 there were allegations that the situation with the Crimea is not so unambiguous. Moreover, there were statements condemning economic sanctions against Russia, as well as statements in support of political Moscow's efforts in Ukraine, "- like an expert. - They're coming to meet us.This is a clear and obvious line that intensifies. "
It is noteworthy that the issue of the establishment of the tribunal is not a purely Chinese interests, "they just supported us," emphasizes Kashin. "China has a negative attitude to the practice of creating a supranational structure, which can be used to interfere in the internal affairs", - summed up the expert on China.
"China hopes for understanding and support for Russia"
Head of the Department of Oriental Studies of the HSE, a China specialist Alexei Maslov, in contrast, believes that China's position in relation to the tribunal linked to the interests of Beijing. The expert also pointed out that China first declared itself as an independent political actor, as he had previously held the position of most of neutrality. "Beijing is in a difficult situation with respect to a number of problems in the South China Sea. He behaves very active on several islands in the region. It can not be excluded in the future armed conflicts. And China hopes for understanding and support from Russia, "- said Alexey Maslov newspaper VIEW.
"There is a repositioning of China in the world. Beijing begins more and more to play the role of moderator in the world politics. The Chinese are opposed to any general meeting to address issues relating to cooperation between the two countries. They are always afraid of this kind of meetings. China firmly stands on that question relate solely to the islands of the regional players. This also applies to other conflicts, "- said Maslov.
"Of course, there is build-up of political relations between Moscow and Beijing. After the summit, the SCO and BRICS, China has become harder to formulate their attitude on issues of world politics - he said. - Beijing does not want to repeat the mistakes of the United States and therefore tries to enlist the support of a number of countries. The Chinese do not want to look like dictators, they want to act coalitional. Last summits this example, "- said the expert.
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