Friday, May 1, 2015

Washington on the Ukraine situation, acts as a Classic Internet Troll

Washington on the Ukraine situation, acts as a Classic Internet Troll

US "see a clear desire" to perform in Kiev Minsk Agreement

The United States' desire to see the obvious "from Kiev to perform in Minsk agreements to resolve the conflict in the Donbass. This, according to TASS , said a spokesman for the White House Josh Ernest.
"We see a clear desire on the part of the Ukrainian government to fulfill its obligations," - said Ernest.
According to him, Washington will continue to support the Ukrainian authorities.
Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Kiev Minsk violates the agreement.
"Trolls at top levels" 

The dialogue on peacekeepers in Donbas seems connected with Washington. Above the White House gently hinted that in it's opinion, Ukraine performs Minsk agreement in proper pace, anyway, besides whatever they do, the White House expresses its satisfaction. 

This allusion is made ​​in defiance of calls made ​​by the application Peskov, the Kremlin believes that before the issue of peacekeepers needs for Kyiv to fully implement its commitments in Minsk, and then to ask the consent of both parties to the conflict.

The naivete of Moscow, of course, affects many - and Kiev did not fulfill anything. That is - in general. Since the memorable agreement with the opposition (which was the day after the junta coup) in the last week of February. They disturbed the next day the constitution and all the rest is plain wrong. 

Even so clean and uncomplicated faith in negotiability of such partners raises serious doubts about the mental health of the inhabitants of the Kremlin now. I suspect Kremlin idiocy is difficult to judge, but the reality is that they stubbornly continue to try hopelessly to negotiate with an illegal Kiev Junta whether it be issues on gas or peace in Donbass. 

And each time it acts surprised throwing up its hands - well, it appears, that we have been deceived again! 

Washington in this situation acts as a classic Internet troll, forcing Media to get involved in a fruitless debate on the implementation of Kiev Minsk agreements. Poroshenko, in contrast to his partners, just does not look like an idiot for the reason Minsk is a signed agreement with a private person - a retired Ex-President Kuchma without power.

The text beneath the State of Ukraine's commitments is not necessary, by the way, is not beneath the signature of the NPT and the LC - there, too, just some witnesses. 

The only one who bears all of that out there the responsibility - this is Russia, for this reason it is not clear why the claims addressed in the direction of Kiev - their wishes has nothing at all to do with it. 

You never know what an older person wanted to accomplish by signing it - the age and all the parties to the conflict in Minsk was not created satisfactory to either side - there were some left-handed people with unclear status, for what reason is not known, who have to ask the consent of the same peacekeepers. No other way can a White House statement be regarded - guys just laugh in the face of talented Russian diplomats that It created such a wonderful miracle, as the Minsk agreement. 

According to it the responsibility of only Russia, with the rest of bribes smooth. And in fact, the performance of Kiev Minsk agreements - is an act of good will. They say women need a man to praise at least for the purpose. Here in the States, and the praise sounded.

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