Friday, May 1, 2015

Kerry warns the EU about consequences for lifting the sanctions against Russia

The fury of the beast: Kerry has warned the EU about the consequences in the case of lifting the sanctions against the Russian Federation 

American political scientist Daniel McAdams believes that the statement of Secretary of State John Kerry of disagreements with the EU on the anti-Russian sanctions is "warnings about the consequences," says MK London. 

"If countries like Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia would be at least some reason, they would try to conclude a deal with each other and present a united front against the sanctions", - says McAdams. This need, in his opinion, due to the fact that these countries are more likely to suffer from sanctions. 

"In the case of the lifting of sanctions by one state or a group of countries, it would lead to the fact that a sanctions policy will be finished. And with the practice of the sanctions will be finished forever. Kerry made it clear to my colleagues that this can not be done ", results in the publication the words of the political scientist. Previously, John Kerry confirmed that between the EU and the US, there is disagreement on the question of anti-Russian sanctions. 

He stated the need to "maintain a unified position on this issue" and said that in the coming months the European Union will have to make a choice.

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