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Killing Alexis Brain - Who and why? Part №1

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Boris Rozhin:
Killing Brain - Who and why? Part №1 of today nominated the following versions. 

1.Brain eliminated DRG MAT / implementation group of the SBU in the course of a special operation carried out competently. 

2. Brain eliminated "our" because of his rebelliousness. 

3. Brain eliminated local criminal circles for what he pinched crime in Alchevsk. 

4. Brain eliminated some third force, with the aim of an internal explosion in the country and the subsequent drain people's republics. Consider these versions on the basis of the known facts. Given May 23 at 17-50 on the road from the track Mikhailovka Lugansk - Alchevsk there was an attack on the motorcade Alexis Brain.After the explosion produced (according to one version - directed anti-personnel mine action, on the other - imitation explosive device) Machine marching along the road from close range was opened heavy fire from machine guns and automatic rifles.

Liquidators knew exactly when and who will go to this place, so motorcade Brain actually went to advance a trap, chances of survival Alexei Brain and accompanying people almost was not. Together with Alex Brain preliminary data lost another 6 people. It is not difficult to see cars were struck first with automatic weapons, as evidenced by numerous bullet holes (most likely all 7.62). Who was shooting at the moment is not set, so saying, who benefits and who could order and execute, we can not say for sure, and yet are forced to build conclusions on circumstantial evidence and motives. 

Now go through the versions starting with the least likely related crime.Crime On the one hand, the local crime bosses were really serious motives to deal with Alexei. Brain, which seriously hamper the conduct of "business" in Alchevsk (on this subject is constantly receiving threats ) without getting into large-scale circuit pressing and coal trade. So certainly in Alchevsk and adjacent territories were the people who wanted the death of Alexei and pretty glad when he died. At the same time, the nature of the attack and accurate data on the movement of vehicles, does not necessarily indicate that the murder was committed by some gangs. 

How does an attack on bandits commander was seen in the recent history of the attempt to "Givi" , when, after disarmament commandant in Makeyevka and arrest "muddy", on the outskirts of Makeyevka car "Givi "fired rifles from a moving car in the style of '90s warfare." That's about the actions of local crime. It also shows that there was a certain special operation, which required extensive training to clarify the route of the Brain, choice of an ambush set by the route, the nomination of highly qualified people, followed by imperceptible departure. All this indicates that the fans did not work, and professionals (either military or security services). The task of eliminating Brain they performed 100% (all the goals were "effectively struck"), so in terms of efficiency, the operation has a 100% success. 

In theory, of course it can be assumed that this issue has been resolved for the money and for a division agreed to eliminate the brigade commander, but I think this is unlikely, because it is very high risk that the members of such plans a "zeroed" when information about it comes to military counterintelligence, or at least the MGB.Therefore, in this regard, the version with the crime is considered the least likely, though it is completely impossible to discard the course, as it does not rule out the possibility that a local crime could assist the perpetrators of the murder. 

Then you can give an example of Ruslan Onishchenko, the credibility of the criminal Torez that before Education punitive battalion "Shahtersk" collaborated with the SBU and participated in the killings of activists of the DNI, and later under the call sign "Abelmas" became first deputy commander of the "Miner", a battalion commander and later the Ministry of Interior "Tornado" (where in addition he had collected, and other criminal elements, most of which was wanted in the days of the regime of Yanukovych). 

In general, speaking about this version - there was a motive, opportunities for self-realization Mozgovoy threats were limited. Therefore, speaking about the criminal track in the murder Mozgovgo, it is possible that if he was not the main cause of death of the Brigade Commander, what sort of role he could play, the more that local organized crime is trying to work on both side of the front line. Showdown in LC Carpenter, Brain and Kozitsin than conventional wisdom version is version related to the fact that the brain has ordered Carpenter or someone from the leadership of the LC. 

It is no secret that the Brain in September 2014 in the framework of intense internecine struggle within the LC seriously conflict with the leadership of the republic on the device LC and subordination carpentry. Milestones of the way. 

1. In September 2014, against the backdrop of the continuing anarchy in the LC (which failed even vacationers curators - mission "Elbrus" and "Dolphin" failed coordination headquarters in Krasnodon so normal and not earned). Brain tried to gather advice warlords DNI and LC and elect them in-chief of New Russia troops. But because of internal disunity among commanders planned congress failed - the invitation Brain few who have responded and the Congress was frustrated. 

