Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The strategy of "Soros Ukraine Foundation" Hacked Letters from Soros to Poroshenko

01/06/2015, George Soros: Ukraine will buy expensive!

We KiberBerkut, continue to be in the computer networks Kiev junta. This time we hacked the server of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine. The downloaded files we found confidential documents Soros Foundation with the strategy work in Ukraine and fragments of personal correspondence President Poroshenko with George Soros.

We have been warned about the inadmissibility of US interference in the internal affairs of our country. Also, we have repeatedly expressed opposition to anti-people policies of the Kiev government, which put Ukraine at the mercy of the United States.

The extracted materials we confirm that Ukraine needed Soros only that it was at war with Russia. Therefore, he insists that the US was supplying Kiev lethal super-modern weapons and provided training Ukrainian soldiers abroad.

Poroshenko advise how to restore the combat capability of the country, will be honored in the past high-ranking military leaders - an American General Wesley Clark and his Polish counterpart Waldemar Skshipchak.

And for the Ukrainian people Soros recommends creating only the appearance of corruption and financial instability. However, he admits that Ukraine is on the brink of disaster, its financial system is in a deplorable situation, foreign exchange reserves have been exhausted and the hryvnia not how it is backed up.

To combat the Russian Soros demands that the countries of Europe to the detriment of its own interests supported the junta, which they would at any cost, and it is annually allocated $ 1 billion. I wonder what would be said about European taxpayers billions of dollars in spending on the maintenance of power Kiev junta.

The strategy of "Soros Foundation" Ukraine on New 
Document on the provision of military assistance to Kiev 
Letter Soros Poroshenko

By the way, according to the Ukrainian Institute for International Policy, whose documents were also in the network Poroshenko, Soros is among the ten lobbyists of Ukraine. Now you can see for yourself who they are - the owners of the current Ukrainian regime.

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