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Vitaly Churkin: Russia has done everything for a fair investigation Boeing crash in the Donbas

Vitaly Churkin: Russia has done everything for a fair investigation Boeing crash in the Donbas 

Russia's permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin said in New York, the desire to create a number of countries through the UN Security Council Tribunal for the collapse of the Boeing 777 in Donbas.
Speaking about the role of Russia in the course of the investigation, Churkin said: "I repeat once again - Russia will do everything to ensure a fair international investigation into the collapse of the MH17». Word permanent representative of the Russian Federation leads correspondent RT Aleksey Yaroshevskii on Twitter.
As said Vitaly Churkin, the tribunal will be created by the crash, it will be transferred to all the results of the investigation. "Such a scenario will harm many countries, as I repeat, no one knows what is in it and how it is wealthy," - the diplomat noted.

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NATO and the West Just Became Irrelevant

22.07.2015 Author: F. William Engdahl

NATO and the West Just Became Irrelevant


The dual summits that took place in Russia’s Ufa beginning 9 July were anything but routine. In fact it may be seen by future historians as a signal event that marked the definitive decline of the global hegemony of European civilization including North America. This is no small event in human history. It’s the most significant shift in relative global economic relations since the Fourth Crusade in 1204 when the Republic of Venice emerged as a world power following their brutal, disgraceful capture and sacking of Constantinople, marking the demise of the Byzantine Empire.

First a look at what transpired. Russia was host to two overlapping summits of emerging alternative organizations, the annual meeting of the BRICS nations as well as the annual meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The larger significance has been all but entirely blacked out by western mainstream media such as the New York Times.

First we look at the results from the BRICS meeting where Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are the five member states. The BRICS formally put their New Development Bank (NDB) into operation. It has world headquarters in Shanghai, China’s banking and financial center with a branch in South Africa to serve the African region.

It is explicitly operating as an alternative to the post-1945 domination of the IMF and World Bank, the heart of Washington’s Dollar System. It has member contributions of $50 billion for infrastructure projects mainly, but not exclusively, in the BRICS states. As well it has created a $100 billion financial defense fund, a so-called Contingent Reserves Arrangement, in event of speculative attacks such as were launched by Washington with the Soros Quantum Fund in 1997 to destroy the independent Asian Tiger economies.

The NDB bank is in business one year after the last BRICS summit agreed to its creation, and the meeting announced that first approved infrastructure projects will begin at the beginning of 2016. That’s an impressive testament to the mutual will to create an alternative to the IMF and World Bank, both of the latter controlled by Washington where they are headquartered. Notably BRICS agreed for the first time to institute formal cooperation with the leaders of the Eurasian Economic Union of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.
As well they agreed to meet the leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)–Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

SCO adds major security dimension

For its part, the nations of the SCO–Shanghai Cooperation Organization–in addition to formally admitting both India and Pakistan, agreed to increase its role combating terrorism in the region. The SCO was established in 2001 originally to settle border conflicts between China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan in the years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. It is now undergoing an organic metamorphosis into something quite different and, in combination with China’s One Belt, One Road New Economic Silk Road high-speed rail network crisscrossing Russia and all Eurasia, potentially the kernel of an economic region whose growth over the next century and more can pale anything the debt-bloated OECD economies of the west are capable of.

This year the SCO members admitted Pakistan and India as full members, a move that undercuts some seventy years of Anglo-American geopolitics on the Indian Subcontinent by bringing the two bitter enemies into a forum dedicated to resolving border conflicts diplomatically. The Ufa BRICS declaration also stressed the importance of reaffirming the UN Charter and condemned unilateral military intervention, a clear reference to guess who?

That enlargement to include India and Pakistan into the Eurasian SCO has huge implications for China’s New Economic Silk Road high-speed rail infrastructure network across all Eurasia as well as potential gas and oil pipeline routes in the region. Significantly, for an Obama Administration that wants to pit Iran against Russia and China with the signing of the latest nuclear Geneva 6-power deal, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani attended the BRICS/SCO summits and held private talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Tehran will likely join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization after the embargo is withdrawn, perhaps as early as 2016, something that will give the SCO a major presence in the Middle East geographically.

With the planned lifting now of US economic sanctions on Iran, this could mean a huge economic deepening of the Eurasian economic space from Shanghai to St. Petersburg to Teheran and beyond, the nightmare scenario of US geopolitical actors like Zbigniew Brzezinski or Henry Kissinger.

Notably, the BRICS final declaration also pledged greater cooperation on combating terrorism and dealing with security problems of member states. This overlaps the Russia-initiated Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), created in 1992 after the collapse of the Soviet Union to provide some semblance of security from rampant CIA monkey business using veterans of the CIA’s Afghani Mujahideen to “stir up” (to use Brzezinski’s term for it) the peoples of former Soviet states with large Muslim populations across Central Asia, especially Azerbaijan and the Caucasus.

Today, the CSTO is emerging as a far more serious organization and a means by which Russia can legitimately provide direct security expertise to weaker states inside the Eurasian Economic Union such as Kyrgyzstan or Armenia, both of whom have been targets of new US-sponsored Color Revolutions to spread chaos across the emerging Eurasian economic space.