With Kozitsyn have had a strained relationship Brain, he quarreled with Dremova motivated by disputes over leaving Lisichanskiy projection. The front line of the militia before retraction Lisichanskiy of the projection. Formally, Lisichanskiy projection was abandoned by the decision of the Minister of Defence Strelkova DNR as it hold was associated with the loss of all the troops stationed there, and I personally think the decision to abandon Lysychansk right at the forces that were in the brain and that the configuration of the front, he would have found himself in a cauldron like Debaltsevskogo. 

If by Pervomaisky and Popasnaya front still held, the eastern ridge of the FAS Lisichanskiy was beginning to "emerge" as the command in the LC did not have sufficient forces to link the fight the forces that the enemy threw Lisichanskiy cutting projection. The brain itself then publicly complained lack of anti-tank weapons and armored vehicles, which is very similar to what happened under Yampil and Slavonic. But Dremov believed that leaving Lysychansk blame Brain. These charges mainly occurred because Lisichansk commandant was left company, which has continued even after the departure of resistance (of the personnel died, some could get through to her). 

The reasons for abandonment of this company are still very vague - some say they forgot to warn others - that they are a victim of privacy and retreat to them for some reason not told about the plans of command, others argue that a company deliberately left in the rear (in fact, she donated) to cover the retreat of the main forces that after leaving Severodonetsk became inevitable. The promised but never happened counteroffensive Bolotov was one of the last steps of the first head of LC at the head of the republic. 

The promised as offensive Bolotov, which should be used accumulated by the "Southern Cauldron" and supply "PX" armored vehicles and left propaganda phantom, and the available reserves have been used efficiently only in August, in the decisive battle in the Red Ray Lutugino, gravelly and Novosvetlovki when Bolotov has been removed. Paul Napping, Commander of the Cossack regiment named after Platov now holds a piece of the front under Bahmutkoy. As a result, the situation when the troops were rescued, but the people have been abandoned, created some tension in relations Dremova and brain, which prevents their association, although the criticism against Minsk truce and the current leadership of the LC were essentially like-minded people. 

2. In October, followed by a public reconciliation with carpentry and Kozitsyn (which acted completely independently, and even produced his subordinates to general AMG) when the parties under pressure from Moscow formally agreed to act together. It was a forced union, since none of its leaders have concluded could not be fully objective reasons qualify for full power in the LC and the temporary triumvirate became a kind of compromise between the most influential figures of the LC at the time. Think of all three was already the weakest militarily. Carpenter received nourishment through the "PX" and Kozitsin just warmed up in the trophies from the "South Cauldron" and mini-boiler following the defeat of the junta groups have Lutugino, Lugansk airport and gristly.Elections LC head. 

3. However, in November, after Carpenter was legitimized through elections as the head of the republic and began to rake up under its authority, the conflicts in the LC flashed with new force. In opposition to the carpenter were not only Kozitsin and Brainstorming, but also a number of other commanders - Napping, poor, Ishchenko, Fomin, a former defense minister LC Bugrov. Later, they even accused the conspiracy to overthrow Plotnitsky. 

The fate of the opposition was different: 

1. Kozitsin - is in Russia, a significant portion of his men came under the command of the central authorities of the LC. 

2. Dremov - fit into the armed forces of the Republic, it took the flag from the carpentry while still mild criticism he slips. 

3. Bednov - shot "ours." 

4. Fomin - formally arrested, location unknown (perhaps sitting on the basement of the MGB or the MVD LC). 

5. Bugrov - arrested in Russia, officially for some financial fraud (smuggling pipes) connected now Rothenberg. 

6. Ishchenko - shot exactly who killed him is not known. 

7. Brainstorming - shot, by whom he was killed is not known.Compromising on Kozitsyna which was distributed in defiance dirt on Plotnitsky. In fact, the parties argued about which of them was more coal sold junta, while other "businessmen" drove it to the "gray" and "black" schemes. 

