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The West turns away from Ukraine ? Poroshenko was Sharply Criticized in the International Media

The West turns away from Ukraine ? Poroshenko was Sharply Criticized in the International Media

Major Western media suddenly launched a campaign to smear president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the Kiev authorities.

Several leading US publications and the EU have published critical materials about the Kiev authorities, accusing it of being too aggressive and corruption, and "best friend" of the Ukrainian authorities the notorious Sen. John McCain refused to take part in the deliberation led by Mikheil Saakashvili, the International Council reform under President of Ukraine.

Earlier, as we have repeatedly noted , the publication of the BBC, "Voice of America", "Deutsche Welle" and "Radio Liberty" is not much different from each other and from the position of the Ukrainian authorities in the assessment of the events in Ukraine ("Odessa Colorado burned themselves" "Donbas fighting Russian soldiers of the regular army", "under the guise of humanitarian convoys Russian arms supplies to the Donbass" and so forth on and on.) Now the media is full of critical materials against Kiev.

American mouthpiece "Radio Liberty" published interesting material about corruption in the higher institutions of the Ukrainian authorities. According to the journalists: "For the past seven years, Poroshenko has appropriated more than a hectare of land conservation in the elite Pechersk district of Kiev, and recently discontinued the investigation on the case of damage to the building of the XVIII century, which were caused by construction work on his site.

According to the station, a piece of land located on the street Radial 5, which is part of the historic district of "Tsarskoye Selo". Much of this land (unequipped) belongs to Petro Poroshenko. On the other side, located across the road has already been built mansion. The land belongs to the ally of the Ukrainian president Igor Kononenko, who is deputy head of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko in the Verkhovna Rada.

In 2012, the staff of the Kiev Caves Reserve raised the alarm when he saw the construction work in the streets radial, 5, near the building of the XVIII century. In 2013 it managed to suspend work, but already after the building was damaged. As a result, on the fact of damage to the building it was a criminal case.

"But the November 6, 2014 - five months after the solemn inauguration of the President Poroshenko - the hearing was closed," - says the material. The representative of the prosecutor's office said that there was no evidence of a crime, and violations were found. Eighteen days later, on November 24 Poroshenko instructed to resume construction in the Tsarskoye Selo, say journalists.

"Deutsche Welle" published a statement authorized by the Government of Germany for intersocietal cooperation with Russia, the countries of "Eastern Partnership" and Central Asia Gernot Erler, who directly expressed his doubt that Ukraine is ready to fulfill all the 13 points of Minsk agreements. The publication reports that the government in Berlin is extremely dissatisfied with the belligerent statements of politicians Kiev calling on the force of arms to return the Donetsk and Lugansk.

He felt that something was wrong, Poroshenko tries to justify to the Western partners in an interview with German ZDF channel , that it was misunderstood and " Kiev is not going to renew hostilities in the Donbass, as to settle the conflict by force is impossible . " However, in the same interview, he calls the Minsk Agreement "psevdoperemiriem" and promises to fight for the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine "to the last drop of blood."

Why do western media giants dramatically changed the tone towards the Kiev authorities? Are they tired of the ambiguity of the statements of the Ukrainian authorities? Or you wake up the conscience of editors?

It should be noted that such a change of tone was the Western media immediately after the visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry in Sochi. There, he criticized the bellicose statements of Kiev. The Western press has picked it as the mainstream, and now covers the events in Ukraine is much more objective than before.

Of course, saying Kerry also dictated by no means the "good will" policy, as we wrote in a previous article . The West is extremely concerned about the following trends in Russian politics and economics:
- Russia was generally malovospriimchiva to sanctions pressure;
- Russia is actively reorienting their economies to China and other Asian countries;

The United States is extremely concerned about the increasing level of "China threat" and an alliance of Moscow and Beijing - this is the worst thing that can only dreamed "White House." As it turned out, this is not the limit. Americans are accustomed to the fact that China's power somehow balanced by India. However, on May 14 he began a three-day visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Beijing, during which will be discussed not only a question of economic but also of political partnership, including the possible accession of India to the SCO. According to experts, this is a sign that the "Global East" is made ​​and materialized as a new pole of international relations, which is so afraid of the United States.

The development of the Ukraine is also an unfavorable scenario. The country's economy as a result of breaking traditional ties with Russia is sinking rapidly. Ukrainian government a lot of talk about the "investment attractiveness", however, even the president of Poroshenko can not realize their profitable assets chocolate, as they write , Israeli journalists. Meeting the requirements of the IMF to reduce social spending clearly lead to a social explosion and development of separatist sentiment, and default lead to the collapse of the Ukrainian currency and reduce the image of the country to a minimum. For Poroshenko war is the only justification, but in Europe it is not needed. Neither Washington nor Brussels is not going to feed the 40-million population, were on the verge of collapse.

The German edition with hope commented John Kerry statement soon about the possible lifting of sanctions against Russia. Europe anxiously watching to see how their contracts go to Chinese businessmen. Chairman of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce Seele (Rainer Seele) is also sure that the Europeans have no choice but "permanent dialogue" with Russia. " We observe with concern the decline in bilateral trade and the political and economic reorientation of Russia to China , "- he said.

In all probability, Russia managed to survive the most difficult time, "the break in relations" with the West, and now Washington and Brussels are prepared to cooperate on new terms. However, do not believe the promises of the West, are not backed up by real instruments. While on our western borders of Ukraine there is a nationalist, a normal dialogue with the EU can not emerge. The positive dynamics of relations is only a temporary phenomenon that will continue only if it is the real victory reinforcements on foreign policy and economic fronts. The default of the Ukrainian economy and the development of separatism in the Ukrainian regions is significantly reinforce the Russian position. Our task - the imposition of the Ukrainian question in the international debate, the illegal dismissal of the Kiev authorities and the convening of a conference on the new status of the territory of Ukraine.

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