Sunday, May 24, 2015

#US ​​"Operation Hammer" is a new point of tension to involve #Russia into a "Hot War"

Our source in Kiev, anti-fascist, close to the General Staff, which confirms the adequacy of information more than once (for example, our material is from the July 7, 2014 - "The General Staff of Ukraine: we are on the eve of catastrophe" and the subsequent July 14 article "Details of the defeat of the Southern Group of Forces ATO "), reports that the" liquidation "of Alexei Brain included in the plan of the military and political activities carried out by the Security Service, which should ensure the success of the operation code-named" Hammer ".

The idea of ​​"Operation Hammer" is that at the moment of creating a "new military-political reality", put a few powerful Cleave and within a maximum of one and a half to two weeks "to resolve the issue with the organized resistance of the terrorists in the Donbas."

By the creation of a "new military-political reality" is meant the implementation of the plan of military and political events, which resulted in a political and military leadership of Russia will have to turn their attention to a new point of tension, and be able to react to the resumption of full-scale hostilities. At the same time must be to provoke a conflict between the republics within the cropped parts of the MoD and the DNI militia LC, on the one hand, and the "wild" militias and Cossacks - on the other. In the opinion of Kiev strategists Kill Brain and a number of follow-up should be a catalyst for civil war, "so-called LC."

The source also reported that the movement of heavy equipment to the "Eastern Front" is no longer hiding, as well as not hiding that much of official American advisers, which should deal primarily training Ukrainian soldiers moved to the front line. Their task is primarily targeting and electronic warfare. The General Staff officers in all the decision-making procedure were acquainted with the materials of "Operation Lightning", in which Croatia regained control of the territory of Serbian Krajina in 1995, and based on which a plan of "Operation Hammer".

The source believed earlier that the refocusing Russia happens to any events in the Crimea, but now inclined to think that the new point of tension chosen Transnistria - as the Russian government put in a very difficult position actual blockade of the Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria, which Kiev began de facto More a couple of months ago, and he declared de jure these days.

Message from Kiev confirms what we already know - Kiev intensively preparing for the final military adventure, spit on the Minsk Agreement. By "last throw to the east," the junta is forcing a default situation happened, full of political instability and pressure of certain circles of the American establishment, which is very necessary to involve Russia into a "hot war."

Summer is very hot.

Roman Nesterenko

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