What is notable about the joint BRICS-SCO-Eurasian Economic Union summit hosted by Russia’s Putin in Ufa, a city of some one million at the foot of the Ural mountain range near to Kazakhstan, is not only the degree of harmonizing that is taking place among the three vast organizations. It is also the fact that Russia uniquely is a member of all three, facilitating the harmonization of the three in terms of strategic goals. Moreover the member states have everything and everyone necessary to be fully independent of the dollar world and the dying EU with its misbegotten Euro sham.
As The Saker pointed out in
 a recent perceptive piece, “the full list of BRICS/SCO members will now look like this: Brazil , China , India , Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan , Pakistan , Russia , South Africa , Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The BRICS/SCO will thus include 2 Permanent UN Security Council, 4 countries with nuclear weapons (only 3 NATO countries have nukes!), it’s members account for a full third of the world’s land area: they produce 16 trillion dollars in GDP and have a population of 3 billion people or half of the global world population.”

A new architecture of Eurasia is being formed, something which, were they of a mind to, the nations of the EU, above all Germany, France, Italy, could hugely benefit from cooperating with. Yet, what is the response of Washington and her “vassals” in European NATO, to use the term of Brzezinski?

The NATO Washington response

The response of Washington and NATO to all this is a bleak, pathetic contrast to put it mildly.

The new Obama nominee to become US Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford, declared Russia to be America’s greatest threat in his Congressional testimony some days ago. Conveniently forgetting all about the “existential threat” from ISIS, an organization US and Israeli intelligence brought into being to spread their chaos, Dunford declared, “If you want to talk about a nation that could pose an existential threat to the United States, I’d have to point to Russia.” The alarming thing is there was scarcely a peep of protest aside from blog remarks by retired Congressman Ron Paul and a few others. The tom-toms of bellicosity are pounding louder along the Potomac these days.

The war rage in Washington goes deeper than just one general. The Pentagon just released its Military Strategy of the United States, 2015. There the focus has clearly shifted away from “non-state actors” such as ISIS as being the greatest threat to the US and refocuses on “state actors” that are “challenging international norms.” The Pentagon strategy document goes on to name Russia, China, Iran, North Korea as the greatest threatsWhat they do not admit is the “threat” is to the continued sole Superpower hegemony of a United States that insists its will is the only valid one as self-appointed guardian of “democracy” and “human rights,” their New World Order as George Bush senior termed it in 1991.

On the economic front, what is emerging across the vast expanse of Eurasia is the greatest infrastructure investment in real physical infrastructure, which in turn will create new markets where today the remote regions of Siberia or Mongolia remain virtually untouched. By contrast, Obama’s Washington, a once-hegemon that has lost its soul, can only offer the US-dominated secret free trade pact, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), for Asian states absent China, as a way to contain china economically, and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) that offers the same geopolitical dead end for the economies of the EU. Both trade proposals are a desperate attempt by Washington strategists and their corporate backers in agribusiness such as Monsanto or the pharmaceutical industry to dominate world trade and finance.

Just as an individual can lose themselves through a trauma, so it’s possible for entire nations, even nations as large and apparently mighty as the United States of America, to lose its soul. Once a nation loses its soul, it loses its ability to do good, to be good. That tragically describes America today. The process has been a slow-motion rot from within, much as the Roman Empire in the Third and Fourth centuries AD. The rot has proceeded over decades.

There were many seminal events we as a people let pass without acting. One such over the past century or more was the US Congress’ surrender of the Constitutional responsibility to control the issue of money, handing it over to a private cabal of Wall Street bankers who named it the Federal Reserve. Another was the perfidy of our turning on our wartime allies in Russia and making them the “new Hitler,” so that Nelson Rockefeller’s national security state, complete with a CIA, could be built to justify the devaluation of the essence of the US Constitution. Another was the decision, well, perhaps you can fill in the blanks there are so many, each seemingly minor, but as a cumulative totality toxic to genuine respect for human life and individual freedom. Then, following the events of September 11,2001 we as a nation, crippled by our fear, stood by silently as the Bill of Rights went into the paper shredder of George W. Bush with the misnamed Patriots Act and other police state laws.

Once a people as once-wonderful as the American people lose all that that made them good, it takes a conscious decision and determination to regain that goodness. The first essential step is to become conscious of what is bad in us as a people today. David Rockefeller or George H.W. Bush or Bill Gates or Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush did not do this. We did, and they merely took the use out of our action. There we must begin if we wish to take ourselves seriously again as a nation and as a people. Seeing ourselves as “victims” regardless of what or whoever is a dead end, literally.

F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine 

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Message from the military analyst Boris Rozhina ("colonelcassad") a failed item Minsk Agreement

