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Schizophasia is the best explanation of "Nazi-Ukrainization" and "Zombification" of Ukraine.

Schizophasia is the best explanation of "Nazi-Ukrainization" and "Zombification" of Ukraine.

Long ago I was tormented by one question. Every time I listened to the statements by the representatives of the Kiev of "government" (as well as read the comments of some of their followers), I had a feeling something vaguely familiar, as if I had somewhere seen or read. And recently, I accidentally came across this movie, and it dawned on me: "Here's the answer!". 

(VIDEO1) schizophasia or speech fragmentation - a symptom of mental disorders expressed in the speech pattern of abuse, in which, unlike the incoherence of speech (the stream of unrelated words), the phrases are built correctly, but does not carry any meaning, and the content of the speech corresponds to the content of delirium . This speech disorder patients reflects the fragmentation of thought. The disorder is characterized primarily for schizophrenia.For schizophasia characterized by an increased activity of speech, speech pressure, as well as "a symptom of the monologue", characterized by an inexhaustible voice, and the lack of need for interlocutor. Typically, this symptom is combined with external orderliness, availability for dialogue, and the relative intellectual and affective safety of patients. A distinctive feature of schizophasia considered the predominant products morphemic and word-formations "glossomaniakalnyh statements." Apart from paranoid schizophrenia it can occur in severe dementia. 

Compare the first movie with this here (VIDEO 2) seems to be well-formed and suggestions.

Attempts to isolate from the spoken at least some sense of futile, because it is not there originally. "The Russian army in the Donbas, so you need to take away from the Russian gold, or we introduce foreign troops on the territory of Ukraine". "The troops at checkpoints applaud the decision to start hostilities that demonstrates to the world the peaceful nature of Ukraine. " This schizophrenia, citizens! Call techs! Authorities in Ukraine captured the gang name Pavlov (famous psychiatric hospital in Kiev). Schizophrenia inevitably arises if ever, permanently, continuously lie. We have to keep in mind two, preferably opposite picture of the world - the objective reality and virtuality fictional propaganda. A world in which Russia gives discounts on gas, and coal and electricity supplies to the Ukrainians were frozen in winter, and the world, "Russian aggression".

A world in which a punitive group Kiev junta armed medieval rubbish regularly multiply by zero, and the world, where "the Ukrainian army is among the five strongest armies in the world." A world in which Ukraine is covered by terror, censorship, harassment and murder of dissidents, and the world, where Ukraine "European power, concerned human rights and the rule of law." From such a constant voltage even the most powerful brains poplavyatsya and will flow, and the leaders of the junta, will speak chat, have never been very special mind. But hysteria and schizophrenia, are known, it is suggestive state, they are passed through the guidance of the weak and sick individuals. That you any good psychologist will confirm. So those who uncritically watching on TV day after day, month after month for schizophrenics themselves become gradually induced schizophrenics. And then they are no longer confused by apparent inconsistencies and outright contradictions they receive information from the TV. The result is a "blasts of air conditioning", "terrorists have repaired the railway and the" great camp. " And zombied herd consisting of such the induced schizophrenics believe what already anything, to the point that Putin hypnotized Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk.

Our planet - quite a harsh place. One-third of the world's population lives in poverty, the state and the corporation are fierce competition (up to hostilities that very often) for markets and access to raw materials and energy resources. And this reality is formed completely schizophrenic euromaidan Witnesses sect, which believes that the EU and the US to build them here paradise on earth - will give the money to build factories and create jobs, raise wages ten times and will forgive $ 15 billion. In other than the induced schizophrenia is that someone believes in such nonsense, can not be explained. Also in Kiev for a long time experts on brainwashing from different pseudo-sects. The whole country for years purposefully converted into a madhouse, and not figurative, and the most natural. To ensure the effectiveness of the process is sufficient to read the comments of "Ukrainian truth" or "" - ready to field research in the field of psychiatry.

And now, some scientific theory ... The literature on psychiatry, there is the concept of "system of delusion" or "systemic nonsense." The creators and holders of delusional system characterizes mental disorder but not a mental disorder. Outside delusional system the patient may be perfectly normal. But all the processes of life that is caught up in the whirlpool systems become dramatically crazy shape, and is drawn into the delusional system of its significant part. The "Dictionary of psychiatric terms" Bleicher and Crook delirium is defined as follows: "nekorregiruemoe linkages and relationships between phenomena, events, people without any real justification. " For example, if I make my conclusions about the situation on the basis of what he saw in person, including aircraft, to shell the center of Lugansk on June 2 last year, bredonostsam proof of the reality of their delusional systems simply do not need.

On the contrary, they strongly reject all that is contrary to their system. Delusional system is always built and deployed, despite its inability to it has to be consistent. At the same time the creator of such a system has an exaggerated sense of rightness, he is the bearer of ultimate truth. And, accordingly, its system is not subject to any change, it is essentially impermeable to experience (and no the statistics on the fall gold reserves and / or did not convince GDP). It does not have so-called "reference points" and a sufficient self-reflection, as if from the outside allowing to assess the extent to which personal views of reality with reality itself. Crazy and crazy system because that really subordinates all that falls within the scope of its influence. Moreover, such a system wants to cover everything. The system is characterized by delusions that inside it can be quite logical, but is based on delusions (false substrates).

For example, in the case of "maydanutyh" at the heart of delirium are a few false statements that can be roughly stated as follows: a) the Ukrainians superior to other nations (the oldest, forty thousand years of history, from their place of Yeshua, Buddha, etc.); b) the Russian occupied the Ukraine before, and are going to capture again (famine, ethnocide, billions of people shot by Stalin etc.); c) a set of liberal mythology, generalized called "foreigners will help us"; g) Natsiya as overvalued idea (fixed idea); d) Defective residents of Donbass and the Russian general (nothing confirmed except delusions about the "quilted jackets and glassWe" due to the fact that such obviously propagandistic statements, unprovable and false); e) in some patients also present persistent belief in the infallibility and superiority of the West unattainable, we are usually formulated as a "city on a hill."

There are also a number of other errors, such as the existence of a free market in vacuum or usefulness of competition (not of competition «competitions», namely the competition as a fight). The excesses of the system generate nonsense "Russian invasion", "victorious boilers", "cyborg-coffins" and other myths frankly delusional. Can a society self-heal? Eric Berne wrote that "the mentality of the person being treated love catastrophe (shock) and psychotherapy."About love here not talking, treated patients did not want to, because they do not recognize the disease, so there is a hope only to crises and shocks. And the government Yatsenyuk, they Ukrainians Poroshenko provides in abundance.

Alexander Rogers ..

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