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Old songs about the same Old Poroshenko News of Russian Invasion #Colonelcassad

Old songs about the same old Poroshenko News of Russian Invasion

May 20, 20:06

On the background of talks involving maloosmyslennyh Nuland Kerry, Russia and Ukraine have exchanged traditional traditionally exchanged. Ukrainian President Poroshenko during a joint press conference with the head of the Slovak Republic Andrei Pussy he said that in Ukraine there are from 4 to 14 thousand Russian servicemen.

"I would like us to clearly understand that the situation in Ukraine is neither an internal conflict or civil war. The fact of the presence of Russian troops on our territory ever observed many times - quoted Poroshenko" Ukrinform ". - At different times on the territory of Ukraine attended from 4 to 14 thousand only Russian regular troops. "

The President of Ukraine said that the information provided from NATO partners. According to him, the fact of crossing the Ukrainian border were fixed satellite.
In addition, Poroshenko said and across the border in a lot of modern weapons, "including missile and anti-aircraft systems." 

"In order to have peace, to be performed Minsk agreement. In particularly the paragraph which stresses the need for the overlap is not controlled by Ukraine is now part of the Russian-Ukrainian border and the elimination of all Russian troops from our territory "- quoted Poroshenko DW.
According to him, Ukraine is paying a very high price for this war, it is not measured by money.
"1800 Ukrainian soldiers have lost their lives defending their homeland, more than 8,000 wounded, and this applies to every single region of Ukraine", - said Poroshenko, adding that in the year to ensure the country's defense is allocated 90 billion hryvnia. 

The other day, we recall, Petro Poroshenko stated that the territory of Donbass are "about 11 thousand Russian soldiers."
In turn, chairman of the Kherson Regional State Administration Andriy Putilov said that the Russian Federation is now conducting along admingranitsy Crimea with Kherson redeployment of its troops.
"There, near admingranitsy they (Russian troops - ed.) is now constantly fit, then depart. And, judging by the data exploration, today's going on redeployment of Russian forces along the border, "- quoted Putilova" Ukrinform ". 

At the same time, he said, to increase the total number of Russian troops in the Crimea admingranitsy directly next to the Kherson region at this time there.
Earlier President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that in the East of the country there is no conflict with the militias, and the real war with Russia. In addition, Poroshenko suggested that in the summer of Ukraine can expect a new offensive by the "aggressor." Moscow has repeatedly denied the finding of a regular Russian army in the Donbass, and he stressed that Russia is not a party, "Ukrainian domestic" conflict. 400236.html - zinc 

PS. Of course, a reference to the evidence of this presence especially look funny that argument are known American satellite images that could not stand up to scrutiny in the past. Along the way, Poroshenko has traditionally been time since a 10-15 loss junta underestimated for the year of the war. On the whole, this is a traditional element of information warfare that is as empty as a and mantras about the implementation by both parties of the Minsk agreements or requirements Poroshenko give him abroad. 

Time goes by and Russian troops are still there, do not give the border, peace agreements "executed." Therefore, even loud and binding statements become routine. These same threats are empty statements of the junta that it will place the missile on its territory, on which Moscow is skeptical chuckled, supporting the theme of abstract threats statements on the subject of compulsory payments to Ukrainian debt through the courts. 

As missile defense, it is very doubtful event. Along the way, Russia has once again reminded that the junta is at war in the first place with its own citizens. For graduates with Donbass with the way this day is led simplified regime 00141.html admission to Russian universities.In this respect, the course of the actual departure from the People's republic of Ukraine continues. Against the backdrop of loud statements and threats, methodically DNI real connections are broken, and LC with Ukraine. 

The prisoners were "special forces" who were not special forces, now want to barter, but the junta is trying to milk the situation on maximum, spinning theme "Russian aggression". But judging by the fact that the initial effect was asleep, and the line LC are already efforts to exchange these prisoners, it seems to have some time later they exchanged it for the benefit of one exchange.

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