22.07.15. Message from the military analyst Boris Rozhina ("colonelcassad"). 
"Brief on the topic next Minsk seizures. 
1. On the front is now about the same as yesterday and the day before. In spite of all the declarations about the "bends" and "termination" of fire, both the parties continue to each other, "please." The military as earlier positions on what answer - the day before our night at Avdeevka from "Grad" practiced. The junta has indeed owe just left, digging of tanks and heavy mortars. In general, , as the Chronicle going hostilities, these little gestures Minsk on what could affect the front and "all is still." 
2. Regarding the allegations Poroshenko on the buffer zone. In fact, it is a return to the already known point about the divorce of heavy weapons on 30 km from the front line, which was "agreed" in September 2014 and formally confirmed in February 2015. It will soon be a year, and this point has not been made. I just remind you a map to get a better understanding of what Poroshenko said. Since then, the front line has seriously changed only with the cutting Debaltsevskogo pocket. During this period, neither one nor the other way on the line of withdrawal of heavy weapons are not moved, although both sides declared "commitment to the Minsk Agreement" and even tried to show on camera that supposedly all withdrawn. In view of the fact that in spite of the statements and public demonstrations, the parties continue to hammer away at each other, we can pretty confidently say that no one seriously is not performed, and apparently is not going to. As it starts to get dark, beginning to "take" each other. In general, I believe that both sides as before will be engaged in imitation flurry of activity, as there are no prerequisites for the implementation of the Minsk Agreement no. 
3.To better understand the cyclical was insanity, I just remind you that it was in February and March. And so delee, just google "removal of weapons" in February-March 2015. So for nearly half a year and is withdrawn withdrawn, all in any way can not take. Baku. In fact, in the Minsk state media as a "kind of agreement," but as it turned out, "nothing is signed." The following meetings were announced already in August. We agreed to negotiate further. But the item on the challenge of arms was one of the few that had been on that desire, the two sides could carry out in March, along with unfulfilled and point the full exchange of prisoners of war and ceasefire. In fact, all this fuss going on around one and a failed item Minsk Agreement. It may be noted that in addition to Poroshenko, statements about the buffer zone, the same Poroshenko said that the continuing concentration of troops in the area of Mariupol.
4. For political and at all points of the deaf - the junta continues to insist on its version of the Constitution, which the DNI and LC are forested. DNR and LC in response to prepare a referendum "under Ukrainian law" without Ukraine. Full deadlock. What kind of success is possible to speak of the Minsk process, if not carried out any one item of these agreements? 
5. Yesterday also spread stuffing, allegedly arrested the widow of the late commandant Pervomaisk Yevgeny Ishchenko. Itself Olga Ishchenko it is denied. Actually, this story clearly shows that the junta seized on the recognition of the authorities in the murder of Alexander LC Bednova and the killing will continue to be used for the information campaign in the LC, as Carpenter and Co. are in any case the first suspect, irrespective of whether the authorities had the attitude to Lugansk or another or had no episode. The organizers of the murder and Bednova propagandonam which is justified hello, "work" for the good of the Republic, even ukry would not have been able to. But this story shows, the junta several palitsya when trying to force the rumors in this regard. 
6. Regarding the two prisoners volunteer for happiness, the Russian Defense Ministry once again publicly disown them. So they will be as predicted bartering through LC as well as other Russian citizens to fight as volunteers traveled to the Donbass. "

Bloggers caught Poroshenko in the next drinking bout.

Bloggers caught Poroshenko in the next drinking bout. Users Network said that the Ukrainian president to speak in public in a drunken state. According to Internet users in the video where the president is the new head of the Luhansk region - volunteer George Tuku, he was again in a state of alcoholic intoxication . This is evidenced by the appearance of even the president. Poroshenko was clearly not in the best shape.With a swollen face and fatigue, he struggled to make statements, often looking at the piece of paper with written text.

Russell Tribunal acknowledged Poroshenko and Obama are found guilty of war crimes.

Antimaidan News

Russell Tribunal acknowledged Poroshenko and Obama are found guilty of war crimes.

Poroshenko was instructed to withdraw the heavy artillery, and sign an agreement on the buffer zone in the Donbass. So President Poroshenko instructed his representatives of Ukraine in the Contact Group to sign a buffer zone in the territory of Donbas. Well that is what they claim anyway.

"I have instructed the Tripartite Liaison Group on Ukraine to sign immediately with the OSCE and with the Russian side, which is a party Tripartite Liaison Group, an agreement that would guarantee the establishment of a 30-km buffer zone along the line of collision, take artillery, which remained, to withdraw tanks and mortars to withdraw, making it impossible to constant attacks, "- said the head of state, introducing new management Lugansk region Severodonetsk in Wednesday. 

According to Poroshenko, you must do everything to Severodonetsk, Rubizhne, Lisichansk and Popasnaya sounded shots. "Yesterday in Minsk offer the Ukrainian side at the insistence of our diplomats and OSCE been taken" - the president said. He stressed that from that moment began "counting down the hours to which controlled the OSCE will be given all the heavy weapons." He expressed the hope that it will be "the real start of the real drain" of heavy equipment that will create conditions for further political and economic reintegration the territory and return them to Ukraine. 

As reported, on July 21 in Minsk hosted the trilateral meeting of the contact group to resolve the situation in the Donbass. As the OSCE Chairman Ivica Dacic, who took part in the meeting, the contact group agreed on the text of the document on the challenge of weapons of caliber less than 100 mm. "The agreement will specify exactly how they will be verified withdrawal of weapons, when and who will implement it. 

It will be described the whole procedure, "- he said. Later, the press secretary of the president of Ukraine Svyatoslav Tsegolko told "Interfax" that "on behalf of the representatives of the President of Ukraine in the Tripartite Liaison Group secured the adoption of an agreement on signing a supplement to the package of measures to implement the Minsk Agreement of February 12, 2015 in the part related to removal of tanks, artillery weapons and 100 mm caliber and mortar. " 

However, as it became known agency, the document was to be initialed on Tuesday night by Working Sub-Group on Security tripartite contact group. Ukrainian side in this subgroup is former Defense Minister Yevhen Marchuk. Later, the special representative of the OSCE Saydik Martin said that the contact group in Ukraine has not signed the agreement on withdrawal of weapons caliber of less than 100 mm, although agreed a phased withdrawal plan.