8. In late November, the blood flowed . Unable to agree on who will control the legal and semi-coal supply junta between carpentry and Kozitsyn started bloody showdown that affected Anthracite (which has become a kind of symbol of the Cossack freemen), Krasny Luch, Krasnodon and a number of other settlements. These demolition, more like a criminal greetings from the 90s were killed on both sides of a few dozen people, including tied at Kozitsyna guide Anthracite. Both sides confident dumped dirt into the network at each other trade-related carbon .. . In parallel with the conflict dragged Dremova who threatened to unveil the stick with compromising on carpentry and let the coal trade through their jurisdictions, simultaneously calling deputies LC obscene words. Due to rough parity of forces even force to resolve contradictions and failed conflict lasted until the spring of 2015. 

9. In early January, killing Alexander Bednova. Manual LC takes responsibility. - Bednova murder. Part №1 - Bednova murder. Part №2 - Bednova murder. Part №3 In this unfolding campaign to discredit one of the most prominent commanders of New Russia. During scandal emerges surname "holidaymaker" Eugene Wagner and various political strife in Lugansk details that made ​​the murder Bednova purely political, despite attempts to present the matter as a criminal. A good outcome was the vote on the "Russian Spring", where the poor among the five the most popular heroes of the New Russia in 2014. This murder and the subsequent media campaign to demonize Bednova seriously discredited leadership of the LC, a little later to this question, I will come back. 

10. Next comes a series of disarmament autonomous units, including Ombrone "Odessa" Fominova .Fominov accused Plotnitsky that he sells Russian humanitarian aid through a network of supermarkets "People." Photos he was not, but there were documents + video dissection of one of the warehouses, which are laid out in a network of his men. In the Ukrainian media was applied to it as the "dismantling of gangs carpentry and Fominova." Of course, all showdown with Plotnitsky Kozitsyn and carpentry with Fominova been a godsend for Ukrainian propaganda. Why is it considered separately.on January 10 after disarmament "Odessa" (which is also used for attempts to pressure on the brain) and the arrest of Fominova with base "Odessa" 5 "KAMAZ" was exported weapons and humanitarian aid. 

The further fate of Fominova very vague.Among the accusations against him that I have heard - the assignment of humanitarian aid and the refusal to submit to a single military structure. As far as the allegations are true - I can not judge, did not see the invoice. The only thing that I note, Fomin was not killed, but of all the critics of carpentry was his men laid out in a network of the most compromising of the paper. A little more laid Kozitsyna people, Napping, Brain and Ischenko limited to general statements. However, where as less well-known Fominov was not shot, but that was just arrested and imprisoned in the basement. 

A significant consequence of the noise that rises Fomin and his men, was the visit to Lugansk Commission of the Russian Federation in order to verify allegations of theft of humanitarian aid "white convoys. " In April, some even thought that would be the consequences - Carpentry stayed in Russia, and there were rumors that as a result of pent-up negativity replace him (again in the media field appeared Bolotov), ​​but after a while Carpenter returned and continued to serve as head of the republic. Will the impact of this story is unknown. 

11. January 23, was killed by Pervomay commandant Yevgeny Ishchenko .. , which is the period of acute conflict between Dremova and carpentry acted from positions Dremova and accused in Plotnitsky theft of humanitarian assistance and the truce with the junta . But by January 1, 2015 Ishchenko said publicly that claims to the carpenter has no in similar terms were then Dremov and Brainstorming. Who exactly killed Ishchenko - DRG junta, or as in the case of Bednova "our" is not known. 

Anyway clear correlation between pops up information about the participation of "vacationers" in liquidation Bednova that known warlords sharply went back down and defuse criticism. Therefore it is difficult to say what needed to kill Ishchenko when he actually signed publicly in their loyalty and no evidence that he was plotting something against Plotnitsky not. Murder Ishchenko and killed him with Russian volunteers just got lost on the background of the intensifying battle for the airport and Debaltseve. Kozitsin Ataman, the head of "Cossack National Guard," until recently controlled about half of the LC. 

12. In March, after the Battle of Debaltsevo, resumed the active phase konlfikta inside the LC between the Cossacks and the leadership of the LC , when on February 18-19 in New Russia returned Ataman Kozitsin. Kozitsyna FSB detained at the border, as the Read more link

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