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Yellowstone - passed the point of no return. Scientists are fleeing the US

Yellowstone - passed the point of no return. Scientists are fleeing the US

BY SAMSON · 05/21/2015

Today, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the subject of global natural disasters.Events of the past four years, and especially winter and spring of 2014-2015,. We have demonstrated the seriousness of the situation on the planet, as well as the absolute unwillingness of mankind to such tests.

With constant growth dynamics, the frequency and severity of natural disasters, which are already taking place in the world several times a week, there is a complete information vacuum. In addition to reports of the event, the scale of destruction and the statistics of casualties, the media do not provide us with any information. Even seemingly natural in such cases, the public's expectations for comment scientists and specialists with detailed explanations of what is happening in the world remain unsatisfied.
All attempts to delve into the study of this problem run into a blank wall absence of any intelligible information. No statements of scientists, no reports of scientific conferences, nor the results of extensive research in this area to find the impossible, they simply do not. One gets the impression that the problem does not exist. But let me now only a blind man does not see what is happening and do not realize that civilization is on the verge of a grand disaster.

The only topic that is more or less media coverage, and that is largely due to the factual impossibility to limit information leakage, as the situation is really critical - event related Yellostounskim reserve. Subject to the hearing so that even the Russian military openly involved in the debate on this issue. So, on March 25 in the newspaper "Military-Industrial Courier" published an article Doctor of Military Sciences, the first vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Colonel Konstantin Sivkova , from which it became known that the Russian power structures not only carefully monitor the situation around Yellowstone National Park, located on the territory of our overseas partners, and incorporated it into their strategic defensive plans. In particular, the expert said that at present the supervolcano is a guarantee of security and peace in the world, as in the case of the United States nuclear weapons against Russia, our troops will be enough to hit a single target to a conflict with the military point of view, has exhausted itself. And this goal - Yellowstone. Interestingly, the article caused serious resonance and panic in the Western media. In particular, journalists of the British edition of Daily Mail highlighted the scientific validity of the fact of the existence of the threat of North America and Western Europe in the event of the introduction of Russia claimed Sivkov scenario in action ( ).

So, research is conducted, the state of affairs related to the natural phenomena on the planet is monitored and studied. The question arises: why the general public did not know about it? Why scientists are silent? Or is it those in power do everything to not leaked? If so, then this fact can only say that the situation is completely out of control.
And yet look for one fundamental report "about the problems and consequences of global climate change on Earth. Effective solutions to these problems, "which in November 2014 published on its website the International Public Movement" ALLATRA "( ). This scientific work - the result of an international group of scientists whose names are for obvious reasons not disclosed. In it provides information about the real situation in the world (in the field of seismology, volcanology, climatology, etc.), analyzes the prospects of development of the events reported developments in the field of natural phenomena, which are supported by specific examples.
To ensure the veracity of the information provided I, as a human being pragmatic and far from this subject, comments of experts required. By a fluke in Russia turned out to be my old friend, a scientist of world renown, a specialist in the field of geophysics.During our meeting, it became clear that it is part of an international group of scientists ALLATRA SCIENCE and is a co-author of the report. We had a very interesting and informative conversation. With his permission, quote some excerpts from it:

- Our group was established in 1996. And now, almost 20 years we are engaged in full-scale research in the field of geophysics and geoengineering. Glad you pulled away from its military themes and paid attention to our report. Actually situation is quite severe. As you know, over the past two decades have seen significant changes in the planet's geophysical parameters, the number and variety of anomalous phenomena, the frequency and magnitude of natural disasters. Striking spasmodic gain disasters in the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere. And this leads to a sharp release huge amounts of extra energy, both external and internal. Since 2011, these processes are included in the active phase. Just look at the statistics of earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes in the past four years. Natural disasters increased considerably and gained very seriously in force. Also, there is acceleration of the motion of tectonic plates, the growth rate of the seismic, volcanic and solar activity, changing the magnetic field of the Earth, the growth rate of the drift of the magnetic poles, shifting the earth's axis, changing the albedo of the planet, its orbital parameters ... What I tell you? The report you have learned and understand the seriousness of the situation itself, so I repeat no sense. Humanity has never faced similar challenges. And now we are rapidly approaching the peak of the event.

- Please tell us in detail what is actually happening on the territory of Yellowstone National Park? This information is now more than relevant.