Russell Tribunal acknowledged Poroshenko and Obama are found guilty of war crimes

Russell Tribunal, held in Venice, declared Petro Poroshenko and Barack Obama found guilty of war crimes in eastern Ukraine. About this in his facebook wrote Albert Gardin, head of the organization "The Government of Veneto", advocating for the independence of the northern region of Veneto (Venice) from Italy.
Guilty of war crimes in eastern Ukraine were also recognized as the chairman of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso and Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen.
Earlier it was reported that the judge collected and head of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy, but the verdict is not in his name.
Informal Russell Tribunal was first held in 1967 to investigate crimes committed during the Vietnam War. It was initiated by the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre and Bertrand Russell, a British scientist.
It is a non-governmental initiative, the court has no legal force, and the prison terms to heads of state will not get any unfortunately.

What it comes down to in Ukraine, Self Interests of Greedy Western Economic Powers

The Ukraine War Really Is Our Modern-Day Struggle Between Good and Evil

Very long and very good.  Highly recommended article from a remarkable woman who knows what she is talking about.  

 7 hours ago | 576 6

This really is what it comes down to in the Ukraine
The author runs the German edition of Vineyard of the Saker, an excellent website which covers the Ukraine conflict closely. Previously she was a city council member for the left-wing Linke party in Munich Germany.  
This article originally appeared at The Saker.

(Thanks to Anja and Riema for their help with the translation!)
This is a long text, and I don’t know how many readers are really willing to get involved. This is not about geopolitical considerations or rendering diagnoses. I have tried to grasp the inner nucleus of the struggle and to turn it transparent on the level of ethics and morality, to explain why I (as an atheist, to be honest) perceive in this Donbass war the very struggle between good and evil, which concerns us all and is of global impact, although its consequences might not be felt everywhere with the same acuteness.
Many of the videos which serve as examples and evidences in this text are very hard to look at. Whoever is really ready to confront this story should take enough time and make breaks whenever necessary. I haven’t seen them all at once. A human being capable of doing so, must be completely cold-hearted.
But it is important to go down into great depth, in order to grasp what fascism and anti-fascism really mean. Quite a lot of people don’t know it, while many others only have a superficial notion, buried under stereotypical discourses. In order to really identify and grasp fascism you have to know both sides: the cool and prosaic interests of economic power and the genuine barbarism, utter inhumanity. Only the understanding of both sides provides the base of real resistance.
The infamous video
The way in which the video which presented Givi and the war prisoners at Donetsk airport was used for propaganda, especially for demonizing the militia in German media met all expectations. BILD created the title: “ That’s the way separatists torture Ukrainian soldiers ” and added their own shortened video version (containing an only incomplete translation – as usual). Since then they have referred repeatedly to these shown sequences.
Here you can see first the video the article is about (as well as the article about Givi in the ZEIT ). Here is the Russian version without any blackened parts, for everybody who is keen to see all anatomic details (my honest advice: leave them out. They do not really contribute much to your understanding, but might cause a considerable amount of disgust.)

Now some background knowledge about the presented scenes: It is not difficult to perceive that at the beginning of the video Givi and his „Somalis“ have just left the battlefield. The context is – as it can be concluded from the prisoners’ statements –a further attempt to storm Donetsk airport. In that case Ukrainian troops were lured into the battle under false pretences. They were told they had to fetch wounded soldiers. It’s no wonder that this finally resulted rather in a massacre than an ordinary battle.
That the ordinary soldiers had no idea what they were supposed to do becomes quite obvious in this video: At 8:09 the prisoner says that they had been lied to “so that we didn’t know where we went to. We have often refused attacks, if we had known what would have happened, where we would have to go… we would not have gone there either.”
The Arrest
It seems quite obvious that Givi has returned from a situation in which he and his battalion have rather played the part of executioners instead of soldiers, thanks to the honorable strategy of this Ukrainian commander. It can be imagined that the soldiers feel abused and are even more enraged than usual. Additionally, that morning a bus had been hit in Donetsk, (the very bus even our media reported on). One of the places the prisoners had been led to was exactly the mentioned bus stop. The Ukrainian commander arrives there at the time when the car is still burning in the street (18:18) and the corpses of the victims have not even been removed. Probably Givi’s battalion knew about the terror attack .
The captured commander is no unknown person. He was third on the electoral register of the Right Sector. Presumably Givi thought at that time that he dealt with a regular army officer. But this man, in fact, if you want to judge his position and ideological frame on a scale adapted to World War 2 categories, he could be compared to an SS-Obersturmbannführer. He is not only a member, but a leader in a criminal organisation. (On the original homepage of the Saker there is an article about him under the title “ Givi Nets a Big Fish ”.)
Despite of this extreme situation, which definitely goes beyond an “ordinary” arrest after an “ordinary” battle (but implies the terror against Donetsk and the abuse of adversarial soldiers as canon fodder), Givi does exactly two things: He stuffs the Ukrainian military insignia into some of the soldiers’ mouths and he slaps the commanding fascist.
Here it has to be taken into consideration that this is not only the situation of Givi + his battalion/the prisoners, but additionally the Situation of Givi/his battalion. For everybody involved in the course of the battle, the situation is supposed to be extremely disgusting. They are all highly enraged. And Givi can not deal with it, simply by ignoring the circumstances. If he did so, the risk that they might take the right into their own hands would be enormous. (In the background, translated as well in the subtitles, though so quickly that it is hardly perceptible, you may hear remarks like “shoot them all”.) There are indeed good reasons why he has to voice his rage. By doing so, he gives relief to his troops. Even if he seems to step off the path of “ideal” behavior here, he does so in a way that releases emotional pressure, but doesn’t lead to permanent damages. All in all his reaction is not only controlled, but even wise.
Dealing with the dead
If one carefully listens to the passages which have been translated in the BILD with “Here is your glorious Ukraine. Be happy!”, one can realize that the tone is not sneering here, but rather sad. Further statements of that kind, which are quoted in that scene, are intended as well to mask the men’s horror .
To everybody who – quite reasonably – abstains from watching the original version: Here the deceased Ukrainian soldiers are shown in a close-up view. They arrive in an estate car and are unloaded.
What is not shown in the video, but has to be integrated into the chain of events, is the fact that the dead are laid in coffins and after a religious ceremony are shifted in lorries by the survivors and afterwards handed over to the Ukrainian army. The video footage shows nothing less than a disrespectful treatment of the corpses. Nobody will seriously believe that dead soldiers will be carried away from the battlefield and driven off in a hearse, as long as the shooting is still going on.
And nobody should assume that those who thus show respect even to fallen enemies perform this transport in a cheerful, affectionate or even exceedingly dignified way. What they transport here is nothing but tattered flesh, whose human traits they need to ignore at that moment, as they are the ones that have turned human beings into these remainders. If the transported elements will ever regain their human qualities in their eyes again, depends on the further proceedings. Only after perceiving them one might judge whether they have acted respectfully or not.
Here is the video of the hand-over (do not ask me why it starts with the sequence showing the mortar.)

