Sunday, May 24, 2015

In Kiev, a scheduled date of a Nazi Maidan. Activists are encouraged to meet on May 25

New Russia

In Kiev, a scheduled date of a new Maidan. Activists are encouraged to meet on May 25 in 10-11 hours on the Maidan. The backbone will be the UNA-UNSO. Members of this organization are most involved in the discussions. There and the fact that it was time "to finish off Donbass", and the fact that "it is necessary to understand in the country, and then move on to Moscow" and other "patriotic" considerations. 

I walked across the pages of the organizers and the most active participants and they basically do not hesitate to point out that it takes some training ... where do you think ... of course in the United States. Check out a variety of courses, passed the qualifying meetings, etc. Americans continue to introduce democracy in Ukraine is now open hands of the Nazi organization. Fundraising is conducted on the cards of a Private Bank. 

The publication of the collection of the most important tools in the group, it is attached above. Submit who can at a Nazi maidan, we'll tell you what we are fighting for freedom, equality and justice for the people. Slogans at them for the resignation of Poroshenko, Yatseniuk Muzhenko, Avakov. Strong shouting that these people are puppets of the Kremlin and Putin. 

Ways to improve the lives of ordinary people in the discussion there. There are just a lot of "we are against," "need to overthrow," but that the proposals for a no then.Well, that did not want to go to peaceful actions with specific appeals and demands, did not want to really massive peaceful protests, aimed at ending the war and improving the lives of ordinary people ... Well, who are you to blame ...!? Get the Nazi armed uprising, even greater chaos in the country since they will have power and get endless war instead of peace throughout the remainder of the state. 

I do not be surprised if the time comes, and you will call on Russia to liberate Ukraine from this yoke. There is a very simple solution, but you do not listen, hear, and do not want to hear it, despite everything that has happened. I told you all about it in late 2013 - early 2014. Will rebate and beyond - will soon become zigovat all polls because ... You will have little choice - or ziguesh or shot. Think ...

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