- Warning of our group, which includes many prominent scientists, experts from different fields of science, focused on the Yellowstone Park in 2000. Since 2002, we noted the formation of new geysers, deformation of the earth's surface, increasing the soil temperature to the boiling point, the emergence of new cracks in the earth's surface, through which the release of volcanic gases. The given observation, as well as the frequency of seismic activity, which since 2011 is constantly growing, they say that at this point the magma with increasing speed is rapidly coming to the surface.That is awakens supervolcano. The authorities of the United States, rather than to think seriously about the possible ways to prevent future disasters or at least to resolve the issue with the warning and evacuation of the population from 2004 to tighten visit Yellowstone National Park, and information on the processes taking place on the site fully coded .

- What are your predictions about the prospects for the group of events in this part of the globe? What to expect in the near future of mankind?

- And you still do not understand? You see, I took my family with their children and grandchildren and moved from "the most democratic state in the world" ... you know where. What do you think why? Only a madman, a person is not taking care of their loved ones will be there. Well, consumer patterns or duped fools obsessed with illusions of building their own "bright future" in the framework of the "American Dream."

- That is, it is already possible to perceive as a fact?

- The fact is that all events on earth are cyclical. We live in a period of Yellowstone caldera activity cycle that repeats, as you know, every 640,000 years. This is what happens ... In reality the tension increases and humanity expect big trouble. We are all indicated in the report. Unfortunately, this document is no longer carries the nature of forecasting, it now says the reality, with the form set out in the soft, so as not to scare people.

- There has been a frightening trend of aggravation of seismic activity in Japan.Certainly, it affects the process of awakening the super Ira ( ). According to the materials contained in the report, the probability of the destruction of the Japanese archipelago in the next 10 years is 70% and for 18 years - 99%. How this information is relevant today?

- Knowing that you love Japanese cars, I will answer this way: if you have plans to upgrade the car to do so without delay. The situation in Japan is deplorable. You know that we artificially restrain her. But our options are limited. Based on this in the report, the forecasts - it is at the moment the description of the inevitable events that must occur in the foreseeable future. Unless a miracle will happen and soon our ability not significantly expand ...

- So it turns out that the report made a mistake and the situation is much more serious?

- I repeat, the information in the report is set out in a gentle manner. We had not intended to scare people, we just warn the public. And once again I will turn your attention, Slavik, accounting report, we relied solely on their own resources, which at present, unfortunately, are not limitless. Therefore, let the readers draw their own conclusions ... And you still can not put off buying a new Japanese cars.

- I heard you. Tell me, does the US government not aware of the situation? Did not they are aware that they are sitting on a powder keg, and in a literal sense?

- The adequacy of many officials, not only the US, this issue remains open. People cling to the illusion of ghostly, coming up with some ridiculous excuse angry with "paranoid-scientists" (in their understanding), and often simply dismiss "all this nonsense." That is, in fact, there is a frank sabotage. You know, when I finally decided to devote himself to work in a group ALLATRA SCIENCE? It all started on the enthusiasm and volunteering. I was just wondering how the scientist: young men from around the world united by a single noble purpose - to serve society without borders. Opens up new unexplored horizons, promising areas of science, alternative knowledge. Dizzy from the overflowing joy of doing something really worthwhile for all of humanity. But in 2002, an event that demonstrated the lamentable situation.We studied the stress field in Yellowstone Septon reserve. The term "Septon field" we use within the group, if you're interested to know more about it you can get acquainted with our report on the physics . The studies we have found that the cavity of the caldera, filled with magma and solid rock, consists of two chambers - the upper and lower. It turned out that the dimensions of the lower chamber is several times larger than the top, known at that time. We also recorded the rapid buildup of pressure in the lower chamber. It became obvious that the supervolcano awakens. Naturally, the first thing I did after receiving the results of our research - rushed headlong to deliver information to colleagues and friends "of big science." And here it began to occur to me then strange events. At first I listened condescendingly patted on the shoulder, he says, "everyone has a fan, do not be mad." Then they began to publicly ridicule, and it ended up absolutely specific threats of physical violence ... go into details will not. The lesson I learned from the first time, to draw conclusions and determined to fully devote himself to work in a group ALLATRA SCIENCE. We did not have anything to convince, we already realized the seriousness of the situation and be aware that we have to act now, tomorrow for us does not exist.