At 5:04 in the video Zakharchenko shows his outrage that no Ukrainian representatives has shown up at the ceremony. The Ukrainian military has often left their dead just behind…
The Prisoners‘ March
Zakharchenko asks the prisoners in the second video “if you have no conscience, you see? If you can’t understand who you are fighting against and who are the real beasts, if your officers don’t want to collect your deceased comrades back…”.
These are the reasons why the prisoners are “displayed”. Many prisoners had explained to him they had been told that they would fight against Russian invaders and had to free the citizens. They don’t know (or suppress the knowledge) what their artillery has done to the Donbass cities.
An evidence for that can be found in the first video at 12:10. The prisoner is asked by a female passenger: “Say, what have you come here for?”, and he answers: “We were told a completely different story.” Similar utterances can be heard in various other videos about Ukrainian war prisoners, such as in my favourite video which shows the interrogation of a Ukrainian artillerist from Gorlowka.
Of course our domestic media comments tend to interpret the procedure in which the perpetrators are confronted with the consequences of their deeds – as an act of humiliation. In Donbass they proceed like that again and again. Imprisoned pilots were led through the towns and villages they had thrown bombs on, artillerists and ordinary soldiers through the cities they had fired on. There they had to meet their victims‘ family members.
But here we can find historic examples from World War II, too. The procedure resembles far less the parade of German war prisoners through Moscow in 1944 than the “visits” the citizens of Weimar and Jena were “persuaded” by US-troops to pay to Buchenwald, not really on a voluntary base, but quite effectively under an educational point of view.
All in all, the enterprise these troops have been involved in is an ongoing war crime, as artillery attacks against residential areas are a far worse breach of the Geneva convention than Givi’s slapping enemies, even if they might have occurred a dozen or a hundred times. The list of Ukrainian war crimes is long, it contained nearly every item after the battle of Slaviansk and even today only two war crimes are missing: the use of nuclear and biological weapons (phosphor bombs have been used repeatedly; they are not only disgustingly inflaming, but because of their highly poisonous vapours they have to be regarded as chemical weapons). None of these war crimes is mentioned in the German press, or even if they are mentioned, “trivial” details, such as that this conduct of war has to be called highly criminal, are cautiously left out (sole exception: the fragmentation bomb that hit a Red Cross station in Donetsk, but only because it killed a Swiss citizen….)
That means: All prisoners were involved in one vast crime. Despite of that they are generally treated in a very respectful way. And this respect lies in the very procedure that has been named “humiliating”, because they are treated as human beings who are capable of learning and recognition. As if one could rightfully assume that they wouldn’t have done what they did, had they been aware that they attacked their brothers and sisters with all available instruments of elimination.
Exactly that attitude characterises the video from Gorlovka. It is especially interesting and credible, because it was published with a completely different intention – as both prisoners state here that they have been prevented from participating in the Ukrainian election. This video was not placed in the internet to give testimony of the way prisoners of war are treated. But I have hardly ever seen an interview that was conducted with similar subtlety. One of the two artillerists is very close to a nervous breakdown. But this breakdown is due to the recognition of what he was involved into, and he gains that recognition without any pressure, just because he is given space and time to understand. He is not treated as if he was an evil person, just as the Ukrainian side deals with their prisoners. But he is talked to like a reasonable human being, capable of understanding, with calm and respect, in the midst of a town which even then had to suffer continuous artillery attacks and had to mourn victims of war on a daily basis.
If one compares the recording of the large troops of prisoners and of the imprisoned commander, one can see the difference. The largest part of the group seems to be honestly shocked. They couldn’t imagine being sworn at by the population and they didn’t reckon with the devastating amount of destruction. Other recordings like that of Zakharchenko’s press conference prove that they have really grasped and learnt something.
There is a further video showing detailed recordings of that fascist at the bus stop in Donetsk. A close observation shows a complete lack of empathy or shock. Quite the opposite, for a short moment he even exposes something like triumph. To the question “Who has done this?” the fascist commander does not answer with „us“, as most captured soldiers do. First he does not answer at all, then he says: “The artillery.” Finally, when the militia is pushing him into a car in order to save him from the population of Donetsk, one of them quotes him: “He said that the f*cking specops did it or the Russians” (1:21).
Like the Ukrainian pilot Sawtshenko, who has been presented as a case of human rights’ violation, he can not be convinced of having done something wrong. He shows the same cold and contemptuous glance like Sawtshenko and their historic ideals. Just look at the pictures you can find under the keyword Hermine Braunsteiner-Ryan in order to see what I mean. She was the main accused in the Majdanek trial and her arrogant coldness could even be felt in front of a TV-set.
The real abyss
The images of the bombed cities are probably known. And everybody reading this text knows already how closely this war repeats the Nazi war of annihilation.
But it is far less known how deep these analogies reach. It was quite late that the first reports shone up from those who had been Ukrainian prisoners. In relevant quantity this started after the beginning of the POW exchange during the ceasefire of Minsk 1.
Here I want to show some videos illustrating this point, that enable you to form your own opinion. I tried to choose videos that enable everyone to evalute their credibility.
The first one is a report of Komsomolskaia Pravda from a POW exchange. The prisoners are interviewed immediately after their exchange, and not all of them had any relation to the militia. Watch it:
<iframe width=”655” height=”368” src=”//””>” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>
Another early report is an interview with the brother of Matros (one of Motorola´s commanders). Matros had desperately searched for his brother, who got caught by the Ukies. The video puts the focus mainly on the meeting of the two brothers, but the younger one tells as well how he was treated by the Ukrainian troops:

