Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Help Novorossia! Together - liberty and justice can win out over fascism!

Humanitarian aid Donbass | Gumbat Novorossia

TRUTH ABOUT BLOCKADE DONBASA: As it seems the people of Donbass, getting worse longer is possible by the simple lack of sustenance..! However, the Ukrainian government, with the skill of an experienced Gestapo officer, every day comes up with newer and newer ways to "torture" the ordinary people. 
What are the realities for a miner on earth today? Fierce shelling of peaceful neighborhoods, hospitals overflowing of the victims and the wounded, killing of innocent men, women, children, and the elderly. 
Ukrainian authorities for more than a year do not pay the benefits earned by honest labor and pensions. In all checkpoints from Ukraine to the DNI-LC does not pass any food, medicine and even humanitarian aid. 
Completely closed travel passenger transport, ten-turn doomed passenger cars, multi-kilometer distances people go on foot to exercise their legitimate right of free movement, and to see friends and relatives on the other side "of the fence." 
What are the Ukrainian authorities hoping, that people will be asked to give back the Donbass? Back into the country that terrorized them, and which created such atrocities within them? What else to expect from a sick fantasy Ukrainian junta?
Thousands of families DNI and LC are left without a roof over their head. Now without the help of caring people, without the support of charities they will not survive in this difficult time. We are grateful to the people of Russia and other states for help and assistance, but let's face it - this assistance is not enough to support people who have been victims of genocide in the Donbas. 

Therefore, we have to turn again and again to the hearts and souls of compassionate people, asking them to provide financial and material assistance for the purchase of basic necessities. 
List of requirements: 
1. Food (cereals, pasta, canned meat and fish, vegetable oil, tea, cookies). 
2. Baby food (a mixture of up to 1 year, 1 year, cereal, puree, juices). 
3. Diapers and disposable diapers for adults and children. 
4. Personal hygiene products (shampoo, soap, towels, baby cream, toothpaste, toothbrush, shaving foam, shaving machine). 
We sincerely thank all those who have assisted Novorossia! Together - liberty and justice can win over fascism! 
To assist residents of Donbass: http://gumbat.ru/donate 
Foundation for Catherine Gubareva VTB24 (PSC) Branch №2351 in Krasnodar p / a 40703810728050005527 BIC 040349585 K / s 30101810900000000585 BIN 1146100002751 INN 6123017206 PPC 612,301,001Savings Russia (Map): 4276 5200 1124 6069 Yandex Money: 410,012,478,850,907 (translation without patronage) Western Union, MoneyGram: (name of the recipient to request further Email bf.gumbat@yandex.ru
Contact Humanitarian battalion Novorossia Donetsk: gumbatdn@yandex.ru Rostov on-Don: +7 988 94 07 605;lgc.novorossia@list.ru Skype: lgc.novorossia Your assistance helps people to survive besieged.

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