Fig. 1 Three-dimensional model of the underground cavity Yellowstone supervolcano.Brown noted the upper chamber. Red - the bottom.
(Source: )

What did the representatives, so to speak, the official "science"? They are, as they have opened in such cases, all the information was classified, closed public access to it and become professionals and sit around and wait, watching the scene. But today, 13 years later, it turned out that they recently "conducted a full-scale study using advanced technologies" and "open secret": it turns out, the cavity under the Yellowstone caldera has two cameras! (Http:// Well, as always their favorite song, "we have nothing to worry about ...", "not yet time for the eruption of ...", "Do not listen to alarmist ..." and so on . Where were you 13 years, miracle workers ?! During this time there were only so much you can do. Yes, already deaf-blind madman clear picture! Is it so you can refer to such issues? After all, at stake are the lives of almost a billion people living on two continents in the Western Hemisphere! And now you plan to do? Hides his rescue ?!
I have the impression that the US government is living in some fantasy world inhabited by characters from fairy tales. They had seen their own heroic sagas and is now waiting for the last minute primchitsya Santa and save them from imminent death. And in the background will be waving the American flag and playing the national anthem. Brad ...
Since the beginning of 2014 we have collectively been decided to provide information on impending earthquakes. So we tried to draw the authorities' attention to the need for immediate intervention in the situation, fueling the naive illusion that we have to pay attention and render assistance. Well, or at least do not interfere. But we are hard to ignore. Each thrust of which we have been warned in advance, telling the full amount of input data: the future epicenter of the earthquake, the depth, the magnitude - came exactly in line with our stated forecast. Year we sent their conclusions. Year we will hold back, not allowing the caldera manifest itself in all "beauty." The answer, we served only silence.
But in January this year there was "amusing" story. Once again, we reported about the upcoming fairly powerful earthquake, again focusing on the deplorable situation in the region. At the same time it reported that the situation is holding back on their own and it is not necessary to panic, but it's time to think about the future. At first everything went as usual: our message was ignored. But after the first shock of the predicted series all Obama administration officials and their families urgently evacuated from the continent. This country has been adrift. They fled that not even the military warned that for the latter, it should be noted, is very offended by his black president. The fugitives, however, soon returned, but stayed osadochek.

- Hmm, yes, it would be funny if it were not so sad. Now in the world there is a serious confrontation between the US and Russia are comparable with the period of the Cold War. By studying the information from open sources and neochen becomes obvious that Yellowstone caldera began a bargaining chip in the confrontation of two civilizations - Western and Slavic. Already it is openly debate about the possibility of a nuclear strike on Russia national park. They called even accurate calculations required impact force.

- Believe me, it no longer has any meaning. In this situation, to shoot in America, is tantamount to firing on the carcass - only to waste ammunition.

- What is the state of the United States of America will cease to exist?

- First of all territorial. It is inevitable. At least in the Western Hemisphere. And by the way, Throw aside his habit to divide people by nationality and country on the planet.Earth - our common home. And the trouble threatens every person living in this house, regardless of gender, nationality, religion or any other distinction invented by people. It would be a disaster on a planetary scale that will affect everyone. Do you understand? Do not forget that in North America is 23 states, and even 12 - in South America. It's the billions of people who will feel the first full horror of the eruption.

- What is the situation in the United States itself? What happens in the information space? It is impossible to hide the obvious facts. The whole continent is in a fever, it's obvious.

Fig. Map 2 earthquakes in North and Central America the second half of April - first half of May 2015. (Source: )

- The most striking thing is that nothing happens. Truthful information as such is practically no. Those fragments that reach the people perceived as another "horror stories". Discussing about the future of social networking Yellowstone eruption, the Americans do not understand its scope. They look at a map and think of a mile from the National Park to his home ... But you to understand those who are the subject already sold all of its assets, property and urgently leave not just a country or continent and hemisphere. There are only those who either do not have the information or is unable to leave America, or, knowing the truth, do not believe anything and builds self-centered, and therefore absolutely utopian plans for the future, which they do not.

Figure 3. Screenshot comments under the video, made ​​by American enthusiast about the threat of an eruption of Yellowstone supervolcano
(source: )

- The mind simply refuses to accept such information. In other words, the supervolcano explosion is inevitable?

- Even if I had gone with my family, how do you think? And not just with my family, and so to say, with a big family. We have evacuated their grandchildren, children and husbands with their wives, with their American relatives. They took all, of course, who we listen to. So everything is more than serious.
That is currently being "heated debate": will the eruption or not? Lord, come to your senses! It is already happening! While slow, but it is impossible not to notice. Since 2013, he began the activation of the Yellowstone, and it is constantly growing. Now the situation is in this stage that we have turned to their laboratories, observation posts, and went beyond America. So the process is running and developing a unidirectional, events virtually irreversible.

- You say "almost", then there is hope still there? Though small?