Later, after the larger exchanges, reports like this one came up:

All this reports imply that torture nowadays is a normal procedure in the treatment of prisoners (no matter where and for what). But the first reports gave the impression that those ending up in „regular“ prisons, in the hands of the „regular“ state power, f.e. the SBU, are a bit safer than those falling into the hands of the national guard or even the fascist battalions.
Later it became visible that this is just some type of division of labour. An example for that is the following interview by Graham Philips with the widow of a man who got murdered :

There are too many reports about systematic torture to dismiss them easily. And note: we are not talking about infringements or excessive violence that always can happen in a state of war. We don´t talk either about a situation between an old and a new state, that you find in Donetsk and Lugansk, where the normal institutions of a state don´t exist any longer or not yet and therefore inevitably open violence replaces structural one. We talk about a state with all institutions, with courts, jails and police, that turns torture into a regular procedure and accepts the assassination of prisoners or even encourages it. Nowhere this is expressed more clearly than in reports stating that prisoners who are destined for execution still get tortured before, as a principle. Even the pretence of the intent to investigate, as the US use to legitimate torture, is absent. This is nothing else but an inebriation of violence organised by the state, an orgy of annihilation, nothing else but – fascism.
The tip of the iceberg
Even though there is an impressive quantity of reports about atrocities, the real amount of crime will only be visible after the junta is defeated. There are only fragments known about what happens in places like Slaviansk, Kramatorsk or Mariupol that are under Ukrainian occupation; it is very hard to evaluate what is is rumour and what is fact. Just through some civilians that got in captivity somewhere, somehow, for any reason and got exchanged there are some more or less reliable reports about what is happening there. Meanwhile the Russian Foundation for the Study of Democracy published it´ssecond report about war crimes in Ukraine that collected a lot of these reports and shows the systematic procedure behind it, and there is a new website called Warleaks that collects and publishes such information.
Some perhaps know already the short indications about life under Ukrainian occupation in a video about Debaltsevo I posted some time ago. This Interview with a mother out of a village formerly occupied by Ukrainian troops short after liberation is much more detailed and quite hard to stand (for me this is one of the most horrible between many horrible videos from this war):