- From the point of view of science and my practical observations - the question is solved. In reality, even if it sounds immodest, hope remains lay only ALLATRA SCIENCE. But without help from the outside chance we have virtually none. At least, as long as we do not see them.
Our scientists continue tirelessly to work selflessly. I repeat, we are talking about the lives of the inhabitants of the Americas, Western Europe, Oceania, Japan ... the cost of human lives has been going on for billions. We are doing everything possible to the best of our ability, even if not to prevent a global catastrophe, or at least minimize the effects.
But you keep track of events at least the last three or four weeks on the planet. After the list is almost endless disasters. In the Philippines hit supertyphoon "Knowle" Guam swept by typhoon "Dolphin", on the shores of the United States walked tropical storm "Ana", in the north of Thailand took the strongest in the last 60 years the storm. Earthquakes in the last three weeks: Papua New Guinea Series aftershocks of magnitude 6 to 7.5; Mexico - 5.5-5.6; Indonesia - the power of tremors reached magnitude 5.9; Iran - the surest 5. Series of earthquakes that resulted in the massive destruction of infrastructure and loss of human life in Nepal magnitude 8; Thailand - strength shocks 4.6; New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Pakistan. I'm not talking about Japan, which shakes every day. Floods in the same New Zealand, China, Afghanistan, Poland. In the US, a complete set of all climate disasters: drought to snow, from the abnormal amount of a tornado before the earthquake, about which, however, are trying to hide. In China, among other things, hail the size of a hen's egg. And in Europe, look what is happening: the earthquake off the coast of France, Italy, intensified Mount Etna, in Germany walked anomalous storm, which brought in some degree of land the size of a ball for golf and other destructive tornado! Imagine a tornado in Germany! And the list can still continue.
Now back to the Yellowstone caldera. Judging by the dynamics of reactions occurring in its lower chamber, and there are now seeing a significant increase in pressure from the stage, so to speak, "quiet madness" to "riot" remained a half-step. We just can not keep the whole cascade of events.
The fact that we do not yet know what will be the final decision regarding the fate of our civilization. It depends not on us. But judging by recent events a disappointing response.

- To me the situation is clear. But the people there is a natural question, which I ask you to answer. So: a group of scientists ALLATRA SCIENCE engaged in such serious issues - Geoengineering, tremendously advanced in their studies. You have reached the concrete, but from the point of view of mainstream science fiction results. Why do you not support the international organizations, governments, the same of the United States? Why to you, no one knows?

- Why do not know? We are not just aware of the persons concerned, we are constantly trying to get in touch by representatives of the special services, the governments of various countries, all kinds of organizations. But the thing, you see, that we are not particularly interested in such meetings. At the very least, in a format that is trying to impose on us by these people. After all, what they want? What motivates these organizations and services? That's right, exclusively to enslave people, capture new territories, resources and spheres of influence and destruction of competitors to strengthen its illusory power. One gets the feeling that they were going to live in this little world forever. They do not just want to work with us and control us. To us it is simply uninteresting. Our activities are aimed at protecting the interests of humanity as a whole. We do not divide people into races, nations, skin color, social status. We are sickened by all this worldly tinsel. That is why we prefer to work exclusively with individuals. Join our ranks people who approach us first ideologically - honest, conscientious, professionals, people with a pure mind and soul.For us, this is a defining criterion.
Yes, we are hard. Our options are limited, but we are not giving up. And we will continue its activities until recently. Our task is to save, if not all of humanity, then at least the greatest possible number of people. After all, human life is the highest value in the world.

- It is striking that about half-year in the information space actively twist "window" on the topic of climate control (meaning the technology "Overton Window" - approx.'s). But no smoke without fire, as we know, does not happen. Is it a bluff, and none of the world's governments do not have technologies such as those of your organization?

- Their motives are clear to us, as day. But I declare to you with authority - none of the government of the world is not, and never will be, even a hundredth part of the knowledge and technology that we possess. All they are today - a sophomoric, kids games in the sandbox. Because they are guided by the thirst for power, their aim to enslave and control. Who with such people is to share knowledge? It's like a monkey and tease her hand grenade. Perhaps the most pertinent allegory here.
By the way, do you think, and what the powers that occupied when catastrophic events rapidly approaching its climax? They build for themselves the underground city of the capsule with a stock of food, drinking water, self-contained life support systems. During the construction of the most advanced technology of today. These cities are capable of up to 25 years to be in complete isolation from the outside world. The warehouse stocks are brought elite varieties of seeds of various crops.The expectation is that after the cataclysm the survivors can come to the surface and in the shortest time to restore civilization. Ironically, the total number of people that can accommodate all built underground cities, scattered throughout the world, is 144 000 people.
We have all these vain attempts observe with irony because well imagine the power of the coming cataclysm. I just do not envy those unfortunates who find themselves in these capsules of death, if we can not defend the fate of civilization, and the decision to start global catastrophe will still be accepted.

- Yes, in the circumstances to hope Santa Claus can only frank fools, and we can only act.

Military analyst and consultant
Vyacheslav Gromov

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