It is necessary to give some background for this video that clarifies that there is no accidental action in this case, no assault against single persons, for what reason ever. The mother tells her son had been tortured for several days and then was thrown into a mine. This is a planned staging of a well known story from WW II. It is told in the novel „ The Young Guard “, an obligatory reading in soviet schools. The historical events also took place in Donbas, not far from the place of their second staging.
Meanwhile there are rumours about secret jails on the Ukrainian side and talks about unknown numbers of disappeared people. Involuntarily even Amnesty International recently confirmed these fears:
„Vasiliy Budik an advisor to the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defence, told Amnesty International that the separatist forces presented a list of some 1,000 persons whom they wanted to have exchanged for the prisoners they were holding, which was later reduced to less than 200 because, according to him, people on the original list did not exist or were held in Ukrainian prisons since before the conflict started (Vasiliy Budik, in interview with Amnesty International, Kyiv, 2 April 2015).“
Budik, who is presented as an official by Amnesty, is actually founder of the battalion „Donbass“ and a close friend of Dmitri Iarosh, the head of Right Sector. You don´t need a lot of imagination to decipher what it means, when this guy says „people did not exist“. For sure they got on the list because they existed.
But one shouldn’t dismiss tales that can´t be proven at the moment. End of February last years someinformations circulated about an assault against anti-maidan-marchers at Korsun. For several months only a few lines could be found about it, f.e. in the appeal of the antifascist headquarters from 7.3.2014. It was impossible to evaluate from afar whether these reports were true or exaggerated. Only in summer a longer video came up that interviewed the victims of this event and clarified that this bits of information were not only true, they even underestimated the facts.
The same happens over and over again. Therefore there are serious reasons to fear that what´s really going on under fascist rule in Ukraine tops our expectations by far. Until now we just see the tip of the iceberg.
A balance of terror?
It seems that media adapt to the fact that Kiew atrocities can´t any longer be hidden completely. So they shift to the strategy to declare that both sides are evil, but the „separatists“ are more evil. The report of Amnesty International that I quoted above can serve as example (btw, it mentions videos, but doesn´t link them, and it refers to sources like Kijv Post that turn the wildest tabloid into fountains of truth). Meanwhile not only Givi, but Motorola too get turned into scarecrows.
Let´s look at the relevant questions unemotional.
Are there wars without atrocities? You might wish it, but the idea isn´t realistic. When the taboo of killing broke down (and that is the inevitable consequence of any war), then all the weaker moral limits are at least in serious danger. Exactly that is the reason why punishment delivered to uphold discipline inside the troops tends to be very harsh. To believe the members of the militas don´t commit any atrocities equals the belief in Santa Claus.
There is just a single option to prevent such a development – don´t wage a war. But Donbass people didn´t have this choice, this was visible latest with the events in Odessa on May 2. last year. They only had the choice between defenceless surrender (including their families) or armed resistance. Even though nearly nobody seems to have expected a war at the beginning of the uprising (it is confirmed in this interview with Zakharchenko from May), the decision for armed resistance was legitimate and right.
The differences in warfare should be known. Ukrainian troops act like an enemy force, not like troops on their own territory; it isn´t their only goal (or not even their primary one), to win against the opposing forces, but to deliver the largest possible damage, aiming at the population as much as at the infrastructure. Here the conflict is extremely asymmetric. Donbass doesn´t have the possibility to cut off Kiev from food deliveries, to deny Ukrainian retirees their pensions or to transform West Ukrainian villages into heaps of rubble. But perhaps history will grant us the proof whether Novorossian troops will behave like that f.e. in Lvov…
This type of behaviour indicates that the junta expected to lose this conflict. Even the Nazis, with all their bestial treatment of soviet population, didn´t destroy the infrastructure before they were forced to retreat. Before that they had expected to use it themselves. The Ukrainian rhetoric about „liberating“ these areas gets strongly contradicted by he manic shelling of cities with heavy artillery and intentional heightening of risks for the civilian population (like by sabotaging water infrastructure, as it happened in Slaviansk). In case of success this strategy creates a zone that´s useless even for the victor.
This kind of warfare is a crime in itself. And this balance is clear.
There are claims from Novorossia that certain troops will not be captured. This is stated mainly regarding the volunteer battalions, especially those from Right Sector. Is that criminal? Red Army as much as it´s Western allies rarely captured SS members.
But it is surprising that the Ukrainian soldiers Amnesty quotes in it´s report as testimonies of atrocities or executions nearly all belong to two categories – they are either members of one of those volunteer battalions (and it´s funny to observe how Amnesty wriggles around stating that fact) or members of elite units of the Ukrainian army. In both cases people who generally are not captured, following official statements. Not only the fascist „leading actor“ of the first video above survived against the officially proclaimed rules, but also those men Amnesty talked with (the former is even soon to be exchanged).
The thin line
Even if we assume that all of the accusations above were true, still there would be a decisive difference left which makes it possible to identify the last thin line between good and evil in an environment soaked with violence . This difference is made clear through the videos filmed by members of Right Sector.
There is a whole series of videos showing supposed or real executions. The first of these videos circulated before the events of Odessa. Recently it was a video of a crucifixion and the last one was a video showing how two captives were hung, which according to the public prosecutor of Lugansk was found on the cellphone of a member of a Ukrainian sabotage squad.
Each of these videos was followed by a debate concerning the authenticity of the respective video. This debate is in fact futile and rather serves as a measure of self-protection; after all, why should someone who knows he will get away with murder unpunished and who most probably has done so before take the effort and bear the costs of faking such a video? Here too Odessa has set the standards; there are hours of video material available with most of them enabling an easy identification of the perpetrators, but without any consequences for them. These circumstances support the assumption that even the most horrific pictures are in fact authentic; and here as well the Ukrainian fascists act exactly as their historic role models who loved to proudly pose next to their victims too.
But here a completely different subject is crucial and this has been proven through the simple fact that such videos exist. This kind of violence is not only not being punished; not only is it not hidden; it is being publicly glorified instead. For the persons involved it is no reason for shame but rather for pride, and should one of the videos be fake, then the reason for it´s existence is that claiming responsible for such deeds results in a higher status.
UrkochickAnd how should a state machinery which allows massacres as the in Odessa or even encourages them in any way be able to act against the perpetrators? Which accusation can it bring against those that acted upon the presidential claim that hundreds of „separatists“ will have to pay with their lives for every dead Ukrainian soldier?  After the recent decision of the Ukrainian parliament to suspend the declaration of human rights in Donbass, any kind of prosecution of any kind of atrocity against members of the militias or even civilians in the Donbass region has become completely unimaginable. Through this decision they have simply been deprived of their humanity.
As difficult as it may be in many cases to enforce discipline in an army formed out of loose militias and as likely as it might be that, with this kind of warfare and the proven brutality of the opponent, atrocities do happen, on the side of Novorossia there are not only proven efforts to stop and prosecute encroachments but there also is a distinct moral discourse.
In the first video it can be found at minute  13:50 :”We should never be like them.” Here you find the most covert and deepest battle of this war. Exactly here the Red Army achieved its greatest victory in World War II. The Red Army did not retaliate. Had it done so,nothing would have been left of Germany.
In midst of the omnipresent violence this is a continuous struggle which is not necessarily always victorious. But it´s recognition is important, and that it isn´t supplanted by a glorification of violence. This interview with a militia commander whose son was murdered by the fascists is one example.

There are variations of this discourse. It will be held in different ways in the communist units and in the orthodox ones. But it is essential that it exists and that it is promoted actively ( this is one of the tasks of the political sections which according to my knowledge are part of all units of Novorossia). The following video gives you an idea on how this is being done:

Good and Evil
At this point – whether and how humanity can be preserved or if it disappears or is even destroyed systematically – the fight in Donbass is a repetition of WW II and the fight against European fascism. The true heart of antifascism can be found at exactly this point, in the continuous struggle for one’s own humanity in the face of darkness.
Historic documents reflect this as much as the reports of the present; you just have to remember the ”Vow of Buchenwald ” or the ” Dachau song “. Antifascism is not “we are the good guys, you are the bad guys”-  a game that can be played if needed in the streets of each and every city. It is the fierce fight against the darkest form of imperialist rule, which can only succeed along with this inner battle.
How far this knowledge has already been lost is visible not only in the „antideutschen“ variancy which regards itself as anti fascist but totally denies the fact anti fascism never treated the people and the fascist power as one and the same. It can also be seen in an recent article written by the secretary of VVN titled “alte Assoziationen” ( old associations, antifa January/February 2015) where he supposedly indulges in polemics against Niekisch and his national Bolshevism but actually accuses him for his sympathy for the Soviet Union and his rejection of liberalism…and thereby duplicates the alleged “Theory of Extremism”, the assertion that there was no difference between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Ultimately and casually the true antifascist tradition in Germany is declared null and void, and humanism is replaced by liberalism, the so called package of “western values”.
Reality though is different, as shows us Ukraine.There is no clear border between liberalism and fascism; we can see that everyday in the mainstream media or in the affectionate flirting of the Green Party elite with Ukrainian fascists. And how could it be otherwise when it is the ideological expression of one form of the rule of capital , while fascist ideology is the expression of the other. Exactly where the deepest difference is marked between antifascism and fascism, when it comes to humanity, human sympathy, liberalism offers – nothing.
Like in a lens we witness the struggle for the future of mankind in Donbass. On the one unrestrained glorification of power and violence, on the other hard-headed but decisive resistance. And above all it gigantic illuminated letters say”coming soon to a theatre close by”. While the majority of the German Left is, full of servility to general opinion trying to lay off the last ideological protection.
In order to regain a morale which allows real resistance against fascism (which is of utmost urgency since Ukraine may be the first European country where the beast raises its head, but it is unlikely the last) we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It should suffice to remember. Even in German it was stated clearly and often enough.

English translation of the poem:

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    This is a battle with no winners except those who finance the warring parties...Earth's finite resources cannot support the exponential population growth as it is.
    The powers that be will destroy mankind through the most profitable mechanisms at it's disposal. Good vs Evil is in fact only a figment of imagination we are taught so we'll conform to a master's wishes....We are warned of this demise by our very creators who religion govt. keep under wraps and hidden. Luckily it was deciphered and published by Zecharia Sitchin in his book "The lost book of Enki" here is a link to a reading of it by a somewhat colorful narrator :

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        This, I knew. It is a fight between fight between good and evil. I want to fight physically but I decided to fight differently. Convincing people to see the truth has never been this difficult, though. The gap is enormous.

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            Enlightening people is difficult because the Talmudists behind the assault control ALL media -- from the NYT to CNN to radio to TV to Reddit, Facebook and Google. And they have 4,000 years of experience in mass deception. So, they've kinda got a head start on us.

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              Long article indeed, ...and for a atheist, the lady is pretty well versed on religious matters, ...I myself am a little bit like that too.
              Only because the Donbas is in the news for the last year, doesn't make the struggle of the Donbas either typical or ordinary either, ...struggles of this type are as old as our arrival on the planet! And that the US is involved in this struggle, doesn't make it any more significant, then if any other power was involved, matter of the US P R O F E S S E S !
              The players have changed since 1945, ...but the PRINCIPLE has NOT! The P R I N C I P L E which is underpinning the war in the Ukraine, is the REJECTION of N A Z I S M ! ...which, by the way, HASN'T changed since 1945! ...and that Nazism is synonymous with OPPRESSION and CRUEL BRUTALITY, ...goes without saying, of course!
              Hence, to merely look at this Nazism issue through the eye-glass of the Ukraine, isn't really suitable, ...a wider, ...and above all, DEEPER view, is necessary to understand the resolute rejection of Nazism by the peoples of the planet! ...thank god for that!

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                  it's too bad they do not hang these nazi bastards, they all deserve death, these fu*king zionist nazis,

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                      It's a fool's errand: cutting into the wound to find the pain.

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                          If Russia again will go with orthodox religion, then Russia will implode from within. Relligions are most destructiv to any socieity ! And now Russians are even thinking of inviting surviving Romanovs back to Russia ? This is the end.